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Mr Raz* + Rob AjucaPsychoanaesis 2 (Mind Directed Energy)

Label:Sphere Records – SPHCD008
Series:Psychoaneasis – 2
CD, Compilation


1Polaris (3)Floating8:05
2Project 33Hell Yeah6:51
3PointItchy Bitchy7:21
4Time LockFunk-O-Tronic6:46
5Zen MechanicsChasing Spacecrafts8:39
6Mr Peculiar*Orange Obelisk7:14
7Alternative ControlLost My Mind7:51
8PerplexTricky Mind6:59
9AquaticaSky Dancing7:50

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  • Barcode: 5060094390024


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Edited 16 years ago
Sphere Recordings is back with a new full on compilation. This time they have collected some pretty well known acts in the full on area. It is compiled by Mr. Raz and Rob Ajuca.

First out is a new track by Polaris (Arnaud Stengel) who released his debut album on Neurobiotic Records this year. The track we get here sounds a lot like the style on his album. Full on melodic trance. Quite trippy, but not much new ideas and variation. Track 2 is by a new upconing artist called Project 33. This is a groovy track, with some nice psychedelic sounds swirling in and out. Nothing unusual about this track, but at least it doesn’t go the cheesy direction. Track 3 is a new track by Point (Nadav Bonen & Eran Ben Gaon) from Israel, who released their debut album (Do You Believe?) on Phantasm Records in the UK earlier this year. Point has quite powerful, full on style. Some floating vibes above a strong, full on bass line. This is far away from the best track I have heard by them, but it has some cool moments. Track 4 is by Time Lock. Here we jump over to the night time vibes. We get an evil, hard pumping bass line and mostly dark, intense sounds. We also get a couple of lighter breaks and some funny voice samples in there. Track 5 is a new track by Zen Mechanics (Wouter Thomassen) who has released a couple of strong tracks lately. Here we get another totally massive track. Definately one of my favourite tracks on this compilation. More trippy, drifting vibe than on the other tracks on this compilation.

Track 6 is made by one of my favourite acts when it comes to full on at the moment, Mr. Peculiar (Dustin Saalfield) from Australia. He makes it darker as usual, and ads more psychedelic melodies and sounds. The best track on this compilation in my opinion. Track 7 is by another new upcoming duo called Alternative Control (Rastko Palikuca & Goran Toprek). They show us a fluffier side of full on morning trance. Massive bass line and the usual full on madness, but a bit too fluffy melodies and sounds. Track 8 is a new track by Perplex (Ronen Dahan) from Israel who is releasing a new album on Ajuca these days. This one starts with some funny voice samples, before we get thrown into a groovy madness. A bit darker than usual from Perplex. The last track we get here is by another Israeli artist called Aquatica (Elad Asy). He gives us a pumping, intense track, with pretty cool drift, but there could have been some more variation in there. At the end, it becomes quite clubby too.

This compilation has a few strong tracks, especially the Mr. Peculiar track, which is my favourite on this CD. Other tracks sounds too much like all the other full on releases being released these days. There is simply too little creativity in the Israeli full on scene these days. But, check this one out if you are into this stuff.