Duke EllingtonThe Duke Ellington Centennial Edition: The Complete RCA Victor Recordings (1927-1973)

Label:RCA Victor – 09026-63386-2
24 x CD, Compilation, Remastered
Style:Big Band, Swing


1-1If You Can't Hold The Man You Love
1-2Washington Wabble (Take 1)
1-3Washington Wabble (Take 2)
1-4Black And Tan Fantasy
1-5Washington Wabble
1-6Creole Love Call
1-7Blues I Love To Sing (Take 1)
1-8Blues I Love To Sing (Take 2)
1-9Harlem River Quiver (Take 1)
1-10Harlem River Quiver (Take 2)
1-11Harlem River Quiver (Take 3)
1-12East St. Louis Toodle-O
1-13Blue Bubbles (Take 1)
1-14Blue Bubbles (Take 2)
1-15Black Beauty
1-16Jubilee Stomp
1-17Got Everything But You
1-18Santa Claus, Bring My Man Back
1-19I Done Caught You Blues
1-20The Mooche
2-1I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2-2No Papa No
2-3No Papa No
2-4I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2-5Bandanna Babies
2-6Diga Diga Do
2-7I Must Have That Man
2-8St. Louis Blues (Take 1)
2-9St. Louis Blues (Take 2)
2-10St. Louis Blues (Take 3)
2-11Flaming Youth (Take 1)
2-12Flaming Youth (Take 2)
2-13Saturday Night Function
2-14High Life
2-15Doin' The Voom Voom (Take 1)
2-16Doin' The Voom Voom (Take 2)
2-17Japanese Dream
3-1The Dicty Glide (Take 1)
3-2The Dicty Glide (Take 2)
3-3Hot Feet
3-4Sloppy Joe (Take 1)
3-5Sloppy Joe (Take 2)
3-6Stevedore Stomp
3-7A Night At The Cotton Club, Part 1/Cotton Club Stomp Misty Mornin'
3-8A Night At The Cotton Club, Part 2/Goin' To Town Untitled Interlude Freeze And Melt
3-9Cotton Club Stomp
3-10Misty Mornin'
3-11Arabian Lover
3-12Saratoga Swing
3-14The Duke Steps Out
3-15Haunted Nights
3-16Swanee Shuffle
3-17Breakfast Dance
3-18Jazz Lips
3-19March Of The Hoodlums
4-1Double Check Stomp
4-2My Gal Is Good For Nothing But Love
4-3I Was Made To Love You
4-4Sweet Dreams Of Love (Take 1)
4-5Sweet Dreams Of Love (Take 2)
4-6Jungle Nights In Harlem
4-7Sweet Jazz O' Mine (Take 1)
4-8Sweet Jazz O' Mine (Take 2)
4-9Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie
4-10Ring Dem Bells (Take 2)
4-11Ring Dem Bells (Take 3)
4-12Old Man Blues (Take 1)
4-13Old Man Blues (Take 2)
4-14Old Man Blues (Take 3)
4-15Three Little Words
4-16Three Little Words
4-17Ring Dem Bells
4-18Old Man Blues (Take 4)
4-19Old Man Blues (Take 6)
4-20Hittin' The Bottle (Take 1)
4-21Hittin' The Bottle (Take 2)
4-22That Lindy Hop
5-1You're Lucky To Me
5-2Memories Of You
5-3Nine Little Miles From Ten-Ten-Tennessee (Take 1)
5-4Nine Little Miles From Ten-Ten-Tennessee (Take 2)
5-5I'm So In Love With You (Take 1)
5-6I'm So In Love With You (Take 2)
5-7What Good Am I Without You?
5-8Blue Again
5-9When A Black Man's Blue
5-10Mood Indigo
5-11What Good Am I Without You?
