Adam Beyer - Remainings as reviewed by Carrzinho

June 3, 2013

A1: Grating loopy stuff. Pure headsdown material. Proper deep set tool. [SEVEN]
A2: Tool. Has character but fails to do anything. [FIVE]
B1: Straight Techno. Good Beats. Good Tool, but nothing stands out per say. [SIX]
B2: Standout. Brooding menacing loops. Multi layered and well treated. Things may sound restraigned but this is expained when the other world Mills-ian synth is layered on top. Perhaps to subtle to kill on the dancefloor but i'm gonna try. [NINE]

Adam Beyer - Remainings as reviewed by C-Ba

November 21, 2002
Four tracks on this 12". 3 of the 4 are worth a rate of 5/10 but the second track on the a-side...oh my God!!!! What a killer! What a wonderfull sound. It has a strong intention to go forward and the loops are outstanding. Never forget to put it in my sets. I you find it, just buy it!

Adam Beyer - Remainings RichardAndrewsMedia

July 23, 2010
Think you are confused? It is track 1 on the a-side that is the stunner here. Beyer used to smash this track to bits at the Orbit. You need to here it through the descent sound system. The baseline is sublime. BUY IT!