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VariousPsycho Cell

Label:Discovalley Records – DVRCD003
CD, Compilation, Digipak


1Azax SyndromShinjitzu
Written-By, ProducerRegev Azaria
2KindzadzaNa Ostrov
Written-By, ProducerLeo Greshilov
3SeroxatTohoo Vavohoo
Written-By, ProducerOfer Maoz
4Para Halu60659 : The End Of Time
Written-By, ProducerAdam H.*, Andras F.*
5Kemic-AlAbusing The System
Written-By, ProducerAldo Lombardi
6KindzadzaComing Soon
Written-By, ProducerLeo Greshilov
7Brain WavesBlack Cat
Written-By, ProducerBrain Waves
8SeroxatThe End Of The World
Written-By, ProducerOfer Maoz
9Psychotic MicroVia Del Dolor
Written-By, ProducerKobi S.*, Micky L.*



Distributed worldwide by Z.M.A. (Zillion Mental Anarchie) Label Group Distribution.

T1 contains samples of:
Slayer - "Dead Skin Mask" (guitar samples)
Slayer - "Spirit In Black" (guitar samples)
Kill Bill movie (female voice)


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    Edited 11 years ago
    Dark psytrance compilation.

    #1: Azax opens with some oriental samples, giving a mystical feel to the track. Soon a fat, monotonous bassline kicks in. Lots of playing with gaps between measures here. Voices and skinny snarls float around just out of your reach, building up the tension. The energy is released at 2'17", releasing a demented hook as snarls continue to swirl. An evil circusish melody rears its head from behind a Kill Bill sample, and the release works perfectly: "Now's the fucking time!!!" An evil extrapolation of the melody unfolds and the dancefloor goes crazy.

    #2: Kindzadza has quite a subtle approach to dark psy. It's controlled and layered, percussive and trippy. His melodies spread over the sound like butter, developing organically. This is characteristically Russian trance, relentless and psychedelic, reminding me of Parasense. This doesn't have the dancefloor smashing power of #1, but keeps the pressure pumping nicely.

    #3: Seroxat next. Driving fat throbbing bassline. Well used and varied atmospheric squelch. Tiny squelchy hooks build. Samples build with less power than Azax, but I find the liquidness of the melodies more interesting, and the key changes manage not to be cheesy. The main sample is from Psycho, and designed to scare, it's very creepy. "They're probably watching me!" This track is interesting and well-produced, but it needs something more to make it stand out.

    #4: "Don't you want to play with me?" Para Halu introduce a watery bassline and wrap more wet psychedelia around it. Soon a twisty melody emerges and the track kicks into high gear. The kick dissolves, only to be brought back even harder as the melody goes white and abrasive. Woozy psychedelia swirls around. "Realities are beginning to collapse into one space... The whole thing implodes. It's only a matter of time..." I love the way this track sounds, it's just liquid. The final third is a little disappointing, but overall this is a stand out.

    #5: Kemic-Al introduces a track. Strange bassline and kick that gets played with a lot. A lot of barely audible samples. This is quite trippy but has little energy; it seems messy and random. There's a nice little melody in the final third, but the rest of it has little energy. Not a great track.

    #6: Another Kindzadza track. Lovely throbbing kick and bass. Some nice metallic melodies fizzle around as the bassline starts to pound. This is in the same style as the previous track, the melody isn't as powerful, but it's a lot funkier, with some nice key changes. This is solid Russian madness.

    #7: Brain Waves - Matrix sample. The bassline is _really_ gritty and evil, maybe the sickest on this compilation. Soon the sheer squelch begins to punish the dancefloor - this would seriously freak out trippers. No sound is allowed to stay too long, it is simply replaced by an even more freaky one. This rumbles along like a belter, never letting the energy drop. It is a little monotonous for me, but undoubtedly a weapon. Probably the darkest track.

    #8: Driving tune from Seroxat, but quite derivative. Would go down well on the dancefloor. Nice siren sound at the end of the first third. I like Seroxat's background liquidy clicks and clear production style a lot, and I like this track. It's not that memorable though.

    #9: Another Israeli act - Psychotic Micro. The kick in this track is extremely fat and punishing. A cheeky sample about a graveyard. This doesn't really do it for me, but it's a powerful track. Some nice modulation of the bassline towards the end. These guys keep the energy flowing very well, but the track is not outstanding.

    Nice comp... Flows well and only one bad track. My favourites are Azax and Para Halu. The Seroxat and Kindzadza tracks are good too.