5-12When A Black Man's Blue
5-13The River And Me
5-14Keep A Song In Your Soul
5-15Sam And Delilah
5-16Rockin' In Rhythm (Take 1)
5-17Rockin' In Rhythm (Take 2)
5-18Creole Rhapsody, Part 1
5-19Creole Rhapsody, Part 2 (Take 1)
5-20Creole Rhapsody, Part 2 (Take 2)
6-1Limehouse Blues
6-2Echoes Of The Jungle
6-3It's Glory
6-4The Mystery Song
6-5The Mystery Song
6-6Mood Indigo/Hot And Bothered/Creole Love Call
6-7Mood Indigo/Hot And Bothered/Creole Love Call
6-8East St. Louis Toodle-O/Lot O' Fingers/Black And Tan Fantasy
6-10Bugle Call Rag
6-12Rude Interlude (Take 1)
6-13Rude Interlude (Take 2)
6-14Dallas Doings (Take 1)
6-15Dallas Doings (Take 2)
7-1Dear Old Southland (Take 1)
7-2Dear Old Southland (Take 2)
7-3Daybreak Express (Take 1)
7-4Daybreak Express (Take 2)
7-5Delta Serenade (Take 1)
7-6Delta Serenade (Take 2)
7-7Stompy Jones
7-9Blue Feeling
7-10Ebony Rhapsody
7-11Cocktails For Two (Take 1)
7-12Cocktails For Two (Take 2)
7-13Live And Love Tonight
7-14I Met My Waterloo
7-15Troubled Waters (Take 1)
7-16Troubled Waters (Take 2)
7-17My Old Flame
8-1You, You Darlin'
8-2Jack The Bear
8-3Ko-Ko (Take 1)
8-4Ko-Ko (Take 2)
8-5Morning Glory
8-6So Far, So Good
8-7Conga Brava
8-8Concerto For Cootie
8-9Me And You
8-11Cotton Tail
8-12Never No Lament
8-13Blue Goose
8-14Dusk (Take 1)
8-15Dusk (Take 2)
8-17A Portrait Of Bert Williams
8-18Blue Goose
8-19Harlem Air-Shaft
8-20At A Dixie Roadside Diner
8-21All Too Soon
8-22Rumpus In Richmond
8-23My Greatest Mistake
9-1Sepia Panorama (Take 1)
9-2Sepia Panorama (Take 2)
9-3There Shall Be No Night
9-4In A Mellotone
9-5Five O'Clock Whistle
9-6Warm Valley
9-7Pitter Panther Patter (Take 1)
9-8Pitter Panther Patter (Take 2)
9-9Body And Soul (Take 1)
9-10Body And Soul (Take 2)
9-11Body And Soul (Take 3)
9-12Sophisticated Lady
9-13Sophisticated Lady
9-14Mr. J.B. Blues (Take 1)
9-15Mr. J.B. Blues (Take 2)
9-16The Flaming Sword (Take 1)
9-17The Flaming Sword (Take 2)
9-18The Flaming Sword (Take 3)
9-19Warm Valley (Take 2)
9-20Warm Valley (Take 3)
9-21Across The Blues
9-22Across The Blues
9-23Chloe (Song Of The Swamp)
10-1I Never Felt This Way Before (Take 1)
10-2I Never Felt This Way Before (Take 2)
10-3Day Dream
10-4Good Queen Bess
10-5Good Queen Bess
10-6That's The Blues, Old Man
10-7Junior Hop (Take 1)
10-8Junior Hop (Take 2)
10-9Without A Song (Take 1)
10-10Without A Song (Take 2)
10-11My Sunday Gal
10-12Mobile Bay (Take 1)
10-13Mobile Bay (Take 2)
10-14Linger Awhile (Take 1)
10-15Linger Awhile (Take 2)
10-16Charlie The Chulo (Take 2)
10-17Charlie The Chulo
10-18Charlie The Chulo (Take 1)
10-19Lament For Javanette
10-20Lament For Javanette (Take 1a)
10-21A Lull At Dawn
10-22A Lull At Dawn
10-23A Lull At Dawn (Take 1a)
10-24Ready Eddy (Take 1)
11-1Ready Eddy
11-2Ready Eddy
11-3Ready Eddy (Take 2)
11-4The Sidewalks Of New York
11-6The Girl In My Dreams Tries To Look Like You (Take 1)
