Reno Wurzbacher / Mike Dehnert / Roman LindauRaw Mode EP

Reno Wurzbacher - Raw Mode EP album cover
Label:Colombage – Colombage 02
Vinyl, 12", EP


A1Reno WurzbacherMode One
A2Mike DehnertMode Two
B1Mike DehnertMode Three
B2Roman LindauMode Four



  • notupforquestioning's avatar
    Mode Three shares a lot with Mike Dehnert's track Mischkaa on the Miju EP that came out on Colombage a year earlier. Good sounds on this one here.
    • juampiCL's avatar
      in reply to the other comment:

      mode two "more sketch than actual track"? Lmao. this track is a very useful, friendly DJ tool that can easily fit in many kinds of sets, bringing good vibes to any set. Besides, the sound design, the mixdown and melody/harmony is on point, as it (almost) always is with mike's tracks. But, I can see that you can't appreciate any of these elements I just mentioned.

      mode three "not much happening here"?? I believe you again fail to see what was is the purpose of the track. A very useful mooder for warming up a djset, or for a trippy set, just for naming some examples. Also, one of the most Detroit influenced tracks by Mike, very reminiscent of some of the classic 90s deep house mooders from Detroit, by the kinds of Theo Parrish and some other legends. This one sounds actually a lot like Theo. Big respect to Mike for accomplishing this style, and again having a simple, but wonderful sound design and mixdown

      Mode four is another well executed 90s detroit track. That walking bassline is very reminiscent of Theo, again. Excellent percussions too.

      In general, a great EP imo. Don't make the mistake of distracting yourself with the generic Mode One and not appreciating the other 3 tracks, specially Mike's ones, as they have a lot of charm imo.
      • Larvi's avatar
        Sweet little EP with Reno Wurzbacher easily taking the cake with his anthemic 123 bpm chord driven house-piece. Mode Two by Dehnert is in line with his Fachwerk 25 album, more sketch than actual track. Mode Three is an innocent deep house groover, not much happening here besides the sharp hi-hats. Roman Lindau's Mode Four is in interesting piece with short stabs, a walking bassline underneath and weird, seemingly out of place sexy rap vocal pieces. No idea how he does it, but he holds it all together somehow.
        To sum up: 3 pieces for the floor and another Dehnert sketch.


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