MadlibMadlib Medicine Show: The Brick


#1: Before The Verdict
1-01MadlibArraignment (Intro)
1-02MadlibOde To The Ghetto (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-03MadlibYikes (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-05MadlibLucky Guy
1-06MadlibPigs (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-07MadlibLife Goes By
1-08MadlibGet Bitches (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-09MadlibThe Exclusive
1-10MadlibRobbery (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-11MadlibKill 'Em
1-12MadlibThe Paper
1-13MadlibI Must Love You (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-14MadlibLooking For Trouble
1-15MadlibYoung Guns
1-16MadlibMy Moment (OJ Simpson Remix)
1-17MadlibAmerican Dream & Future (OJ Simpson Remix)
#2: Flight To Brazil
2-01MadlibRio De Janeiro
2-02MadlibSao Paulo
2-03MadlibBelo Horizonte
2-04MadlibPorto Alegre
#3: Beat Konducta In Africa
3-02MadlibThe Frontline (Liberation)
3-03MadlibRaw Introduction To Afreaka
3-04MadlibAfrican Voodoo Queen (Drama)
3-05MadlibJungle Soundz (Part One)
3-06MadlibThe Struggle To Unite (One Africa)
3-07MadlibMandingo Swing
3-08MadlibEndless Cold (Lovelost)
3-09MadlibChant 2
3-10MadlibAfrosound Panorama
3-11MadlibHunting Theme
3-13MadlibAfritonic Pt.1
3-14MadlibAfritonic Pt.2
3-16MadlibSpearthrow For Oh No
3-17MadlibTear Gas And Bullets For Freedom
3-18MadlibHeritage Sip
3-19MadlibLand Of The Drum
3-20MadlibRed, Black And Green Showcase
3-23MadlibWarrior's Theme
3-25MadlibAfrican Map Watch
3-26MadlibStreet Hustler
3-28MadlibChant 3
3-29MadlibThe Show (Inner View)
3-30MadlibBrothers And Sisters
3-31MadlibFreedom Play
3-32MadlibAfrican Bounce
3-33MadlibUmi (Life)
3-34MadlibNatural Sound Waves
3-35MadlibJungle Sounds Pt. 2
3-36MadlibMight Force
3-37MadlibUnika (Outro)
3-38MadlibBonus A
3-39MadlibBonus F
3-40MadlibBonus R
3-41MadlibBonus I
3-42MadlibBonus C
3-43MadlibBonus A (Amanaz)
#4: 420 Chalice All-Stars (AKA Son Of Super Ape)
4-01MadlibWhat Are The Medical Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana?
4-02MadlibWhat Are The Negative Risks Of Smoking It?
4-03MadlibWhat Alternatives Are There To Smoking?
4-04MadlibAre A Lot Of Pesticides On Pot?
4-05MadlibWhere Is All This Pot Coming From?
4-06MadlibSo What Does The Law Say About These Dispensaries And Their Various Pot Products?
4-07MadlibHow Much Pot Am I Allowed To Have At One Time?
4-08MadlibHow Do I Get A Prescription?
4-09MadlibWill My Name End Up On Some DEA List?
#5: History Of The Loop Digga, 1990-2000
5-01MadlibWarning (Intro)
5-02MadlibStatic Invazion
5-04MadlibRapper X Radio
5-05MadlibLast Day's Music
5-06MadlibNothing From Nothing
5-07MadlibEpisode VII
5-08MadlibEpisode VIII
5-09MadlibEpisode IX
5-10MadlibEpisode X
5-11MadlibEpisode XI
5-12MadlibEpisode XII
5-13MadlibEpisode XIII
5-14MadlibEpisode XIV
5-15MadlibEpisode XV
5-16MadlibEpisode XVI
5-17MadlibEpisode XVII
5-18MadlibEpisode XVIII
5-19MadlibEpisode XIX
5-20MadlibEpisode XX
5-21MadlibFurther Adventures Of Walkman Flavor