11-7The Girl In My Dreams Tries To Look Like You (Take 2)
11-8Take The "A" Train
11-9Jumpin' Punkins (Take 1)
11-10Jumpin' Punkins (Take 2)
11-11John Hardy's Wife
11-12Blue Serge
11-13After All
11-14Dear Old Southland (Take 1)
11-15Dear Old Southland (Take 2)
11-16Solitude (Take 1)
11-17Solitude (Take 2)
11-19Are You Sticking? (Take 1)
11-20Are You Sticking? (Take 2)
11-21Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'
11-22The Giddybug Gallop
11-23Chocolate Shake
12-1I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Take 1)
12-2I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Take 2)
12-4The Brown-Skin Girl (In The Calico Gown)
12-5Jump For Joy (Take 1)
12-6Jump For Joy (Take 2)
12-7Moon Over Cuba
12-8Some Saturday
12-9Subtle Slough
12-10Menelik - The Lion Of Judah (Take 1)
12-11Menelik - The Lion Of Judah (Take 2)
12-12Poor Bubber
12-13Squaty Roo
12-14Passion Flower
12-15Things Ain't What They Used To Be
12-16Goin' Out The Back Way
12-17Five O'Clock Drag
12-18Rocks In My Bed
12-20Chelsea Bridge
12-21Brown Suede
12-22Noir Bleu
12-23"C" Blues
13-2What Good Would It Do?
13-3I Don't Know What Kind Of Blues I Got (Take 1)
13-4I Don't Know What Kind Of Blues I Got (Take 2)
13-5Chelsea Bridge
13-6Perdido (Take 1)
13-7Perdido (Take 2)
13-8The "C" Jam Blues
13-9Moon Mist (Take 1)
13-10Moon Mist (Take 2)
13-11What Am I Here For?
13-12I Don't Mind (Take 1)
13-13I Don't Mind (Take 2)
13-15My Little Brown Book
13-16Main Stem
13-17Johnny Come Lately
13-18Hayfoot, Strawfoot (Take 1)
13-19Hayfoot, Strawfoot (Take 2)
13-20Sentimental Lady (Take 1)
13-21Sentimental Lady (Take 2)
13-22A Slip Of The Lip
13-23Sherman Shuffle
14-1I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
14-2I'm Beginning To See The Light (Take 1)
14-3I'm Beginning To See The Light (Take 2)
14-4Don't You Know I Care (Take 1)
14-5Don't You Know I Care (Take 2)
14-6I Didn't Know About You
14-7Work Song
14-8Come Sunday
14-9The Blues
14-10Three Dances
14-11Carnegie Blues
14-12Blue Cellophane
14-13Mood To Be Wooed
14-14(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
14-15Kissing Bug
14-16Everything But You
14-17(Otto Make That) Riff Staccato
14-18Prelude To A Kiss
14-20Black And Tan Fantasy
14-21Mood Indigo
14-22In A Sentimental Mood
15-1It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
15-2Sophisticated Lady
15-3Tonight I Shall Sleep (With A Smile On My Face)
15-4The Minor Goes Muggin'
15-5I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Take 1)
15-6I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Take 2)
15-8Frankie And Johnny
15-9Jumpin' Room Only
15-10Black Beauty
15-11Every Hour On The Hour
15-12Balcony Serenade
15-13Strange Feeling
15-14Dancers In Love
15-15Coloratura (Take 2)
15-16Coloratura (Take 1)
15-17Things Ain't What They Used To Be
15-18Tell Ya What I'm Gonna Do
15-19Come To Baby, Do!
