Ashley HutchingsBurning Bright - The Life & Music Of Ashley Hutchings

Ashley Hutchings - Burning Bright - The Life & Music Of Ashley Hutchings album cover
Label:Free Reed – FRQCD-50
4 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Rock, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen
Style:Folk Rock, Folk


Vol.1 - Ashley's Almanac - A Hutchings History (1968-2005: Portis Green To Chesterfield)
1-1Ashley Hutchings And FriendsWorking Underground3:56
1-2Ashley HutchingsComing In To Land0:47
1-3Judy Dunlop & Barry CoopeThis Blessed Plot4:16
1-4Albion Country Band*New St George / La Rotta (Live)4:23
1-5Albion Band*Albion Heart (Live)4:51
1-6Ashley Hutchings' Big Beat Combo*Telstar4:34
1-7Ashley Hutchings And FriendsEternal Circle (Live)3:35
1-8Fairport ConventionIt Takes A Lot To Laugh (Excerpt)1:50
1-9Fairport ConventionMr Lacey2:50
1-10Fairport ConventionCome All Ye5:00
1-11Steeleye SpanOne NIght As I Lay On My Bed3:30
1-12Albion Country Band*Albin Sunrise2:55
1-13Albion Band*Poor Old Horse (Live)6:34
1-14Albion Band*Time To Ring Some Changes3:10
1-15Albion Band*Along The Pilgrims' Way4:50
1-16Albion Band*The Party's Over6:13
1-17Ashley Hutchings Allstars*Angelina (Live)5:40
1-18Ashley Hutchings And FriendsAbandoned Love (Live)4:29
1-19Albion Band*Wings (Single Version)4:26
1-20Rainbow ChasersAbout Dawn5:35
Vol. 2 - Dance & Drama - Ashley On Stage
2-1Albion Dance Band*Dancing 'Til Monday Comes Around (Live)4:10
2-2The Morris On Show*Gloucester Hornpipe / Mr Trill's Song (Live)6:00
2-3Albion Christmas Band*Sharp On Morris1:42
2-4Morris OnStaines Morris3:13
2-5Albion Band*Tunes From Terpsichore (Live)2:00
2-6Bernard HeptonWilliam Prynne0:30
2-7Fairport ConventionThe 'Lark In The Morning' Medley4:07
2-8Albion Country Band*Dowd's Favourite / £10 Float / Musical Priest (Live)3:24
2-9Albion Country Band*Princess Royal2:15
2-10The Morris On Show*Shepherd Hey / Orange In Blossom / The Quaker4:15
2-11Michael HordernBoz (Edit)
2-12Albion Band*Spirit Of The Dance / Shooting4:00
2-13Ashley HutchingsCup O' Tea Vs Batter Pudding0:41
2-14The Ashley Hutchings Dance BandRapid Polka2:36
2-15Albion Band*Soldier's Joy3:35
2-16Ashley Hutchings' Big Beat Combo*Twistin' Til Monday Comes Around / Twistin' Welsh Girls2:30
2-17Ashley Hutchings' All Stars*Ring On Her Finger4:08
2-18Ashley Hutchings' All Stars*To Ireland I Made My Way3:30
2-19Albion Band*The Elements Lament (Live)2:20
2-20Albion Band*We Sing Allelujah3:30
2-21Ashley HutchingsRattlebone3:30
2-22Albion Band*Wooden O5:50
2-23Shirley CollinsMaria Marten7:31
Vol. 3 - Authored By Ashley - Produced By Hutchings
3-1Ashley HutchingsOn Seeing Grace Slick0:50
3-2Fairport ConventionIf It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong3:17
3-3AH Dance Band*Dancing To The Drummer's Beat3:21
3-4Albion Band*Crocodile Line3:45
3-5Albion Band*When My Son Has Grown2:27
3-6Albion Band*Head-Smashed-In Buffalo-Jump4:35
3-7Albion Band*The Rose And The Rock5:00
3-8Albion Band*Press Gang2:50
3-9Albion Band*Nothing Can Turn The Tide4:39
3-10Albion Band*The Shipwreck5:56
3-11Emily SladeOur Stolen Season3:55
3-12Albion Band*We Lie5:06
3-13Chris While & Polly BoltonBrief Encounters6:42
3-14Albion Band*Ivory Tower3:02
3-15Albion Band*Kitty Come Down The Lane3:42
3-16Rainbow ChasersBrambles On A Hill5:50
3-17RidgeridersAlong The Downs2:22
3-18Nesreen ShahI'm A Poor Dress Maker4:15
3-19Martin CarthyLovely Joan3:11
3-20Keith ChristmasBargees (Excerpt)3:00
3-21Judy DunlopThe Crow On The Cradle3:39
Vol. 4 - Trad: Arr. Hutchings - The Folk-Rock Godfather
4-1Steeleye SpanA Calling On Song1:13
4-2Albion Band*Appalachian Front Porch Game (Live)4:16
4-3Ashley HutchingsPine Mountain (Excerpt)0:40
4-4Cecil Sharp Centenary CollectiveMatty Groves5:27
4-5Fairport ConventionShe Moves Through The Fair4:46
4-6Coope Boyes & Simpson / John TamsDoin' Time To Fit Your Crime4:05
4-7Albion Band*Rambleaway7:37
4-8Albion Band*Didn't He Ramble4:02
4-9Albion Country Band*Gallant Poacher4:26
4-10VariousJack-In-The-Green On Saturday Night2:18
4-11Shirley Collins With John TamsHopping Down In Kent2:00
4-12Morris OnCuckoo's Nest5:26
4-13Etchingham Steam Band*Horn Fair3:25
4-14Steeleye SpanCaptain Coulston5:06
4-15Albion Band*Flandyke Shore3:56
4-16Albion Band*Wolfe5:26
4-17Albion Band*Rebecca Johnson5:07
4-18Albion Band*He Ran Out Of Road5:25
4-19VariousClaudy Banks3:33
4-20Albion Christmas Band*Somerset Wassail1:20



Includes a 158 page booklet and a coupon for a fifth CD for the first 2,000 purchasers.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Box): 5 016700 955026
  • Barcode (CD 1): 5 016700 955125
  • Barcode (CD 2): 5 016700 955124
  • Barcode (CD 3): 5 016700 955123
  • Barcode (CD 4): 5 016700 955122
  • Barcode (Booklet): 9 780954 261078




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