5-22MadlibEpisode XXII
5-23MadlibEpisode XXIII
5-24MadlibEpisode XXIV
5-25MadlibEpisode XXV
5-26MadlibEpisode XXVI
5-27MadlibEpisode XXVII
5-28MadlibLive From Outer Space
5-29MadlibReal Days
5-30MadlibC.D.P. Assassins Pt. 1
5-31MadlibC.D.P. Assassins Pt. 2 & 3
5-32MadlibC.D.P. Assassins Pt. 4
5-33MadlibC.D.P. Assassins Pt. 5
5-34MadlibC.D.P. Assassins Pt. 6
#6: The Brain Wreck Show
6-01MadlibWorld Leaders Plan Centralized Power & Remote Brain Control
6-02MadlibIt Has Widespread Support
6-03MadlibPredicted 2000 Years Ago
6-04MadlibIt’s Almost Here
6-05MadlibIt Will Happen On 4/20
6-06MadlibHow To Avoid Being A Victim
6-07MadlibIts Sudden Complete Collapse Predicted
6-08MadlibIt Is Right On Time
6-09MadlibThe Real New Order
#7: High Jazz
7-01The Jackson Conti Band*Steppin' Into Tomorrow (Prelude)
7-02Generation MatchElectronic Dimensions
7-03Jahari Massamba UnitPretty Eyes
7-04The Kenny Cook OctetHigh Jazz
7-05Yesterday's New Quintet*Medley: Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Live At Spear For The Moondog)
7-07The Big Black Foot BandReality Or Dream
7-08Russell Jenkins Jazz ExpressDrunk Again
7-09Poyser*, Riggins*, Jackson*Funky Butt, Part 1
7-10Jahari Massamba UnitWonderin / Nightime
7-11R.M.C.Space & Time
7-12Yesterday's New Quintet*Conquistador
7-13The Big Black Foot BandTarzan's Theme
7-15Joe McDuphrey ExperienceKimo
#8: Advanced Jazz
#9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville
9-01MadlibNittyville (The Landing)
9-02MadlibSo Beautiful (Dues Paid)
9-04MadlibSmoke Theme For Dankery Harv
9-05MadlibJus' Follow
9-06MadlibThe Exclusive (Bar Scene)
9-08MadlibLegalize It (Interlude)
9-09MadlibSunday Sinema
9-10MadlibWhat Can U Tell Me
9-11MadlibThe Truth (Interlude)
9-12MadlibRed Light Green
9-13MadlibGo There
9-14MadlibSet If Off
#10: Black Soul
10-01MadlibTo Promote Illogical Thinking
10-02MadlibTo Increase Efficiency Of Mentation And Perception
10-03MadlibTo Promote The Intoxicating Effect Of Alcohol
10-04MadlibThe Induction Of Hypnosis
10-05MadlibTo Withstand Privation, Torture And Coercion
10-06MadlibTo Promote Amnesia
10-07MadlibMay Result In Shock And Confusion
10-08MadlibTo Produce “Pure” Euphoria
10-09MadlibTo Alter Personality Structure
#11: Low Budget Hi-Fi Music
11-01The Loop Digga*Sounds Of The Studio
11-02The Professionals (12) - Madlib & Oh NoHold Up
11-03The Loop Digga*Handmade Hustle - Instrumental
11-04The Professionals (12)Start Sumthin-93033
11-05Guilty SimpsonThoughts Of An Old Flame
11-06The Loop Digga*Minze -Come Closer
11-07MadlibLouder - Blast Your Radio Theme
11-08The Loop Digga*The Ride - Nightcoastin' Instrumental
11-09A.G.*O.G Pt. 1 - Whirlwind Mix
11-10Oh NoO.G Pt. 2 - Underwater Mix
11-11Frank NittStageridin' - First Demo Double Image Mix
11-12The Loop Digga*Love / Hate - Instrumental
11-13Strong Arm SteadyLoose Girl - Electronic Drunk Demon Version
11-14The Loop Digga*Smoke Break - Whodat?
11-15Supreme Team (2)Madlib & Karriem Riggins: Interview #4080
11-16The Loop Digga*Embryo Thought Instrumental
