Freddie KingTaking Care Of Business (1956-1973)

Freddie King - Taking Care Of Business (1956-1973) album cover
Label:Bear Family Records – BCD 16979 GK
7 x CD, Compilation
Box Set, Deluxe Edition
Style:Texas Blues, Electric Blues


1-1Country Boy
Written-ByEloise Whitfield
1-2That's What You Think
1-3You Know That You Love Me (But You Never Tell Me So)
1-4See See Baby
1-5You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling
Written-ByFreddie King
1-6Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Written-ByBilly Myles
1-7Hide Away
1-8I Love The Woman
1-9Lonesome Whistle Blues
1-10If You Believe (In What You Do)
1-11It's Too Bad (Things Are Going So Tough)
Written-ByFreddie King
1-12I'm Tore Down
Written-BySonny Thompson
1-13Butterscotch (Onion Rings)
1-15Side Tracked
1-16The Stumble
1-18Wash Out
1-19You Know That You Love Me (But You Never Tell Me)
1-20See See Baby (Alternate Take)
1-21You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling (Alternate Take)
Written-ByFreddie King
1-22Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Alternate Take)
Written-ByBilly Myles
1-23Butterscotch (Onion Rings) (Alternate Take 1)
1-24Butterscotch (Onion Rings) (Alternate Take 2)
1-25Wash Out (Alternate Take)
2-1Just Pickin'
2-2Heads Up
2-3Christmas Tears
Written-ByRobert Wilson*, Sonny Thompson
2-4Let Me Be (Stay Away From Me)
Written-BySonny Thompson
2-5Takin' Care Of Business
Written-ByRudolph Toombs
2-6You Mean, Mean Woman (How Can Your Love Be True)
Written-ByBill Willis, Sonny Thompson
2-7I Hear Jingle Bells
Written-ByZella Bridge
2-8In The Open
2-9Out Front
2-11Closed Door (High Rise)
2-12Texas Oil
2-13She Put The Whammy On Me
2-14I'm On My Way To Atlanta
2-15Over Drive (The Untouchable Glide)
2-16Driving Sideways
2-17Sittin' On The Boat Dock
Written-BySonny Thompson
2-18Come On
Written-ByDennis Roberts (4)
2-19Do The President Twist
2-20(Let Your Love) Watch Over Me
2-21You Can't Hide
2-22It's Easy Child
2-23Just Pickin' (Alternate Take)
2-24Heads Up (Alternate Take)
2-25Closed Door (High Rise) (Alternate Take)
2-26I'm On My Way To Atlanta (Alternate Take)
3-1Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me
3-2What About Love
Written-BySammy Taylor*
3-3Bossa Nova Blues
3-4The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist
3-5Freeway 75
3-6Walk Down That Aisle (Honey Chile)
3-7Someday, After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry)
3-8You Walked In
Written-ByHerman 'Junior' Denby*
3-9You're Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree
3-10Is My Baby Mad At Me
Written-ByRay Starr (2)
3-11(The Welfare) Turns Its Back On You
3-12It Hurts To Be In Love
3-13Look Ma, I'm Cryin'
3-14(I'd Love To) Make Love To You (Without Guitar)
Written-ByNunzio Nardo, Roscoe Thorne
3-15One Hundred Years (Without Guitar)
3-16Now I've Got A Woman
Written-ByArthur Dellerson*
3-17Surf Monkey
Written-BySonny Thompson
3-18If You Have It
3-19Low Tide (Zoo Surfin')
3-20Remington Ride
Written-ByHank Penny, Herb Remington
3-21Monkey Donkey
Written-BySonny Thompson
3-22Walk Down That Aisle (Honey Chile) (Alternate Take)
4-1Meet Me At The Station
Written-ByGene Redd, Robert Davis (3)
4-2Full Time Love
Written-BySonny Thompson
4-4I Love You More Every Day
Written-ByElson Teat
4-5Teardrops On Your Letter
Written-ByHenry Glover
4-6Some Other Day, Some Other Time
4-7She's The One
Written-ByHank Ballard
4-8She's That Kind
4-9Man Hole
4-10Fish Fare
Written-BySonny Thompson
4-11Funny Bone
4-12Cloud Sailin' (Don't Move)
4-13The Sad Nite Owl
Written-BySonny Thompson
4-14Nickel Plated
Written-BySonny Thompson
4-15Freddy's Midnite Dream
Written-BySonny Thompson
4-16Girl From Kookamunga
Written-ByFreddie King, Tommy Ridgley
4-17You've Got Me Licked
4-18Double Eyed Whammy
Written-ByFreddie King, Tommy Ridgley
4-19Use What You've Got
Written-ByFreddie King
Written-By [possibly]Peylia Davis
4-20The Mojo
Written-ByJ.B. Lenoir
4-21Play It Cool
Written-By [possibly]Riley B. King*, Freddie King, Jules Taub
4-22Untitled Instrumental #1
Written-ByFreddie King
4-23Untitled Instrumental #2
Written-ByFreddie King
4-24Untitled Instrumental #3
Written-ByFreddie King
4-25Hide Away
Written-ByFreddie King, James Brown
4-27Blue Shadows
Written-ByLloyd C. Glenn*
4-28Play It Cool
Written-By [possibly]Riley B. King*, Freddie King, Jules Taub
4-29That Will Never Do
Written-ByBob Lyons, Milton Campbell
4-30It's Too Late, She's Gone
Written-ByChuck Willis
4-31Sweet Thing
Written-ByKing Curtis
4-32Get Out Of My Life Woman
Written-ByAllen Toussaint
5-1Hot Tomato
Written-ByKing Curtis
5-2Wide Open
Written-ByFreddie King
5-3Let Me Down Easy
Written-ByKing Curtis
5-4Today I Sing The Blues
Written-ByCurtis Lewis (3)
5-5Yonder Wall
Written-ByElmore James
5-6I Wonder Why
Written-ByRiley B. King*, Joe Josea
5-7I Don't Know
5-8My Feeling For The Blues
Written-ByCurtis Ousley, Freddie King
5-9The Stumble
Written-ByFreddie King
5-10Stormy Monday
Written-ByAaron 'T-Bpne' Walker*
5-11What I'd Say
Written-ByRay Charles
5-12Ain't Nobody's Business What We Do
5-13You Don't Have To Go
Written-ByJimmy Reed
5-14Woke Up This Morning
Written-ByB.B. King, Jules Taub
5-15The Things I Used To Do
5-16Same Old Blues
Written-ByDon Nix
5-17Dust My Broom
Written-ByElmore James
5-18Worried Life Blues
Written-ByBig Maceo
5-19Five Long Years
Written-ByEddie Boyd
5-20Key To The Highway
Written-ByBill Broonzy*, Charles Segar
5-21Going Down
Written-ByDon Nix
5-22Living On The Highway
Written-ByDon Nix, Leon Russell
5-23Walking By Myself
Written-ByJames A. Lane
5-24Tore Down
Written-BySonny Thompson
5-25Palace Of The King
6-1Gimme Some Lovin'
Written-BySteve Winwood
6-2Please Send Me Someone To Love
Written-ByPercy Mayfield
6-3That's All Right
Written-ByJimmy Rogers
6-4The Same Thing
Written-ByWillie Dixon
6-5Tore Down
Written-BySonny Thompson
6-6Dust My Broom
Written-ByElmore James
6-7Can't Trust Your Neighbor
Written-ByDavid Porter, Isaac Hayes
6-8You Was Wrong
Written-ByZ.Z. Hill
6-9How Many More Years
Written-ByChester Burnett
6-10Ain't No Sunshine
Written-ByBill Withers
6-11The Sky Is Crying
6-12Love Her With A Feeling
Written-ByFreddie King
6-13Somebody Got To Go
Written-ByFreddie King
Written-ByFreddie King
6-15Hide Away
6-16Lowdown In Lodi
Written-ByJohn Fogerty
6-17Reconsider Baby
Written-ByLowell Fulson
7-1Big Legged Woman
Written-ByIsrael Tolbert
7-2Me And My Guitar
7-3I'd Rather Be Blind
Written-ByLeon Russell
7-4Something You Got
Written-ByChris Kenner
7-5Ain't No Big Deal On You
Written-ByMilton Campbell
7-6I Just Want To Make Love To You
Written-ByWillie Dixon
7-7It Hurts Me Too
Written-ByHudson Whittaker
7-8Boogie Fuck (Guitar Boogie)
Written-ByFreddie King
7-9Woman Across The River
7-10I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Written-ByWillie Dixon
7-11Danger Zone
Written-ByPercy Mayfield
7-12Boogie Man
7-13Leave My Woman Alone
Written-ByRay Charles
7-14Just A Little Bit
Written-ByDel Gordon
7-15Yonder Wall
Written-ByElmore James
7-16Help Me Through The Day
Written-ByLeon Russell
7-17I'm Ready
Written-ByWillie Dixon
7-18Trouble In Mind
Written-ByRichard M. Jones
7-19You Don't Have To Go
Written-ByJimmy Reed
7-20Goin' Down (Live)
Written-ByDon Nix



