M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun psy-ivan

November 11, 2015
I have to admit that childish artwork and title are the main reason why I didn't rush to check this album until now. But I am glad I finally did it because this is one of best albums I heard in last several years. Straight from beginning we get high quality acidic Goa Trance full of climaxes. Style can be compared with Green Nuns tracks from mid 90's. Tracks are not overproduced and music doesn't sound loud even though it's fast. Highly recommended for everyone for appreciates the old-school Goa sound!

M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun INADA

August 29, 2017

The art work is done by a professional artist ;)
Did you take the time to check out the entire concept (and the small letters everywhere)? :)
Any how: thx for your honest opinion, and we are glad you like the music so much :)

M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun Psyt3k

July 2, 2014
edited over 5 years ago

What's to say about M-Run? Or better: What's not to say about M-Run? :) After some releases on Cronomi's compilations they bring us his debut album. This release contains the heart of most of his live sets of the last years. For everyone who is even only a bit into Oldskool / Newskool Goatrance it's been hard to miss M-Run's music, as he has been appearing on numerous lineups across Europe: Occultrance (BE), Lost Theory (Croatia), Lost in Time afterparty (BE)... after playing on more local parties and experimenting with trance music since the '90s. And also for anyone who wil listen to this at home it'll appear that this artist has a very unique style. It's groovy, melodic, highly dancable and balances a bit between the oldskool and modern Goa sound. Also this must be one of the only albums I know that can be played at the native 135 BPM or speeded up to 145BPM and sound just as good. The first tracks of this album are all 135BPM, but sound much faster and intense than you would think. What's also noticable about this music is that most people tend to like it a lot, or not at all. Some melodies may appear to be too over the top for some, for others they are just perfect. I've received sudden messages from multiple friends just to tell me how addictive this music is. And addictive is indeed the best word to describe M-Run's music. It's all brought in a very clever way. You can hear that the artist knows every knob and function of his instruments by heart.

I've been listening to this album at Cronomi Records since before the release, and also after the release I kept listening to the entire CD time after time. Even when you know what's coming, it keeps exceeding your expectations. 5/5!