Joey Anderson (2) - Earth Calls puschi

November 26, 2014
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there will be a repress soonish

Joey Anderson (2) - Earth Calls as reviewed by Mark_Anthony

October 24, 2012
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I was a bit cautious when I saw a new name on the Deconstruct/Novel roster but this release is the real deal. The beez-neez. Maintaining the classy old-school vibe that this label puts forward, Joey came in with 2 tracks destined for basements with crusty wooden floors that transmit bass energy from the speakers to your feet. This record is deep, hard, and dead serious. Joey did a great job of fitting in. In fact, if you told me this was produced by Levon I would have believed you. Glad to see the label back and maintaining tight quality control. There's no rush Levon. Be choosey! This label along with Novel Sound has no weakpoints or softspots. A shining example of quality over quantity in an era where it is the other way around 99% of the time. Levon's label is a portal into how everything in the scene must have felt before the machines took over. If I ever start my own record label, I'm going to run it just like this one.

Joey Anderson (2) - Earth Calls hendu231979

March 13, 2013
Yeah don't sleep on Joey! He's the real deal... Levon certainly knows what he's doing!

Joey Anderson (2) - Earth Calls OCCIDENTAL

January 21, 2013

Let me know when you're ready to start a label.

Joey Anderson (2) - Earth Calls Micx

October 25, 2012
Thanks! Great review :)