15-20I'm Just A Lucky So-And-So
15-21Long, Strong, And Consecutive
15-22The Wonder Of You
15-24Drawing Room Blues
16-1Rockabye River
16-2Suddenly It Jumped
16-4Just Squeeze Me
16-5Gathering In A Clearing
16-6You Don't Love Me No More
16-7Pretty Woman
16-8Hey, Baby
16-9(Back Home Again In) Indiana
16-10Blue Is The Night
16-11Lover Man (Take 1)
16-12Lover Man (Take 2)
16-13Just You, Just Me
16-14Beale Street Blues
16-15Memphis Blues
16-16St. Louis Blues
16-17My Honey's Lovin' Arms
16-18(I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance (With You)
16-19Swamp Fire
16-20Royal Garden Blues
16-21Esquire Swank
17-1Long, Long Journey
17-2The One That Got Away
17-3Gone With The Wind
17-4Metronome All-Out
The Seattle Concert (1952)
17-5Skin Deep
17-6How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me? (Sultry Serenade)
17-7Sophisticated Lady
17-10Harlem Suite
17-11The Hawk Talks
17-12Ellington Medley: Don't Get Around Much Anymore / In A Sentimental Mood / Mood Indigo / I'm Beginning To See The Light / Prelude To A Kiss / It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) / Solitude / I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
17-13Jam With Sam
The First Concert Of Sacred Music
18-1In The Beginning God
18-2Tell Me It's The Truth
18-3Come Sunday
18-4The Lord's Prayer
18-5Come Sunday
18-6Will You Be There? Ain't But The One
18-7New World A-Comin'
18-8David Danced (Before The Lord With All His Might)
18-9Ninety Nine Percent
18-10My Mother, My Father And Love
18-11New World A-Comin'
18-12A Christmas Surprise
18-13A Christmas Surprise
The Second Sacred Concert
19-1Praise God
19-2Supreme Being
19-4Something 'Bout Believing
19-5Almighty God
19-6The Shepard
19-7It's Freedom
19-9The Biggest And Busiest Intersection
19-11Don't Get Down On Your Knees To Pray Until You Have Forgiven Everyone
20-1Father Forgive
20-2Praise God And Dance
The Third Sacred Concert
20-3Introduction By Sir Colin Crowe
20-4Introduction By Duke Ellington
20-5The Lord's Prayer My Love
20-6Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? (Part I)
20-7Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? (Part II)
20-8The Brotherhood
20-10Every Man Prays In His Own Language
20-11Ain't Nobody Nowhere Nothin' Without God
20-12The Majesty Of God
The Far East Suite
21-1Tourist Point Of View
21-2Bluebird Of Delhi (Mynah)
21-5Mount Harissa
21-6Blue Pepper (Far East Of The Blues)
21-9Ad Lib On Nippon
21-10Tourist Point Of View (Alternate Take)
21-11Bluebird Of Delhi (Alternate Take)
21-12Isfahan (Alternate Take)
21-13Amad (Alternate Take)
The Popular Duke Ellington
22-1Take The "A" Train
22-2I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
22-4Mood Indigo
22-5Black And Tan Fantasy
22-6The Twitch
22-8Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
22-9The Mooche
22-10Sophisticated Lady
22-11Creole Love Call
22-13Wings & Things
22-14Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
The Jazz Piano
22-15House Of Lords
22-16The Second Portrait Of The Lion
22-17Take The "A" Train
The Duke At Tanglewood
22-19Mood Indigo
22-20Love Scene
23-1The Mooche
23-2I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
23-3I'm Beginning To See The Light
23-4Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
23-5Sophisticated Lady
23-6Timon Of Athens March
23-8I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
23-9Satin Doll
23-10Single Petal Of A Rose
...And His Mother Called Him Bill
23-13Blood Count
23-16After All
23-17The Intimacy Of The Blues
23-18Raincheck (Take 6)
23-19Raincheck (Take 4)
23-20Day Dream
23-21Rock Skippin' At The Blue Note
24-1All Day Long
24-2Lotus Blossom (Take 1)
24-3Lotus Blossom
24-4Smada (Take 3)
24-5Smada (Take 4)
24-7My Little Brown Book
24-8Acht O'Clock Rock
Eastbourne Performance
24-9The Piano Player
24-10Creole Love Call
24-11Don't You Know I Care
24-12I Can't Get Started With You
24-13New York, New York
24-14Pitter Panther Patter
24-15How High The Moon
24-16Basin Street Blues
24-17Tiger Rag
24-20Mecuria, The Lion


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    Track 01-17 is NOT 'Got Everything Buy You' It is 'Got Everything But You'


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