VariousHow To Be Brown: A Tribute To Ween


1Goner (3)Don't Laugh (I Love You)3:31
2Mike Flagella Vs. LooptloopThe Rift6:31
3Big Ass SuperstarBig Jilm2:41
4JAMFCover It With Gas And Set It On Fire4:08
5Mr. StubbornpantsTouch My Tooter2:25
6The Cryogenic StrawberriesDos Bullshit2:06
7The BeerPolka Dot Tail2:53
8Lick The StarBirthday Boy3:33
9Sunday Machine Et Le Démission ParticulièreDon't Shit Where You Eat2:28
10Ziggy And ShastaThe Blarney Stone2:52
11PoopSketches Of Winkle4:46
12VolumenRight To The Ways And The Rules Of The World3:37
13High School Pussy CarDon't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy3:39
14Mark MeatDon't Sweat It4:02
15The PleebsMononucleosis2:24
16Daniel Kent Greene (Of Luscious Malcolm's Posse)*Buckingham Green3:41
17R. Moses Vs. The Sharp FoundryYou Fucked Up1:39
18Dave Wood (7)Buenos Tardes Amigo8:02
19Dickey Blue's Hazey InvasionMutilated Lips5:17
20PrettygunsShe Wanted To Leave2:34
21SmazziBaby Bitch3:12
22The Minus MenSorry Charlie3:21



Ween tribute featuring a bunch of obscure indie artists on the now-defunct Crimson Rain Records.

The cover features several different references to Ween albums:

The model herself references Chocolate And Cheese
She is holding a conch shell in reference to The Mollusk, a guava in reference to Pure Guava, a white pepper in reference to White Pepper, a cowboy hat in reference to 12 Golden Country Greats and an unidentified white object, which may be a pod of some sort referencing The Pod.



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