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    The Newt HoundsLoose Nuts

    Label:Auricle – AMCDR 090
    CDr, Album
    Style:Musique Concrète, Experimental


    1Someone Lost The Oil Can0:47
    3Do The Acid Tango2:41
    4Cheap Sci-Fi FX Bridge0:11
    5Accidental Silent Movie3:54
    7Tell Us About The War, Daddy!0:51
    8Drum Set Disaster0:12
    9Sick Room0:21
    11That's Hardly What I'd Call A Drum Solo0:28
    128 Hours In Half A Minute0:31
    13Slleb 20:09
    14Totally Crackers0:23
    15Slleb 30:08
    16Flying Hogfish2:40
    17Don't Press That Button!0:05
    18Emily Was Suspicious2:01
    19The Operating Theatre0:31
    20Illogical Mousetrap0:50
    21The Perils Of Eating Metal1:53
    22Beware Of The Birds!0:29
    23A Little Café Music3:43
    24I'm Sure Condensation's The Problem0:52
    25It Was Safe At The Pumping Station0:12
    26Domestic Repairs Can Be Dangerous0:24
    27Battery Farming0:09
    28When Is A Door Not A Door?0:12
    29Primitive Hurling4:09
    30Oh Crikey!0:18
    31Dyslexic Stairs0:58
    32Can You See The Beast?3:18
    33Incredible Cascading Mutants0:15
    34Industrial Radio0:34
    35Distinctly Horror Show0:19
    36A Forest Of Handfeet0:52
    37The Rehearsal Room1:07
    38Jam Rolly3:46
    39It Knows What He's Doing0:26
    40Trying Not To Fall Over0:06
    41The Control Room0:38
    42And The Door Laughed!?0:08
    43I Do This When I Want To0:29
    44Has Anyone Found Henry?1:10
    45Is This Worth It?0:40
    46The Waiting Room To Hell1:03
    47The Most Dangerous Room In The House0:22
    48The Gamelan Calculator0:32
    49What's So Funny?0:05
    50It Didn't Do That Last Time0:21
    51No Dumping Of The Elderly0:09
    52Mixed Nuts0:12
    53Is This Really Here?0:06
    54Alarming, Indeed!0:08
    55The Impractical Art Of Dada Numerology0:48
    56Contrary Cathedral0:30
    57Trapped In The Pig Farm0:11
    58Quite Wobbly0:05
    59A Strange Wax0:51
    60Squiggle Lip0:05
    61The Psychedelic Spring Loaded Orchestra0:27
    62Daily Rituals0:21
    63Very Wobbly0:15
    64The Novel Brain Eraser1:29
    65Special Subterranean Effects0:35
    66Space Invaders0:03
    67Inside The Piano0:40
    68Musique Concrete2:58
    69A Revisited Favourite0:10
    70Terms For The Uncertain0:23
    71The Coming Deployment Of Two Sweaters1:22
    72That Is What?0:37
    73Slabmyc 20:16
    74A Timely Reminder0:05
    76Did You See The Bird With Three Legs?0:20
    77We Were Never Quite Like This0:53
    78Is That Really A Door?0:38
    79Inevitable Veritable Lament2:44
    80We Wended Our Way0:04
    81Look, Aren't They Cute?1:14
    82The Orchestra Pit0:05
    83Swen Eht Si Siht0:05
    84Well, I'm Not0:03
    85No, That's The Wrong One0:04
    86We Are Two, We Are Schizo0:59
    87Safe Landing0:08
    88The Logic Of Futurism0:20
    89Green Politics0:37
    90Electric Sheep?0:29
    91I Once Met This Lady0:28
    92That Really Didn't Turn Out Right0:29
    93Be What May, I Really Need A New One4:13
    94Impeccable Moping Mama1:39
    95Is That Chicken?0:07
    96It Was Like That When I Found It0:14
    97Toy Soldiers0:27
    98Sickroom Serenade0:13

    Companies, etc.


    • Composed By [Composition], Performer [Sound Construction And Improvisation By]Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman
    • Mixed By [Final Mix-down], Edited By [Collage And Editing]Alan Freeman


    "99 tracks in 78 minutes!"

    Recorded January 2001 to January 2007 at Tachyon Studio & Alan's bedroom, Knighton Fields, Leicester.
    Final mix-down, collage and editing 30 December 2006 to 9 January 2007.

    © 2007

    Packaged in a jewel case with clear tray and 6-fold insert (printed on one side only).

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