11-17The Loop Digga*The Adventure Of Soul Bra And Doctor Dick'Ems Pts, 1 And 2
11-18MED* & Poke*Cheaters - Episode #3
11-19MadlibInterliberation Interlude
11-20The Loop Digga*Mic Check - Smoke Break III
11-21LMD (3)Real Talk
11-22The Loop Digga*The Sound Of Champions - Instrumental
11-23Strong Arm SteadyCharlie Hustle
11-24The Loop Digga*Girls - Prelude
11-25The Loop Digga*Same
11-26MED*Snakes 101
11-27J RoccGirls
11-28J RoccUh - Outro
#12: Raw Medicine (Madlib Remixes)
12-03MadlibInspectah Deck’s Verse From 7L & Esoteric’s “Speaking Real Words” / Rae’s Verse From Big Pun’s “Fire Water”
12-04Q-TipFor The Nasty
12-06Royce The 5’9"*Buzzin'
12-08MadlibDoom’s Verse From De La Soul’s Roc Co Kane Flow
12-09J DillaLet’s Take It Back
12-10MadlibRemixes 2 Intro
12-11Lord Tariq & Peter GunzCross Bronx Expressway
12-12Musiq Soulchild, Ghostface*Caught Up / Love Session
12-13Frank N Dank*Ma Dukes
12-17SkillzY'all Don't Wanna
12-19MadlibThe Wigflip
12-20AZNever Change
12-22Royal FlushShines
12-23Ghostface*Save Me Dear
12-25Phil Da AgonyWatch Out
12-26Guilty Simpson, OJ SimpsonOutside
12-27QB FinestDa Bridge 2001
12-29CappadonnaBlack Boy
12-30Beanie SigelWanted
12-33Kardinal OffishallBelly Dancer
12-34The UN (2)D.O.A.
12-35Sadat XVerse From Diamond D’s “Feel It”
#13: Black Tape
13-01MadlibTrack 1
13-02MadlibTrack 2
13-03MadlibTrack 3
13-04MadlibTrack 4
13-05MadlibTrack 5
13-06MadlibTrack 6
13-07MadlibTrack 7
13-08MadlibTrack 8
13-09MadlibTrack 9
13-10MadlibTrack 10
13-11MadlibTrack 11
13-12MadlibTrack 12
13-13MadlibTrack 13
13-14MadlibTrack 14
13-15MadlibTrack 15
13-16MadlibTrack 16
13-17MadlibTrack 17
13-18MadlibTrack 18
13-19MadlibTrack 19
13-20MadlibTrack 20
13-21MadlibTrack 21
13-22MadlibTrack 22
13-23MadlibTrack 23
13-24MadlibTrack 24
13-25MadlibTrack 25
13-26MadlibTrack 26
13-27MadlibTrack 27
13-28MadlibTrack 28
13-29MadlibTrack 29
13-30MadlibTrack 30
13-31MadlibTrack 31
13-32MadlibTrack 32
13-33MadlibTrack 33
13-34MadlibTrack 34
13-35MadlibTrack 35


The Brick: 13 discs, 13 books. A year in music. Hip-Hop, rap, jazz fusion produced by Madlib & mixtapes of Brazilian, be-bop, prog rock & psychedelic culled from a 4 ton mountain of vinyl.

1. Before The Verdict: hip-hop album featuring Guilty Simpson
2. Flight To Brazil. Brazilian psyched, folk and jazz mixtape
3. Beat Konducta In Africa: Hip-hop beats based on 70s African vinyl
4. 420 Chalice All-Stars Jamaican dub mixtape
5. History Of The Loop-Digga: Hip-hop album: 1990-2000 era beat tapes
7. High Jazz: Original jazz album: the latest from Yesterday's Universe
8. Advanced Jazz: The ultimate jazz mixtape
9. Nittyville: Hip-hop album featuring Frank Nitt, Oh No, M.E.D.
10. Black Soul The ultimate disco-soul mixtape
11. Low Budget High Fi: Dirty hip-hop demos produced by Madlib.
12. Raw Medicine Madlib remixes: mixtape beat tape, hip-hop show
13. Black Tape: The Encore. Restricted to ages 18+

6. The Brain Wreck Show is not specifically mentioned in the above description.

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