People Like Us ‎– A Brief History Of Sound Collage

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3 × File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps


Collarge Part 1 2:15:13
1.01 Jim Of Seattle Welcome To Windows
1.02 The Tape-beatles The American Adventure
1.03 Akufen Deck The House
1.04 Ergo Phizmiz Money Makes My Bottom Go Round
1.05 Mark Ford (8) Chart Sweep
1.06 Language Removal Services Susan Sontag
1.07 Christian Marclay Maria Callas
1.08 John Cage Excerpt From "Silence"
1.09 John Cage Credo In Us
1.10 Noah Creshevsky Jacob's Ladder
1.11 Christoph Heemann Magnetic Tape Splicing
1.12 Ramon Sender Desert Ambulance
1.13 Eno* & Byrne* Qu’ran
1.14 William Burroughs* Origin And Theory Of The Tape Cut-Ups
1.15 Len Ranie Going Cuckoo
1.16 Koichi Makigami* Inside Out
1.17 Wobbly Timesweep Placeheld
1.18 Len Ranie Going Cuckoo
1.19 Flanger Music To Begin With
1.20 Len Ranie Going Cuckoo
1.21 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Das Fest
1.22 Hall & Oates* Maneater
1.23 Nihilist Spasm Band* Going Too Far
1.24 Nihilist Spasm Band* I Have Nothing To Say
1.25 Mighty Mike (4) Life In Teen Spirit
1.26 Soulwax Teen Booty
1.27 DJ Useo Nobodies Mountain King
1.28 SoulWhacker Smells Like Your Muddah
1.29 Kiki & Herb* People Die
1.30 Unknown Artist O Nightingale
1.31 386DX* Smells Like Teen Spirit
1.32 McSleazy Billie Spirit
1.33 Negativland Michael Jackson
1.34 RX (10) Imagine Walk On The Wild Side
1.35 Go Home Productions Imagine The Game
1.36 Evolution Control Committee* Nothing Really Matters
1.37 The Kleptones A Night At The Hip-Hopera
1.38 DJ Earlybird The Sun Comes Easy
1.39 Loo & Placido Safari Love
1.40 Julia Heyward Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup
1.41 The Beach Boys God Only Knows
1.42 Bert Kaempfert Dancing In The Dark
1.43 Meredith Monk Procession
1.44 Julia Heyward Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup
1.45 DJ Earlybird Baby, Imagine Love!
1.46 Ferrante & Teicher Tea For Two
1.47 The Who Boys San Fran Chopin
1.48 Go Home Productions Nightbeatle
1.49 ToToM Wouldn't You Be My Baby
1.50 Apollo Zero Numb Fuzz
1.51 ToToM Baby Loves Me Twice
1.52 ToToM Dernier Ding Ding Dong
1.53 DJ Earlybird You Can't Hurry A Hard Life
1.54 DJ Earlybird Serge Gainsboug Vs Elvis Feat. Dolly Parton
1.55 DJ Earlybird You Can't Hurry A Hard Life
1.56 Ball2000 Martha My Dear
1.57 RIAA* Knowing When To Put Down The Guns
1.58 Messer Chups Schostakovich Beat
1.59 DJ Brokenwindow Kit Clayton Vs. Roscoe P. Coltrane
1.60 The Evolution Control Committee By The Time I Get To Arizona
1.61 Double Dee & Steinski The Payoff Mix
1.62 Erik Satin Satinesque
1.63 Paul Lowry I Got Rhythm
1.64 Nurse With Wound You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
1.65 Stock, Hausen & Walkmen* Aerosol
1.66 Buchanan And Goodman* On Trial
Collarge Part 2 2:09:54
2.01 AE* Something For The Weekend
2.02 Steve Macq-uillen* What The Fuck Horse's Mouth
2.03 Lasse's Shit* Audio From Amateur
2.04 Mickey Mephistopheles Take One
2.05 AE* Carpaccio
2.06 Mickey Mephistopheles Take One
2.07 JoolsMF Big Fuck Off Remix
2.08 Andy Williams Butterfly
2.09 Unknown Artist Tea For Twos
2.10 C.W.McCall* Convoy
2.11 Maladroit Musicbox Jungle
2.12 Rob Swift Salsa Scratch
2.13 Los Samplers* La Vida Es Llena De Cables (Son Disco Duro)
2.14 Messer Fur Frau Muller* Walking Dead
2.15 David Shea Screwy Squirrel
2.16 Unknown Artist Twa 'N' Twa (The Cuckoo's Nest)
2.17 Hiroshi Miyagawa [Missing Track Title]
2.18 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Morx Und Kotschlag
2.19 Big City Orchestra Because
2.20 Blanketship Is This Real?
2.21 Carl Stalling Flea Ridden Sheep Dog
2.22 Messer Fur Frau Muller* Walking Dead
2.23 Hiroshi Miyagawa [Missing Track Title]
2.24 David Shea Screwy Squirrel
2.25 Blanketship Is This Real?
2.26 Ian Murray Keeping On Top Of The Top Song
2.27 Oleg Kostrow Ein Kleines Bettlerliedchen
2.28 John Oswald V&
2.29 Dummy Run Hot
2.30 Yoko Ono Greenfield Morning
2.31 Negativland Theme From A Big 10-8 Place
2.32 The Beatles Revolution 9
2.33 Xper Xr Unbelievable
