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FilteriaSky Input

Label:Suntrip Records – SUNCD01
CD, Album
Style:Goa Trance


1Operation Pulse10:34
2Stars (Starstuff Remix)9:42
4The Snuggling Snail9:01
5Domestic Modulator9:04
7Galactic Rays9:14
8Sky Input7:46



Mastered at 4CN Studios. Total time: 74:59

Track 1: 144 BPM
Track 2: 146 BPM. Contains a sample at 4:55 from Babylon 5 (S2E4), "We are star stuff, we are the Universe".
Track 3: 148 BPM
Track 4: 144 BPM. Contains a sample at 2:41 from MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, spoofing Apocalypse Now, "I watched a snail crawl along a chocolate eclair. That's my dream. That's my nightmare.".
Track 5: 144 BPM
Track 6: 146 BPM
Track 7: 147 BPM
Track 8: 146 BPM. Contains a sample at 0:46 from Babylon 5, "If you do not know the present, how can you claim to know the future?".

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5017744100106

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Sky Input (8×File, MP3, Album, Reissue, 320 kbps)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD01Belgium2009
New Submission
Sky Input (9×File, FLAC, Album)Not On Label (Filteria Self-released)noneSweden2013
psilocinsoundz's avatar
wow. just wow! you can hear the influence of astral projection, mfg and similar artists for sure
fistman's avatar
still one great album to listen too for sure
Narada's avatar
At least people are trying to keep the original vibe alive. In 98/99n Goa slowly changed to Psy-trance and alot of tracks from 98/99 are half goa half psy, then by 2000 goa completely died and psy-trance took over which was more of a devolution than an evolution.Some of the original Psy-trance was new and fresh at the time but slowly deteriorated. 2000 and 2001 had some god albums and comps but then it went downhill for ages. No new goa wannabe's will ever be as great as the original pioneers of goa-trance doesnt matter how good the technology gets, imo computers made it too easy for artist and so true talent rarely appears these days. Dj's and producers need to try harder!
Nico_G's avatar
This is strictly recommended for GOA TRANCE lovers, It takes you back to the mid 90s, back to the roots of original psychedelic music, definately worths a buy, its a powerful, energetic, very trancy melodic album that takes your mind into another dimension

Ευχαριστουμε Γιαννη Τζηκα
chakrarecords's avatar
Everybody bitches about this album/artist for not being original, well, that's fine by me. Because this is the Goa/Psy that I love, makes me feel like I'm back in 1996-97. He probably makes it because the "forefathers" expanded their horizons, hooray for them. This guy sticks to one great rule... always be peaking until the very end. Keep me dancing in circles... Is this a Review or a Comment? I think both.
fregle's avatar
Edited 12 years ago
Just to add a slightly critical note to all this raving: This is not original, but very very derivative music. It derives from music that existed 8 years earlier. That music was made at a time when VST's didn't exist and pc's didn't even have the processor power necessary to produce one decent reverb in real time, let alone an entire virtual studio of equipment. Yes this sounds more impressive than what it derives from but given the technical advantage Filteria has it would be a crime if it weren't more impressive. I still gave it a 4/5 because I like the old goatrance and I feel there is still room for some more releases, and this is a great goatrance release. Just don't expect anything innovative or groundbreaking...
murari's avatar
Edited 16 years ago
An absolutely stunning release. A lot has already been said about this album, what else can i add? All I will say is that if you really appreciate proper Goa-Trance (not the commercial GMSish sound so common today) this is necessary hearing and will change your preception on good psychadelic music.

Filteria has raised the bar for the entire scene. He is in the elite league of pathbreakers and innovators. I cant think of another psy debut album like this, maybe except Simon Posfords early work.

This album will be in every serious Goa fan's collection.
Definitely Recommended!
Skeleton-Man's avatar
Edited 16 years ago
This is an awesome cd and a must-have for any serious psyfan. It's impossible to ignore. This dude is on fire! The album had me smiling, even laughing sometimes out of shere joy. The music is so overwhelming. Actually to the point where the thought could enter my mind: Is this too much?

Well, you just gotta push aside those doubts. This is massive, in your face, melodies taking over after melodies, layers added all the time, twisted, delayed, distorted music. It's so good it's almost kitsch, until you realise how extremely well made it is. So, get on the wagon, prepare for mind expanding music and let go of yourself. The mad mind of Jannis will take us all fun places ...
Asherett's avatar
Edited 17 years ago
Indeed this is a lovable CD for all fans of the good old goa days! But, unfortunately, it's not perfect in my eyes. Once you get through the initial bliss of hearing such well-produced multilayered trance, you may find it lacking in some areas. Creativity for example - Filteria is obviously very inspired by Pleiadians, to the point of sometimes sounding like I.F.O. all over again. Another point is that some of the tracks seem to lack structure and direction, I simply get lost in the multitude of fairly similar-sounding melodies and chord progressions. Only the track Domestic Modulator is really catchy enough to stick with me as a classic. I had the same issues with Pleiadians / Etnica though, so if you really enjoy that you might survive. Also, I might simply be too simpleminded to "get it" - who knows!

Such details nonwithstanding, this is a must-have for all hoary old goa fans. Boom Shankar and all that!
spacemushi's avatar
Edited 17 years ago
Filteria is the release I’ve been waiting for for such a long time ! a lot of the new releases are boring “GMS-like full on”, but this one,.........this one is totally different!!!! Everyone who likes melodies will like this mindblowing cd!! This cd will take you to a trip in outher space from the beginning to the end!! The melodic climaxes are amazing!!
This music reminds me on the old sound of etnica and pleiadians, but still, the sound is up to date!!
This is deffenetly the best release in years!!!