Odd's* - X-Plore Sybernetic Concept "Finger's Memories" as reviewed by SabKuchMilegator

April 20, 2016

I've just read that this album is made by some midi-guitar player and not Kris Kylven! He did collaborate on 2 tracks but that's it. The story goes Kris Kylven gave this guitarist the right to use "Odds" as the moniker for this album. Kinda funny trivia - thought some of you might be interested to know.

Odd's* - X-Plore Sybernetic Concept "Finger's Memories" Joseph_S

May 19, 2016
Yes, that's what Kris told me personally. According to him only 300 copies were pressed, as far as he can remember.

Odd's* - X-Plore Sybernetic Concept "Finger's Memories" as reviewed by maroko

May 19, 2008

This is such an underrated gem while it deserves to be talked about by goa/psy trance addicts across the globe...
That is partly because of the scarsity of this album, and for reference only, it took me well over five years to grab hold of my own copy. I reckon I've never spent so much time trying to hunt down a compact disc, but this was well worth my time. Well, at least I do think so, but I'm a self declared #1 Kris Kylven fan. This veteran could do no wrong back then, be it projects like Syb Unity Nettwerk, Element Over Nature, or his input in UX, Odds does not differ that much. Hard, murky, gritty goa trance is the attraction of the darkest hour of psychedelic music. X-Plore Sybernetic Concept "Finger's Memories" is basically a collaboration album between Kris and other producers, and the studio chemistry is felt on every track. Not much diversity, but who the hell would want or need any when you have so much quality concentrated on one single place? I won't even bother to stop and describe the music, it rocks big time, all of it. If you feel the more sinister aspects of old school goa trance, and if albums like Orichalcum & The Deviant's self titled output, Darshan's debut Awakening, Ultimate Experience by UX, the early Battle Of The Future Buddhas and Lotus Omega sound are what you're after, then Odds produced an album you've always been looking for, but up to now you've been unable to find it. Classic stuff here, a big pity it's so damn hard to find though.