2.34 Erik Satin Magnifique
2.35 Eno* & Byrne* My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
2.36 Anatoli Kulaar & Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg Xöömei On Horseback
2.37 Paul Giovanni The Wicker Main (Main Title)
2.38 Makagami Koichi* & Anton Brühin* Electric Eel
2.39 John Williams (4) Main Title (Theme From "Jaws")
2.40 Electro Keyboard Orchestra The Fire Dance
2.41 Karel Svoboda La La Lied
2.42 Scooter (18) & Fozzie* Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear
2.43 Nelson Riddle Lolita Ya-Ya
2.44 Nihilist Spasm Band* Going Too Far
2.45 Blanketship Royal Ear
2.46 Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg 9-11 Desperation Is The Mother Of Laughter
2.47 People Like Us The Atlantic Conveyor
2.48 ToToM Tambourines Are From Barcelona
2.49 Freelance Hairdresser Diff'rent Stroke Of Genieus
2.50 No Daylight (youtube)* Dr Who - What Are You Doing Here?
2.51 Freddy McGuire*, Don Joyce & Wobbly Dark Days Bright Nights
2.52 Osymyso Intro-Expansion 01
2.53 Oleg Kostrow Next Level
2.54 Otomo Yoshihide Be-bop
2.55 Yoko Ono Fly
2.56 Osymyso Intro-Expansion 01
2.57 DJ Schmolli My Girl Is King Of The Road
2.58 Blanketship Blanketown
2.59 Girls On Top (2) We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends
2.60 Negativland Christianity Is Stupid
2.61 Soulwax Push It - No Fun
2.62 Poj Masta Socialist Catholic Mutilation
2.63 Pop-Chop* Comp-Elation 4:20
2.64 Dictionaraoke None - Take On Me
2.65 DJ Yoda Take On Me
2.66 Thiaz Itch Earth Wind And Fire
2.67 John Oswald O'Hell
2.68 Dave Soldier* and Komar & Melamid The Most Unwanted Song
Collarge Part 3 1:53:15
3.01 Negativland No Business
3.02 Christine Lauterberg* Erika's Alptraum
3.03 Cathy Fink Yodelling Lession
3.04 Sainkho Namtchylak* Sainkhonia
3.05 Hallgrimur Valjalmsson* Serenade For Six German Sirens Op.43
3.06 Alvin Curran Maritime Rites - Wasserkorso
3.07 MP3J You've Got To Hide Your Lighthouse
3.08 Mutation (6) Norwogian Weed
3.09 Modernaires* Mission Impossible / Norwegian Wood
3.10 Steve Reich It's Gonna Rain
3.11 Metallica Metalibabababa
3.12 The Muppets I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog
3.13 Freerange Meatraiser Muppage!
3.14 RIAA* Setting Sail
3.15 Buttress O'Kneel The Orinoco Grind
3.16 John Oswald Temperature
3.17 Buttress O'Kneel Baby Baby
3.18 Yann Tomita and The Doopees* Love
3.19 Osymyso DO Or DIY Session
3.20 V/VM* Lady In Red
3.21 Yukole1 (youtube)* Fargo Yeah
3.22 Family Guy The Freaking FCC (DO Or DIY Radio Friendly Version)
3.23 Anonymous Donors Yankee Doody Dandy
3.24 Anonymous Donors Silent But Deadly Night
3.25 Leroy Anderson The Waltzing Cat
3.26 People Like Us & Wobbly Naked Little Girl
3.27 DJ Lance Lockarm* Don't You Want My Big Head
3.28 Dsico Can't Cut U Up
3.29 Toecutter Always And Never
3.30 Maladroit The Quietest Hours Are The Worst
3.31 Double Dee & Steinski Lesson 1 - The Payback
3.32 Gregory Brothers Lift Up Your Hearts
3.33 Brion Gysin No, Poets Don't Own Words
3.34 Big City Orchestra Because
3.35 Blanketship & Qulfus The Warm Up
3.36 Gwilly Edmondez The World Looks Better From Behind
3.37 Grandmaster Flash White Lines
3.38 Poj Masta Scorpio
3.39 RX (10) White Lines
3.40 The Jams* All You Need Is Love
3.41 Grandmaster Flash Scorpio
3.42 Freelance Hellraiser Smells Like Booty
3.43 G3rst* Never Gonna Give Up The Small Things
3.44 G3rst* The Impossible Son Of Bolero
3.45 Oleg Kostrow Bukva F
3.46 Spike Jones William Tell Overture
3.47 Coldcut Say Kids (What Time Is It)
3.48 djBC* Trippertrouble
3.49 Kid Koala Drunk Trumpet
3.50 Carl Stalling Variations On The Mexican Hat Theme
3.51 People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz Air Hostess
3.52 Dave Soldier* & Komar & Melamid The Most Unwanted Song
3.53 People Like Us & Wobbly Goodbye


"Mixtape" commissioned for Kembrew McLeod’s co-edited book "Cutting Across Media: Appropriation Art, Interventionalist Collage, and Intellectual Property Law", which serves as a companion volume to "Creative License: the Law and Cultural of Digital Sampling".

Total playing time - 6:18:22