Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup HandsomeZacksRecords

June 12, 2018

If you say this release is "garbage" or "terrible" you immediately lose all credibility with me. I know, I know, music as art is subjective but to dismiss this record as anything but phenomenal is blasphemous! Although R.I.P. is indeed the jam here I was always partial to the "Hard Mix" of "Ice Cream and Syrup" as its among the purest mash-up tunes ever put to wax. No one can deny the power of the first drop with those extreme Amen chops. Another great 12" that you can still get at a reasonable rate. Don't sleep!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup tangee

January 2, 2019
I won't disagree with you there matey, that much is true....

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup HandsomeZacksRecords

August 5, 2018

Not good my man but to each their own! Its all a matter of opinion....

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup tangee

July 18, 2018
Garbage..Terrible...Terrible Garbage....Garbage....Terrible Terrible Garbage...How Am I Doing On The Credibility Meter Mate?

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup Not_Realname

November 11, 2017
To flat out cut down these tracks and say they're terrible is rotten when considering Remarc is a pioneer and deserves a little more respect in my opinion, especially from the junglist community. Amongst my prized possessions are a stash of pirate radio downloads taken from dedicated sites that keep the vibe alive. Within these downloads are guys like Remarc grinding it out to not only make a name for themselves, but also to bring people the music. On one mix my man mentions that he's been at the station on the ones & twos for like 6 hours because another DJ was a no-show. Over the mic he gives a shout out and calls himself the starving, hungry Remarc, it's moments like that when you can see the dedication in real time. On another mix he apologizes to his audience because he just can't get into it, as he says it "Under Mad Pressure", who knows what was up, probably one of million issues that can hit a struggling artist in the day to day while trying to pursue their passion. Regardless, as said earlier the beauty in all this was that ultimately the passion was bringing the scene to people. So when taking all this in and bringing it back to the fact that Remarc is an innovator within the movement, the more civilized negative review would have said something like, "Mad Respek to my man Remarc for all he's done for the scene, but gotta keep it real and say I'm not really feeling this release..."

PS - I think it's dope and just like everything else the man touches, it's Solid Gold!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup salem1977

September 3, 2017
TOP tune & sounds even better these days. Never seen anyone call this "terrible" before though!! Just 100% positivity towards this track let alone the producer, but each to their own and it's still one of the finest Jungle tunes ever or a perfect example to represent the genre. 5/5

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup luton-vern

October 10, 2016
What a " PURE BAD BOY RECORD" when you played records on decks not laptops, tangee how old are you?

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup tangee

October 13, 2017
I'm 43 luton-vern and i mix using vinyl, i am also entitled to my opinion and am sorry that it doesn't fall in line with your opinion, you never made the record though...Happy?

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup DBH

May 18, 2016
More pointless unconstructive comments from people who i'm guessing was'nt there at the time. This track is 21 years old and your commenting in 2016...
Whether you like it or not Remarc made massive tracks in terms of jungle from Dj-ing on Weekend Rush producing on Sub Base, Dollar Records, White House Records, Kemet Records etc.
1994 / 1995 was still some of the most innovative and diverse times in terms of Jungle / Drum and Bass. This is just one flavour, there's plenty more out there if you listen.

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup tangee

June 13, 2018
Having an opinion immediately makes you a Troll does it? What did we do before that word was only known as a nasty creature in a kids story book!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup Elephantyasis

February 25, 2018
these guys seem to just troll around releases looking to start a flame war. sad!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup Wolfy666

October 4, 2016
Wtf is this wasteman bs term. It's related to this nooby swagshite i presume lol

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup JAI-Q

October 4, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
lol miserable cunts alert! There's so much variation when it comes to jungle/Hardcore. No need for these wasteman opinions!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup tangee

June 28, 2016
I agree Wolfy666, DBH is talking rubbish and by the way DBH i'd been raving since 1991 so i was there... Attitude reined in the all jungle scene and like Rebel MC said, it was Black peoples music, yeah, that's what he said!! Seek and ye shall find!! Although there where some good tunes released in 1994 albeit early 1994, to my mind The Scene took a nose dive and it was nothing but coked up attitude everywhere, so much for unity! Music belongs to everyone anyway and indeed all colours and creeds produce it..Segregation seems to be instrumental to some races, the need and want to own, exclusively, this is ours..Load of rubbish, i always said music lost it's way at this time and it DID..After all, how long did that shit last? I rest my case!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup Wolfy666

June 18, 2016
Massive tunes for massive idiots... lighter lighter lighter lighter lighter alla da massive reeeeeeewind allada junglists push up ya lighter pointless reeeeeewind bom ba bom bom ba bombombom lol jungle was for dumb people it wasnt even a real genre of music imo, of course some of it was fun for a while but mostly it was just product and ppl were just following eachother down a long pointles corridor of lighter holders and everyone became a chav whatever race they were and the corporates made MILLIONS out of idiots and jungle was taken mostly from a type of music that had its roots that were AGAINST the skanking corporate world. Is that constructive at all? No?

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup tangee

January 29, 2016
Terrible release..Terrible Music with too much Ragga Vocals..How do you spoil music? Like this!!

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup TennersTenTun

August 29, 2016

WOW!!! Everyone has their own opinion but....Damn....I remember buying this when it came out and then it was class...And now it's even better because we can go back and play the flip side as well.......I've always loved this entire 12"...But...As I said , Each to their own....I would in no way describe this 12" as "Terrible"

Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup as reviewed by Red1DruM

June 23, 2007
edited over 12 years ago

With so many classics released from the Suburban Base label and the prolific amen serial killer... Remarc. This release here is one of the most sought after and without a doubt one of Remarc's most popualar & finest.

All the tracks on this record provides nice work for all D.J.'S to cut with, even the little Bonus Speech on track AA3 that gives a shout out to the O.G. Crews and points out the sell out posers who jumped on the wagon. Tracks AA1 & AA2 are the Ice Cream tunes, both are proper droppers as well, one is more on the mellow drum n bass tip but still rugged for any hardstep jungle mix and the other is the hard mix with a similar sound scape but dosed with heavy drilling amens and a stabbing vocal sample rolling along with it, building up a climax to the perfect sample of "OOH... I'M GONNA CUM..OH YEAH..OOH."

But of course the top tune of this record is the R.I.P. track. This tune has been well played out... but when still dropping this tune at parties the crowd still gets hyped, the unmistakable strings in the intro to the pounding break of R.I.P...Rest.In.Peace...tearing out to the stomping bass line and shifty start & shut amens that signatures Remarc as the king of amens. If you are a self respected junglist and never heard this tune before...well.. my only comment is that you could only understand that nostalgia if you only heard it back in the days, oldskool or newskool, junglists & junglettes this record is a should have piece for your collection.