Aphex TwinAnalord 10

Label:Rephlex – ANALORD 10
Series:Analord – 10
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Binder
Style:Breakbeat, IDM, Electro, Experimental, Acid


AFenix Funk 55:04
BXMD 5a7:56



Sold only via mail order via the Rephlex website, this limited edition 180g audiophile black vinyl pressing was packaged in a limited edition collectors' binder with 12 transparent sleeves to hold further editions of the "Analord" series.

Both tracks on this limited pressing were later repressed as ANALORD 10 PICTURE in July 2005 and the picture disc version was distributed for sale in shops.

Rephlex mailed out the record/binder package in 2 batches. The original batch was mailed out in January 2005. Due to problems at the manufacturing/mail out stage, appoximately 20 buyers did not receive their package. Rephlex mailed out a second batch in June 2005 to those who had not received their order. These packages included a free copy of the unreleased "Analogue Bubblebath 5" LP.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout: ANALORD - 10 A 11846.1 (3)...
  • Matrix / Runout: ANALORD - 10 B 11846.2 (3)...

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Analord 10 (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Picture Disc, Reissue)RephlexANALORD 10UK2005
Analord 10 (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label)RephlexANALORD 10UK2005
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Analord 10 (2×File, WAV)RephlexANALORD 10UK2009
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Analord 10 (2×File, MP3, 320 kbps)RephlexANALORD 10UK2009



  • Yalinc's avatar
    For the sake of tracking my collection correctly, is this entry just referring to Analord 10 + Binder, or the whole collection + Binder?

    It seems the sales usually refer to the whole collection, but the entry doesn't mention this referring to the whole collection anywhere
    • JDT1337's avatar
      Anybody got any idea how many of these binders were actually made? Now that they’re selling for like £2k I feel like it’s a question worth asking.
      •'s avatar
        Edited 6 months ago
        I remember how my sales rep at German distributor Neuton had promised “real leather” for the binder, and then it finally arrived: cheap looking brown fake leather. Oh, the disappointment!! I cannot remember the price, did we sell them for 100€? It was pre-orders only, did not want to take the risk to have them sit around for long, since at least half of the previously released 12”s were hit-and-miss imho. Today’s prices for the single eps themselves are funny. A lot ended in the cheapo bins then. Not many believers at the time. A 12" every month, even by a semi-god seemed too much. I kinda felt ridiculed by the series. The sheer output, the trashy poly bags. It did not match. The love was missing. Maybe this is part of the RDJ game. Buy tomorrow’s rarities today, kids!
        • JeronimusBonius's avatar
          Nice records. It's a shame Rephlex send out this record wirh a PVC sleeve. I dind't know that PVC sleeves can damage a record. My copy is complete destroyed by the degassing of the sleeves. A white fog is on all of the 11 records and the grooves are melted together. The same with my Dave Clarke - The Wolf picture disc and Joris Voorn - The Secret. I can't understand why companies still use PVC sleeves. A few records that i bought last year still have PVC sleeves. Luckily i was in time to put them in new sleeves before the damage was done.
          • st__rider's avatar
            Mine is damaged due to aggressive sleeve it's packed :(
            • pozz's avatar
              Oh that funky and demented phoenix and its gargling bassline... BANA-NANANANA
              • jerre88's avatar
                Personally, this release has ups and downs.
                On each EP there's one or two remarkable tracks. But there's (in my humble opinion) also a bunch of crap.
                I dont say this to dis the man, but alot of tracks go nowhere.
                However, for a collector like me, its a nice collectors item. 12 vinyls, a can you ask for more?? :)
                great tracks that i reminded: 'Fenix Funk 5', 'Crying in your face', 'Grumpy acid', 'Halibut acid', 'Reunion 2' and 'Trojan.KillAV.E'
                I give this a 3,8/5
                • WGYSS's avatar
                  Everyone who owns this binder, take all of your 12s out of it and just put them in paper jackets and sleeves. The poly sleeves they come in, once again, mess the records all up making them all foggy and noisy (referring to the original Caustic Window Compilation poly triple fold out sleeve that did the same thing). Sorry Rephlex, you just have bad luck w/ polyvinyl sleeves. Now stay far far away from them. Paper and cardboard for the rest of your days please.
                  • braderunnar
                    Edited 16 years ago
                    Analord 10 is mercifully short, but of a high quality. Fenix Funk 5 displays melodies that remind the listener of Drukqs, whose rapid speedcore tracks were surprisingly melodic. While this track only really picks up after one minute, it is worth listening to.

                    XMD5a opens in a dark, brooding sort of way. When the drums begin to make their way in through the woodwork, it develops into a nice little acid tune. The intro is unusual compared to the rest of the track, but it has the ambient touch you'd hear from SAW2.

                    All in all, this is another high-quality Analord release. Definitely worth a listen.
                    • WaxFinderGeneral's avatar
                      Edited 16 years ago
                      I thought i'd let the set as a whole sink in before commenting. AFX has always been uncompromising, surprising and incalcuable throughout his career, the Analord series is no exception. No-one could have guessed what RDJ was going to do next, just like his whole career has been a long number of forward thinking and dare i say it controversial releases this came as a surprise to many, almost a hark back to the analogue systems of the birth of the electronic scene. The series as a whole is amazing, each 12" contains at LEAST one killer track, and each contains that RDJ 'special stuff' that makes the man an enigma in todays market. I love the set more every time i listen to it, OK there's a lot to get through, and the format's he chooses are probably more humourous than practical, but if you're in any way inclined to like techno, electro, acid or the sadly over-burdened and badly labelled IDM scene, then there's a wealth of solid music for you on the Analord series. And, as a parting shot, Acid rules and there can never be too many AFX releases for me, i've followed the career of this producer for over a decade, and a very happy man i am. The world would be a lot less interesting or bearable without him.


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