7JKAnthems Flesh

Label:Redroom – REDROOM 010
CD, Album
Style:Industrial, Electro


1Dirt City4:17
2Dear Claire6:12
4Wrocław In The Rain4:13
5End Of The Year5:19
6Organ Madness2:25
7Boxed In Green5:08
8Maid Of Orleans
Music ByAndy McClusky*
Words ByAndy McClusky*
9Planning For Zombie Apocalypse5:06
10The World's Pain4:59
11Anthems Flesh
Voice [Spoken By]Keith Howden
Words ByKeith Howden
1247 Words For Sheffield3:37
13Dirt Reprise2:35

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  • Barcode: 5060195513278
  • Matrix / Runout: 7JK - Anthems Flesh


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    This one will, I know, take you by surprise. A cross continental collaboration between Matt Howden and Poland's Job Karma that delivers brilliantly connective threads of melody, misanthrope, mirth and most assuredly, musicianship. With bow in hand, our fearless violinist has gone down an unexpected road. I've heard song structure out of him as Sieben but it's never been like this. Imagine if you will the delicate almost mournful playing he usually does and combine it with a thorough dousing of beats, electronics and rigorously unorthodox near spectral arrangements. This should give you an inkling of what awaits your ears on Anthems Flesh. I'll only deliver an inkling because the complexity and engagingly devious nature of these tunes I've been listening to for the last couple of weeks took their time unwinding. 7JK's debut is not for the meek, Howden's vocals jump all over the place becoming at times more of an invocation than the simple mere lyrical content they masquerade as.

    Wroclaw in the Rain, End of the Year, Boxed in Green and 47 Words for Sheffield (which is, of course, where he hails from) are the core of Anthems Flesh. But if you think it's all grey and dour, you have sold this album short. We're given a cover of the OMD classic Maid of Orleans which is the best version yet I have heard (sorry Mila Mar). Howden's intonation hangs heavily upon the cost Joan paid for her convictions. Mournful yes, yet also quite regal and sublimely elegiac. The proud look of one who will not bend or break no matter what end such iron resolve leads to. Job Karma provide and steady, rollicking beat behind the words and then towards the end introduce a guitar I can only describe as disorientating. Following up this high point, we're shown the darkly amusing world of Planning for Zombie Apocalypse. Choose your options well, your companions could well become your provisions. Do you prefer the fortified quadrant or a high rise serenaded by pulleys with the chorus of zombiefied bankers providing the backdrop.

    Whenever I encounter the work released by Redroom, I'm repeatedly reminded of what is possible even now in this day and age of digital assimilation. Try as I might to draw parallels to another label releasing this, I cannot; Anthems Flesh skips between droning eviscerations of violin and minimal backing tracks to full blown breakneck paced screams of bombastic aplomb. The tension continually builds throughout what 7JK have crafted, it is the one constant I can pick out amongst the imaginative variances in tone and timbre. You're glumly getting pulled this way and that during a song like Organ Madness but then a tune like The World's Pain jumps out at you much like a thistle in the face. You want to pull back because of the stinging lingering pain and yet something inside of you says to disregard the temporal restraints of flsh which brings us to the last song on here I'm going to mention and the true reason Anthems Flesh gives me the pleasure it does.

    Keith Howden, Matt's father, is a poet, well actually he is much more than that. This is a man who like Alan Moore weaves textural worlds of words out of absolute nothingness, his densely interlocking composition has held my interest since the first airing of his collaboration with his son: The Matter of Britain. If-and this is a big if- you liked that release then prepare to rejoice, the title track of this record is a taster of the forthcoming Barley Top which this pair are preparing to unleash upon the world. I do not know if it'll be on there but the direction they're hinting at which they've taken is going to reward us many times over. The inner sleeve of Anthems Flesh even gives a catalog number for what's coming so with any luck it won't be much longer. The wait has been interminable! Don't let all of this steal any focus from what 7JK have put together: this is the result of master craftsmen meeting and then birthing precision material the likes of which you will not hear anywhere else or from anyone else. Bank on it.


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