With hardbound book

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  • Barcode: 4000127169792
  • Price Code: GK
  • Other (ISBN-13): 978-3-89916-473-2



  • rathert3's avatar
    Edited 7 months ago
    I remember paying over $100 when this came out in 2009 and fretting about paying so much. Glad I pulled the trigger. Wish they'd repress this so that more people could enjoy this incredible box set. Nobody does it like Bear Family.
    • paukerc's avatar
      I remember when this first came out. I kept it in my Import CDS cart for what seemed like years. It was like $100 to $150 new then and I kept thinking it would come down in time. Eventually someone bought the last copy and now it's like $350 used on Amazon and that's the cheapest.

      I am with Christrevor below this needs a repress but with all of the labels involved probably not going to happen.
      They do have the Texas Flyer 1974-1976 (Bear family) 5 CD set that continues on after this one. You can special order it from Import CDs for those looking for it.
      • Doccus's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        I sold my copy nearly a decade ago due to hard times, and I'm still regretting it every day.. especially the loss of the book .. a large full color hardbound tome that was too big to scan (in size and content). I've been trying to find another copy for a long time now, but there aren't any (except a used one, for almost a grand in Japan!).. Even if I could find just the book, it would be fine, since that's what I'm mostly missing..
        Maybe one will show up for sale here, one day...
        • christrevor's avatar
          This set is in desperate need of a repress. Must be a copyright issue.


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