Indigesti - Sguardo Realtà punkmar77

June 29, 2017
So now to add even more controversy, I have a completely different version from BCT with different track list, got it directly from Chris BCT, who never 'bootlegged' it, he had Rudy's and the bands permission to print and distribute, not only this tape but later helped put out 'Osservati Dall Inganno' Lp as well, and helped Indigesti tour the USA in '85.

Indigesti - Sguardo Realtà thai80

July 20, 2013
NEWS: the side B is a totally different recording
the BCT tape version on the Side B have the live in studio at "P.E.O. studios", Vercelli march 1983, this NOT
info from Indigesti official website http://www.indigesti.com/releases.html


Indigesti - Sguardo Realtà as reviewed by thai80

July 20, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
this version is just a "bootleg"
I bought this cassette in 1998 at Vacation House mailorder (the Label of Rudy, singer of the Indigesti)
probably is a bootleg of the 1985 cassette on BCT, but I can't be sure of this
the artwork of the front cover, spine and address is the same
the tracklist I don't know

Indigesti - Sguardo Realtà 6490edwin

May 19, 2013
i allready got one from chris bct in 1986..it was probibly released 1985

Indigesti - Sguardo Realtà ratzinger-z

February 27, 2013
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(comment deleted as obsolete, after "editor" changed/corrected the listing)