Logic Bomb - Unlimited Voggl242

December 5, 2015

The whole album is full on psytrance with lots of dark and twisted and delayed sounds and great samples. I am not so much into full on but this album is outstanding! Its really great, No weak track except High density. I love Unlimited, future uncertain, Hund and datalinks.

Logic Bomb - Unlimited as reviewed by Skeleton-Man

March 11, 2006
edited over 13 years ago

"There were ... incidents involving high altitude metallic machines. Flying in formation." Call Skelly childish, but don't you just love when cool, intelligent samples are utilized in trance?! This one is taken from Normalised (0:45) and sets off this groovy, chilly baby in style! One of several highlights on this excellent album!

The album opens with Datalink, a top smooth progressive rocker with a theme kicking in at 3:11, that assures you this baby will deliver all the way. And it does. Awesome opener!

Pretty soon into track 2, however, you realise that Datalink was not a lucky punch. This is solid craftmanship. Well thought through, varied tracks, with loads of details. LB enters with a progressive attitude, but with many trips into psy and FX territory. They keep it simple, then add FX, then perhaps a theme or a melody. All the time with eyes on the dancefloor. Like Neighbour Of The Beast at 5:48! I'd love to see the dancefloors react to that! Built up over a long period almost full-on style when a twisted psychedelic lead enters. Rock me baby!

Travelling at the speed of light? Oh no, we can travel many times faster than that! LB has a taking for Kevin Spacey samples (this one from Future Uncertain). I might have wanted a little more variety here, but that really is my only grudge against this album. Oh, and maybe ONE more blasterhit to hit the 5/5 star bar.

Recommended to all fans of intelligent psy/proggy trance.