Aphex TwinSelected Ambient Works Volume II

Label:Warp Records – WARPCD21
2 x CD, Album, Stereo, No Publisher Text On CDs
Style:Ambient, Experimental


2-1Blue Calx7:20

Companies, etc.



This version has different text and colors on the CDs compared to Selected Ambient Works Volume II and Selected Ambient Works Volume II
All printed text on both CDs:  ℗ AND © WARP RECORDS 1994

Track 2-1 was previously released on the compilation The Philosophy Of Sound And Machine.

All tracks (except track 2-1) are untitled, and are instead represented by photographs. On the artwork are six pie charts, representing the six sides of the vinyl edition, each pie slice representing a track (track length deciding the size of the pie slice), clockwise from top. By comparing each colour-coded pie chart with the small pie symbol on each photograph, it is possible to match track to photograph.

The artwork indicates 25 tracks, as on the vinyl and cassette edition, but there are in fact only 24 tracks on the CDs. The missing track, represented by the 19th pie slice, can be found on the CD compilation Excursions In Ambience (The Third Dimension).

Contains a booklet which folds out into a two sided six-panel display and a separate one-panel card.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 5 021603 021129
  • Barcode (Scanned): 5021603021129
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 1, Disc 1): WARPCD21/1 10273491 01 & MADE IN U.K. BY PDO
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 1, Disc 1): [unknown]
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 1, Disc 1): [unknown]
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 1, Disc 2): WARPCD21/2 20273491 01 & MADE IN U.K. BY PDO
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 1, Disc 2): [unknown]
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 1, Disc 2): [unknown]
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 2, Disc 1): WARPCD21/1 10273491 09 & MADE IN U.K. BY PDO
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 2, Disc 1): IFPI L134
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 2, Disc 1): IFPI 0466
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 2, Disc 2): WARPCD21/2 20273491 04 & MADE IN U.K. BY PDO
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 2, Disc 2): IFPI L132
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 2, Disc 2): IFPI 0466
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 6, Disc 1): WARPCD21/1 10273491 07 &
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 6, Disc 1): [unknown]
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 6, Disc 1): [unknown]
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 6, Disc 2): WARPCD21/2 10273491 03 %
  • Mastering SID Code (Variation 6, Disc 2): [unknown]
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 6, Disc 2): [unknown]
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 7, Disc 1): WARPCD21/1 10273491 09 &
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 7, Disc 1): IFPI 0476
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 7, Disc 2): WARPCD21/2 20273491 04 %
  • Mould SID Code (Variation 7, Disc 2): IFPI 0450

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Selected Ambient Works Volume II (3×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Brown)Warp RecordsWARPLP21LTDUK1994
Selected Ambient Works Volume II (2×CD, Album)Warp Records, Rough TradeRTD 126.1670.2Germany1994
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Selected Ambient Works Volume II (2×CD, Advance, Album, Promo)Sire2-45482-AUS1994
Recently Edited
Selected Ambient Works Volume II (3×LP, Album, Mispress, Brown)Warp RecordsWARP LP 21 / WARP LP 20UK1994
Selected Ambient Works Volume II (3×LP, Album, Gatefold)Warp RecordsWARPLP21UK1994
  • SafeCapsule's avatar
    Being someone who originally discovered Aphex Twin through the IDM of SAW 85-92, I initially didn't like SAW II. After repeated listens though - it really is an incredible collection of ambient tracks. I recommend a reissue that contains Stone in Focus. Clocks in at almost 3 hours.
    • t.Archivist's avatar
      looking for a brown (preferable grey labels) copy of LP1, willing to buy or trade my black version of LP1.
      • sellerto's avatar
        Honestly. When listening to Grass (#5), I was staring upwards towards the corner of my darkened room and saw an ominous cloud or shadow descend down engulfing me in a disquiet but comfortable way. It was like take some sort of mind-altering drug without the chemicals. But honestly, this is a sheer masterpiece. One of peace. One of terror. One of mystery.
        • t.Archivist's avatar
          If anyone only has a copy of the LP1 that would like to split with (preferably the brown vinyl, and in VG+) PM Me.
          • Crawshyne_'s avatar
            Redefining ambient in all its wonder and glory as always is the mental genius Aphex Twin himself! So many tracks I love! There's "Rhubarb", "Lichen", "Cliffs", "Grass", "Mould", "Tree", "Curtains", "Hexagon", "Blue Calx", "Hankie", "Windowsill", "Z Twig", "Tassels", "Matchsticks", and the CD-omitted "Stone in Focus" track that I bought from Aphex Twin's official website. (The rest of the album I bought off iTunes.)

            Up there with all the other IDM gems, this - like all other great albums - is why the iPod was made. Thank you, Apple! And thank you, RDJ, for making such fucking awesome music!

            Once again, I highly recommend this album! :D
            • luxuryclass's avatar
              this is a dumb question, but i honestly don't know and would like to, is stone in focus on any of the cds?
              • DeadBellRecords's avatar
                Will Warp ever do a vinyl reissue of this any time soon? Absolutely love this record, but don't wanna shell out a bunch of money for the bad Plain Recordings/1972 label reissue, would rather just wait for the real deal if it's gonna happen.
                • kapervisser's avatar
                  Edited 2 years ago
                  Better don't pay big bucks for early Warp vinyl release. Pressed off-centered!
                  • Booj1Boy's avatar
                    Edited 2 years ago
                    What a weird series of pressings. Buy an overpriced US vinyl pressing of the US CD and get mediocre sound plus missing tracks. Save up some more and buy the brown vinyl, with potentially even worse sound, with all the tracks. Save up even more and wait for a good seller to get the UK black vinyl with fair sound and all the tracks. Or maybe just listen to the online version which has all the tracks in CD quality.
                    • wildblunthickok's avatar
                      Funny to see people praising this album years later. This was panned by both critics and fans when it came out, mainly because the title makes you think it's the same type of music as the first album. The first album is ambient-house, the 2nd album is just ambient, and about half the songs are disturbing (not appropriate for falling asleep to). So the original bad reputation the album had back in 1994 was due to subverted expectations (disappointment), not the album actually being bad.
                      But if you go into this understanding what to expect ahead of time it really is a stunning album. Expect every song to be 2 minutes worth of material slowed down to 25% (so 2 minute songs become 8 minute songs). Maybe 8 of these 25 songs are must-haves, the rest are for the "I listen to albums start to finish" folk (like me). I WOULD recommend the album, but expect most of the tracks to overstay their welcome. You should probably be doing something else while listening to this in the background, as 66% of the tracks will fail to hold your attention if they're the only thing you're focusing on.
                      About the track names: this album has photos instead of words for the track names. The track names you see people using online are from a 1994 fan's description of each photo. Some are a matter of opinion, some (like Radiator and Rhubarb (tracks 2 and 3)) are definitely what the photo is a picture of (unless Richard's intended trackname is "Radiator Off Mum's Old Car" or "Rhubarb At Samantha's House"). Discogs of course refuses to use any track names that aren't in text on the original album, thus everything is "untitled" (except for Blue Calx, which has a title because it appeared earlier on a compilation of Warp artists). In fact Richard himself has the tracks labeled "01", "02", "03" etc on his bleep store. Other online sources (like Spotify) have copied this idea. This is a bad idea however because none of them skip a number where there's a missing track. Most versions are missing track 19 (Stone In Focus), and all US versions are missing track 04 (Hankie). Track 03 (Rhubarb) is the one most people pick out as the best song on the album.



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