Ian O'Brien - Desert Scores stringz23

June 2, 2017
Dark Eye Tango has the power to make me cry tears of joy, happiness, pain, heartache and loss all at once

Ian O'Brien - Desert Scores as reviewed by scoundrel

October 18, 2005
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DESERT SCORES has classic written all over it, and with good reason. From the opening track, the Detroit-fueled "Mad Mike Disease," there's a melodic and rhythmic propulsion that's impossible to ignore. The electro-funk-jazz of "Homeless" shows a complex understanding of the interaction of melody and syncopation. But the undoubted highlight of the album is the epic and beautifully askew "Dayride," which works with dynamics the way others can only dream of. "Monkey Jazz" takes on a Spanish flair, replete with horns, but if you're in the mood for more straight-up techno, "Granpa's Drawers" will get you moving in no time. "Eurydice," rather than being a journey to hell, takes you straight to heaven. This album is nothing but excellence from start to finish.

Ian O'Brien - Desert Scores foogoo

March 3, 2014
Is Monkey Jazz on this album then? I've been wanting to find it on cd for ages.