AFX* - Analord 04 cyclo-bob

August 1, 2013
'Home Made Polysynth' is for me when electronic music becomes human and gets some soul. I can feel so much loneliness and desperation in it. No doubt one of the best pieces ever!

AFX* - Analord 04 al010

April 21, 2020
+1, real perfection here, each note is at the right place, right moment. Deep Melancholia, deep emotion....

AFX* - Analord 04 anemiac

May 1, 2014
'Home Made Polysynth' is for me when electronic music becomes human and gets some soul. I can feel so much loneliness and desperation in it. No doubt one of the best pieces ever!

Agreed, agreed. The Analord cuts are greatness. This track is perfection.

AFX* - Analord 04 as reviewed by sklbns27

March 14, 2005
edited over 16 years ago

I didn't like this release at first. In fact I was kind of disappointed with Analord 1 - 3 and almost didn't feel like waisting my money on getting Analord 4. Then a few weeks later I found myself humming the all tunes on Analord 4! The infectious tracks Halibut Acid, Home Made Polysynth and Breath March have this minimal techno feel that remind me of something on Basic Channel or Chain Reaction records. Minimal dance tunes but with that hauntingly catchy AFX 303 riff or synth. The track Crying In Your Face is more on that 80's electro 1 2 beat stuff with vocoders, techno and acid but still dark, minimal and good! I think Analord 4 is the best Analord record out at this moment. More quality 4 tracker Analord's please! I'm hooked?!

AFX* - Analord 04 as reviewed by Franklin

March 7, 2005
edited over 16 years ago

As Aphex Twin seems incapable of fulfilling his commercial and contractual duties to Warp, his Rephlex-related AFX moniker is getting more and more of an airing these days.

While the style of release of this series is blatant money making - limited edition singles in a leatherbound case - the music is less obvious. Debates could rage for hours as to whether its any good or not (although the programming is impeccible) - RDJ has never sounded like anyone else, and has always suprised, delighted and annoyed in equal amounts, but it sounds like he's running out of ideas.

AFX used to be unique, he's rested on his laurels for a bit too long. Ceephax Acid Crew do the acid rave thing so much more convincingly, and even the 4/4 fuzzy 80s style techno of 'Crying In Your Face' sounds lame compaired to the dancefloor igniting Poney EP by Vitalic.

The problem with the Analord series is unless he pulls something new out of the hat double-quick, the whole thing sounds very familiar - which by RDJ's high standards, is enough to class it as a disappointment.


AFX* - Analord 04 zevulon

August 9, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
@ daftcombo I couldn't agree more, I've tried to give 'em all a go every odd year, but, yikes how boring these are.
The man behind SAW 1 + 2, Surfing on Sine waves, ICBYD delivers this junk? On all these 11 vinyl there are maybe 3 semi decent tracks. The rest just sounds like leftovers from jams he made w stoned friends. Eventually, as I sell them all, I'll only keep the picture disc.
I see that a lot of people still think that this is great and innovative all over , so, good for you, but, no...

AFX* - Analord 04 daftcombo

August 10, 2017
I agree with the dikhed. This whole serie was a big disappointment.
I only own Analord 4 on vinyl, so take it out of the shelf every now and then to give it a try, but I always end up skipping all tracks. Such a bore.

AFX* - Analord 04 captcta1

April 8, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
one the most incorrect, arrogant and embarrasing things ive read all month, you sir are a massive dikhed, well done.
(completely talentless human being slags off one of the most outstanding pieces of electronic music ever made to try and trick himself into thinking he is not a completely irrelavent entity to planet earth)

AFX* - Analord 04 mushroomman95

November 10, 2013
they all sound so beautiful and emotional every single analord. theyre like chapters in my life i remember everytime i hear it. it makes me not want to dance always, but it makes the setting in my life special and more human

AFX* - Analord 04 as reviewed by Brisk

February 24, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
Crying in Your Face is a beautiful track. It really has everything I wanted from the analord series - a memorable melody, the obligatory aphex acid, and a hauntingly emotive ambient finale. Incredible.

Thankfully, the rest of the EP is also strong, but the opening track totally makes this release for me.

AFX* - Analord 04 Flaphead01

November 2, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
That finale...Indeed, his abient stuff is some of the best ambient there is..the abundance track from his 2018 Collapse EP has ambient parts which are amazingly beautiful and warm..They remind me of Crying In Your Face finale. It's not just the melody of these parts, there's the whole feel, deep fuzzy reverb filling up your stereo image. What Stradivari was for violin, Aphex is for ambient. I just had to write this comment here, sorry. :)

AFX* - Analord 04 as reviewed by pissflaps

February 22, 2005
edited over 16 years ago

This series is really turning out to be totally awesome.
It`s perfect for people who are sick of too much `clever` music like ae etc.
Thing is the `cleverness` here is not immediately obvious, I hear some very clever synth programming and production going on, just nicer on the ear than a lot of modern electronic music.
The tuning on home made poly is very good, how does he do that?
Really crisp production, cryin could be a hit in another time or place.