Gunter Kallmann*Daydream

Label:Chopped Herring Records – CH000
Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single Sided, Partially Unofficial
Genre:Hip Hop, Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop




7.5" handmade release limited to 60 copies worldwide.


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    before paying such a ridiculous price at least consider acquiring a few copies of "Easy Listening" and try your luck choppin it up. sounds fun to me!
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      Chubby launched Chopped Herring Records not with a party but with a very limited intro release several months before 'Out To Lunch'. With a passion for samples/breaks at the forefront of the music on the label Chubby put together more of an art piece than a regular record. Having been digging at car boot sales and charity shops for years as a DJ he had picked up many multiple copies of vintage UK funk/breaks lp's. Some he sold on Ebay some he traded at Sound Library Records, NYC for store credit (back when they all flipped for Klaus Wunderlich lps!!). He had been amusing himself for several years by picking up numerous copies of that cheesy 'Easy Listening' album on Polydor which included the track 'Daydream' by The Gunter Kallmann Choir.
      Eventually he had accrued about 80 copies of the record. It occurred to him one day, he doesn’t remember the exact inspiration, but he was looking at this huge stack of multiple copies of 'Easy Listening' and thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to just have the Gunter Kallmann track and ditch the rest." 'Daydream' just happened to be the last track of one side of the album. With an engineer whiz friend he devised a way that the records could be cut down with a jig saw. So, instead of a stack of double LPs full of rubbish with only one nice track, they custom-created a stack of quality 7.5" records. It was a comment on sampling and illegality in the music industry as well as a damn fine looking work of vinyl art!
      The covers were cut down and used as a 7.5" gatefold cover and the typefaces were meticulously cut out and re-stuck on the labels. The Chopped Herring Records logo was created from this work. It was a labour of love and mechanical ingenuity!! Many brave soldiers were lost along the way as cutting vinyl isnt an exact science, especially when you are using a crude cutting instrument such as a jig saw. Only 60 copies made it out and are now in the hands of some serious Hip Hop and digging cats worldwide. Cut Chemist we heard has it on his wall!!
      Chubby wanted to 'make' a record that would represent the sample-based music on Chopped Herring Records and he did it goddamnit! It's one of the illest pieces of wax ever 'made' and has been donated (both directly and indirectly) to several university collections and major record libraries around the world. We should add that it dropped a few months before I Monster added some bleeps to the track and got themselves a massive hit!!!!!


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