808 State - Ninety as reviewed by mjb

May 28, 2012
edited over 6 years ago

I had this to say about it in 2001: 808 State's first album on a major label was Ninety, reflecting their maturing sound while retaining experimental ethos. Sometimes they miss the mark—"Magical Dream" gives the album a shaky start—but when they're on, they're really on. Everything from groovy r'n'b sample fests to harder rave stompers, melodic portamento solos, massive breakdowns, deep house, and even pure wankery can be found on this all-too-short "debut".

808 State - Ninety as reviewed by randyj

April 13, 2006
edited over 12 years ago

Hands down - one if the most important electronic/early techno recordings, ever. Recorded in Manchester '89 during the 24 Hour Party People days on Trevor Horn's forward-thinking label ZTT. We've got a very credible vibe in these tunes and this helped to raise the bar on overall sound and production (i.e Future Sound of London or Renegade Soundwave)-at the same time there's some sublte wacky stuff on here. "Pacific 202" is a masterpiece and is a major timeline marker. Check it!