Helen Sharpe - Got 2 Have Your Love johnnycashy

April 25, 2016
Heavy dopeness, this is really classy, jazzy, India/Masters At Work-ish house. If you liked "To Be In Love"...

Helen Sharpe - Got 2 Have Your Love as reviewed by sunshine-recorder

March 4, 2016

Beautiful jazzy house gear, a great example of why Strobe was such a good label. All of Ron Allen's production hallmarks are here - excellent drum programming, sensual keys and well placed pianos (only when needed!). Helen Sharpe's vocals are perfect, not too waily/moaning diva - emotional stuff here. The 'Jazz Rave' mix is a particular highlight for me - a little bit more spaced out, more reverb and even more emotional. Cheap, deep vocal house here, a big tip from me.

Helen Sharpe - Got 2 Have Your Love mousemusic

July 15, 2015
One of the classiest garage song ever. Sensitive House at its best. Send me back to 1991 !

Helen Sharpe - Got 2 Have Your Love as reviewed by _Hawk_

August 26, 2003

One of those rare records which contains a superb marriage between Jazz and House. Classical arrangements (piano & vocals) is combined with a steady but smooth 4/4 beat.

Ron Allen is a genius in my opinion; he is also responsible for a lot of other beautifull records on Strobe Records. Strange thing is that he fade away throughout the years in opposite to (for example) Ron Trent...

Nevertheless, this one is timeless.