Culture Shock (2) - I Remember / Troglodyte EvilRoger

October 14, 2015
edited over 2 years ago

Maybe he was first in his kind, but after this success Ram Records released a "sample pack" for all signed "producers" with purpose to achieve a same effect. Same snares, pads, structure over and over and over again.

Correct me if I'm wrong. But I don't think that fans of Ram Records have a good memory...

Culture Shock (2) - I Remember / Troglodyte beTrue

October 22, 2017
what sample pack are you talking about? are conspiracy nuts getting loose on discogs too now?

Culture Shock (2) - I Remember / Troglodyte Indegenousnudity

August 11, 2014
LOVE this release! For me the best track is "I remember", but "troglodyte" is also a great track. I had been waiting for " I remember " to come out on vinyl ever since I heard it on my copy of Andy C nightlife vol. 5. In my opinion Culture Shock is one of the biggest producers in the game right now. If you like this one pick up Culture Shock "Protection / Ohrwurm." Both tracks are so awesome I cant explain it, just buy it and listen you will thank me later.

Culture Shock (2) - I Remember / Troglodyte as reviewed by TimperTomper

May 15, 2014
For me, Troglodyte is the top tune on this release. Short Intro with chunky beats to start, after 20sec some sticky bass climbs to an initial false drop before the 'true' drop - which is accompanied with stabs and blips. Then a shouty voice comes "Verse, It's diverse" followed by an odd pitched down questioning voice. "How did you find this place" "What are you doing here?"

This one is sure to rock any party!!

Culture Shock (2) - I Remember / Troglodyte dav_12002

August 15, 2012

What a tune! 'I remember' is something you just won't forget! A sublime uplifting track with a catchy vocal. The production is second to none and the vibes will have you rewinding this tune each and every time. A must have tune in any dnb collection. 10/10

Culture Shock (2) - I Remember / Troglodyte OSiRiSSk

August 20, 2012

I agree but the Troglodyte is as much good, if not better, I felt instantly in love with this vinyl.