Brian Eno - Ambient 4 (On Land) as reviewed by geometrician

March 2, 2006
edited over 13 years ago

This is one of Eno's "denser" ambient albums (out of the ones I've got at least). There's a lot of attention to detail, and plenty of cool sounds. Can get a little dark in some places, and the nature noises really mesh well with the music without sounding all new-age and crappy.

Brian Eno - Ambient 4 (On Land) tarwater3

February 24, 2017
Well man , totally agreed , the first time I listened to it , the term "denser" really came to mind ... as if there are soundwalls hangin' in space n' movin' back n' forth ... it also sounds eeriely dark , yet that adds points further ... as for the nature samples , ooooooh , the icing on the cake , literally !!!! For me , a solid 10/10 (y)