Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000 musicforfreepeople

December 17, 2018
Does anyone know who made the design/graphic of the sleeve!?
Brillant album, of course. Trippy, groovy, tenebrous...
Let's fall addict of Acid Quakers' pills !

Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000 MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73

January 14, 2019
Maybe its Andy himself? He's a multitalented guy! acid quackers!

Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000 as reviewed by IQ_Final

December 12, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Anyone who first grew up with Squarepusher as I did will sense the influence in this release (case in point: "Boulevard 99"). Some good early-day acid here, including the Rasta beats of "Ceelink," the lullaby backgrounds of "Polar," and the one that best defines the artwork, "Pacific Corpse." A logical next-step for fans of the Bainted Smile EP.

Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000 N1N3TYN0N3

August 1, 2019
got a link for that, mate? or are you sini?

Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000 unseenforces

July 3, 2019
Ceelink is a great track. There's a version in a live show from 2001 I recorded, played live and has some new edits in it that make it fantastic. Great album all around...not sure if it can beat his firstcask 010 effort though...

Ceephax* - Acid Quakers 1000 as reviewed by Portis

June 7, 2002

Tom Jenkinson's brother has created an excellent acid-based listenable and grooveable release. It's fun, it's abstract, and it's acid-lined throughout. Quite creative and enjoyable!