Infected MushroomThe Gathering

Label:YoYo Records (2) – YOYO32-2
CD, Album, Mixed
Style:Goa Trance, Psy-Trance


1Release Me8:28
2The Gathering7:43
3Return Of The Shadows8:13
4Blue Muppet8:08
6Montoya Rmx8:20
7Tommy The Bat7:29
8Virtual Voyage8:24
9Over Mode8:35

Companies, etc.



Digital Mastering: Master Disk Studios.
Design: [email protected]
Manufactured by ABCD Music Israel.

(P) 1999 Brand New Entertainment Ltd., Israel. (C) 1999 Brand New Entertainment Ltd., Israel.

Back artwork bears an 'Order Odonata Dragonfly' logo.

Total time 74:01

Samples on tracks:
1a) From the movie 'Independence Day' (1996):
'Release Me...' 'Open the door, get him out of there!' 'No, wait!' 'Release me...' 'I know there is much we could learn from each other, if we could negotiate a truce. We could find a way to co-exist. Can there be a peace between us?' 'Peace... No peace...' 'Then, what is it you want us to do?' 'Die...!'
1b) From the movie 'Men In Black' (1997), dying sounds of Edgar.
2) From the game 'Grand Theft Auto' (1997):
'Hey Aruzo, I gotta warning for you from Bald Man Sonetti: Cross him again, I'll stick a gun up your ass, and blow your f[BEEPED]in' eyeballs out.' 'Nice work kid, but the shit's hit the f[BEEPED]in' fan! The cops are crawling up my ass with flashlights lookin' for ya! I booked you a flight to San Andreas.' 'We are building a crime syndicate of extraordinary magnitude. We extort money in the tradition of our ancestors. You honour our family. You have our gratitude.'
3) From the movie 'Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country' (1991), Captain Kirk speaking to Bones:
'Are you afraid of the future?'
4) From the movie 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' (1996):
'That is the law. We are not men.'
5) From the movie 'Batman & Robin' (1997):
7) From the movie 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' (1996):
'Please, tell them that I am God.'
9) From the movie 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' (1996):
'No... no more scientists, no more laboratories, no more experiments, I thought you'd be able to understand that. No more!'

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 7 290005 991240 >
  • Barcode (String): 7290005991240
  • Matrix / Runout: ABCD MUSIC CAT NR YOYO 32
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI LH01
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 1U22

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
The Gathering (3×LP, Album, Partially Mixed)Balloonia Ltd.BALLLP05Germany1999
The Gathering (CD, Album)VictorVICP-63863Japan1999
The Gathering (Cassette, Album)YoYo Records (2)YOYO32-1Israel1999
The Gathering (CD, Album, Mixed, Reissue)HOM-Mega ProductionsHMCD71Israel2011
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The Gathering (Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, 12", Partially Mixed, Translucent Red Splatter, 12", Partially Mixed, Translucent Green Splatter, 12", Partially Mixed, Translucent Blue Splatter)Mushroom Touring Inc.IMLP01Israel2022



  • AlexG91's avatar
    I never understood why people worship this album.
    To myself it sounds like the crossover between Goa and Psy trance. It just does not gel with me. I'm expecting melodies you find on the Goa side and end up with more focus on production and silly noises you find in Psy. I just don't get it.
    • Dj_Max-It's avatar
      Edited 7 years ago
      Wasn't a fan of this album earlier, but it all comes down to your listening rig. With the big loudspeakers and the powerful power amplifier I have now, it's a completely different experience from the first time I heard it. The depth, variation, mixing and let's not forget the bass. They are giving us a bass that is quite interesting, and most other artists couldn't do it this well for many more years. My favorite song is probably Over Mode. The rolling bass and the progressing feeling, it's really awesome, and if I didn't know it was from 1999, I'd laugh at anyone who tried to tell me. Wish I was born earlier and had the hindsight to pick up all IM's albums on vinyl, but I was only 10 years old when this was released and sadly it took much longer before I found the genre. A must-have for all psy-trance listeners.
      • lambdastorm's avatar
        Edited 7 years ago
        Re-listened to TG today, Infected's shown Incredible depth and dimension in this album and tbh it's one of my longtime favs =D
        • lambdastorm's avatar
          Edited 8 years ago
          I'm a huge oldschool mushroom fan,with that being said,The Gathering is simply unmatched.

