G.T.O.* - Data-Trax: Volume 1 delirium303

September 28, 2011

The track 'Chew 'Em Up (Hard Trance)' is the more progressive hardcore(trance) or peaktime rave music version of 'Chew 'Em Up'. GTO did it again like they did with the successful track 'Modulator' and the more straight goin' 'Modulator (Hard Trance)'version = 2 tracks: 1 x more experimental and 1 X straight up-lifting sound the dancer on bigger events goes totally crazy...
It's just GTO. Power.

G.T.O.* - Data-Trax: Volume 1 as reviewed by jackthetab

February 2, 2008

Looped samples create a montage of electronic ventures. From infectious tech trance beats to minimal computer dub and hard trance. This is old skool techno at its best. Repetitive vox samples pounded into your head over and over again. "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!". 4X4 looped beats banging and reverberating in your skull. This is a much evolved techno style than earlier Greater Than One albums and is dancefloor friendly. It is a much mature venture that was sadly short lived.