Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny as reviewed by BetulaObscura

October 28, 2021
Today, label could release this LP for 20$ each in unlimited quantity.

Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny jamilmac99

June 13, 2021
I’m happy for everyone that got the new mono release but the practice of only releasing a few hundred titles is incredibly lame. God damn flippers!!! Widespread release is required. Until then, my incredible 1986 Japanese CD will have to suffice.

Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny as reviewed by Buiooomega

October 4, 2021
I´m with you my friend. Back in 1960 this album was avaliable widely (not a "limited" release) for less than 5.00 USD (it was good to be young back then). Whats the ponit now, 60 years after, to create limited releases?? This only gives to flippers more money to grab and people less to play. We need more regular widespread global releases. Free the real Culture and Art for everyone! Cheers from Lima, the gray city.

Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny dharleyserlin

June 17, 2021
Agreed. It sends the message that the value of this music is in its scarcity, not in the music itself. I am the proud owner of an OG copy and even if it were not a holy grail it would be a treasured item because it is simply one of the best LPs of the era. Mobley 1568 may be a rarity but musically it can’t hold a candle to Quiet Kenny.