          Yes,The Gathering is different and it's also extremely dificult to understand.The only way you can understand it is to give it more time.In Classical Mushroom you can clearly see the classical music influence;BPEmpire stands out to be one of the best Full-On PsyTrance Album ever produced,not to mention the BEEEEEEAST Dancing With Kadafi and Infected Mushroom proved their talent in Ambient and Chill-Out by their fourth release Converting Vegetarians which turns out to be the most controversial IM album up to date.But what do we get here from The Gathering?Rediculously high-pitched voice samples,crazy grooves and insane acid lines.SIMPLY A MESS when I first listened to it in 2011.I thought it was a shame on Infected Mushroom and couldn't understand why so many oldschool lovers praised it,even hail it instead of Classical Mushroom as the best IM album ever produced.Annoyed and disappointed,I deleted TG from my laptop.It was not until 2013 that I downloaded it again in order to complete my Infected Mushroom collection and I decided to give TG a second chance despite the bad impression it left behind.

          Another hour wasted.Crap,shit.I can't even sit comfortably during the listening cession and to me listening to TG was kind of a torture.I can't bear it,I can't believe it's Infected's works from their early days and I had no idea why so many old school lovers praised it.

          I swore I would never listen to this crap again until 2015,when I accidently selected Returned Of The Shadows instead of The Missed Symphony,and that was when I really began to feel the power of this album,the dark power,the viscious energy embeded inside The Gathering.This new experience prompted me to give TG another listen and suddenly I was blown away by the darkness and coolness.Never would I realize that The Gathering would become one of my favourite albums later that year.And here I am,stunned and mind-blown by the wisdom and talent of these evil geniuses.It's not until the third listen that I began to appreciate the quite possibly darkest psytrance album in the world,The Gathering.A MUST IF YOU LIKE DEEP,FULL-ON PSYTRANCE,A MUST IF YOU ARE A HARDCORE PSYCHEDELIC GEEK,A MUST IF YOU ARE AN OLDSCHOOL PSY LOVER

          First Listen 2/10
          Second Listen 2/10
          Third Listen 10/10
          • paulet's avatar
            "The Gathering" & "Mush Mushi" the only tracks i like it from entire career of Infected Mushroom...
            • Karliosis's avatar
              'The Gathering' is the first album released by Infected Mushroom. Most Goa/Psy-Trance followers will already be familiar with this, but if you don't its surely worth a listen! 'The Gathering' features some fairly dark psy-trance, with a strong goa influence. The melodies and production are very good for this era, and the ability to layer so many unique sounds together in one album is quite a remarkable achievement. Tracks such as 'Psycho' and 'The Gathering' clearly showcase the melodies and production.

              I would definately recommend this album to all psy-trance and goa-trance fans, as it played a pioneering role in the psy-trance scene of the late '90s in my opinion. Best tracks in my opinion are 'Release Me', 'Return of the Shadows', 'Psycho' and 'Virtual Voyage', but all tracks are great.

              • colintraveller's avatar
                imo this is the best album that have done ..

                release me is the stand out track though the spacing between tracks itself is what i hate
                • Natan88's avatar
                  Wen I got familiar wit the sound of Infected Mushroom their latest album was 'Conveting Vegetarians' which I didn't like that much. My friend was a great fan back then and we had different tastes in psychedelic music. I like the fast, dark, acid and mindfucking sound of 'The Gathering' absolutely the most. For me this is even better than 'Classic Mushroom'. 5/5
                  • chris_charles's avatar
                    Infected Mushrooms best album by far. Psycho rocks still toay.. 4/5
                    • stryder01's avatar
                      This album is simply unmatched.

                      Up to today, never has a duo of music producers delivered such an inventive, unique-sounding, mind-disturbing piece of psychedelic trance. It's not about darkness, it's not about a killer drive, it's purely about mind-altering experiences to the likes of their own band name. The details are amazing, the textures overwhelming, the musicality, unreal. The whole feel and sound of this album is so unique and unmatched that it just keeps on being my number one and probably will remain. Tracks like Virtual Voyage and Over Mode simply crack open your perception and flood your brain with mystic visions and tribal rituals, as most other tracks do.

                      Like the soundtrack to the tale of an ancient world somewhere in between this reality and the next or a hymn to a long forgotten civilization, this cd catapultes you into that region of your subconsciousness which most people don't like to experience; the raw carnal nature and mystic origin of the human mind; fear & desire. In many ways, there are lots of experimental touches to this album; there are metal-influenced pieces, goth-piano sections, disturbing synth-infested passages, it all holds together pretty well while delivering a first-class cinematic experience.

                      An absolute mind-blowing experience which will proudly go down as one of the greatest and most complex albums ever in the history of psychedelic trance. A milestone a mile wide.


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