The Ray Noble Orchestra* Featuring Al BowllyThe HMV Sessions 1930-1934

Label:World Records (6) – SM 621
14 x Vinyl, LP, Mono, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition
Style:Big Band


Volume 1
A1I'm Telling The World She's Mine
A2How Could I Be Lonely
A3Underneath The Spanish Stars
A4Sunny Days
A5Make Yourself A Happiness Pie
A6Time On My Hands
A7Makin' Wickey Wackey Down In Waikiki
A8Shout For Happiness
B1Goodnight Sweetheart
B2I'm Glad I Waited
B3Really Mine
B4I'll Be Good Because Of You
B5Goodnight Sweetheart
B6You're Driving Me Crazy
B7Pages Of Radio Land-Part 1
B8Pages Of Radio Land-Part 2
B9We Two
B10Lady Of Spain
Volume 2
C1Sunshine And Shadows
C2That's Somerset
C4You're Twice As Nice As The Girl In My Dreams
C5On With The Show-Part 1
C6Lights Of Paris
C7June Time Is Love Time
C8On With The Show-Part 2
C9Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
D1Lazy Day
D2I'd Rather Be A Beggar With You
D3Miracle Melodies
D4Holiday Hits Pt.1
D5Holiday Hits Pt.2
D6Tunes Of Not So Long Ago (1921)
D7Tunes Of Not So Long Ago (1923)
D8Pagan Serenade
Volume 3
E1Belle Of Barcelone
E2There's Something In Your Eyes
E3Just A Dancing Sweetheart
E4When It's Sunset On The Nile
E5Honeymoon Lane
E6Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
E7Down Sunnyside Lane
E8This Is The Day Of Days
F1Got A Date With An Angel
F3Twentieth Century Blues
F4Hold My Hand
F5Pied Piper Of Hamelin
F6I Was True
F7One Little Quarrel
F8Put Your Little Arms Around Me
Volume 4
G1Meet Me Tonight In The Cowshed
G2By The Fireside
G3Must It End Like This
G4Sweetheart In My Dreams Tonigh
G5It's Great To Be In Love
G6Blues In My Heart
G7There's A Ring Around The Moon
G8With Love In My Heart
H1Goodnight Vienna
H2Give Me A Tune
H3Living In Clover
H4With All My Love And Kisses
H5We've Got The Moon And Sixpence
H6One Hour With You Selection Pt.1
H7One Hour With You Selection Pt.2
H8Salin' On The Robert E Lee
Volume 5
I1Songs Everybody Is Singing Pt.1
I2Songs Everybody Is Singing Pt.2
I3Good Evening
I4The Echo Of A Song
I5Dreams That Don't Grow Old
I6Why Be So Unkind To Me
I7Please Don't Mention It
I8Where Are You (Girl Of My Dreams)
J1Pagan Moon
J2Looking On The Bright Side Of Life
J3The Younger Generation
J4You're More Than All The World To Me
J5I'll Do My Best To Make You Happy
J6Love Is The Sweetest Thing
J7Don't Say Goodbye
J8Song Of The Bells
Volume 6
K1A Bedtime Story
K2Marching Along Together
K3You, Just You
K4Rock You Cares Away
K5Here Lies Love
K7What More Can I Ask
K8Brighter Than The Sun
L1A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
L2Lying In The Hay
L4Just An Echo In The Valley
L5Butterflies In The Rain
L6A Letter To My Mother
L7Play, Fiddle Play
L8Look What You've Done
Volume 7
M1Standing On The Corner
M2Poor Me, Poor You
M3Have You Ever Been Lonely
M4Wheezy Anna
M5Love Tales
M6Can't We Meet Again
M8The Moment I Saw You
N1My Heart's To Let
N2When You've Fallen In Love
N3Three Wishes
N4Let Me Give Happiness To You
N5Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby
N6Stay On The Right Side Of The Road
N7I'm One Of The Lads Of Valencia
N8The Village Band
Volume 8
O1Waltzing In A Dream
O2Maybe I Love You Too Much
O3It's Within Your Power
O4The Old Spinning Wheel
O5When My Little Pomeranian Met Your Little Pekinese
O6That's What Life Is Made Of
O7Hiawatha's Lullaby
O8I Shall Still Keep Smiling Along
P1Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
P2All Over Italy (They Sing So Prettily)
P3You're Mine, You!
P4Gypsy Fiddles
P5Something Came And Got Me In The Spring
P6A Couple Of Fools In Love
P7I Only Want One Girl
P8Shadow Waltz
Volume 9
Q1Pettin' In The Park
Q2I've Got To Sing A Torch Song
Q3Roll Up The Carpet
Q4It's Sunday Down In Carolina
Q5Si Petite
Q6If You'll Say 'Yes' Cherie
Q7There's A Cabin In The Pines
Q8On The Other Side Of Lover's Lane
R2How Could We Be Wrong
R3It's Bad For Me
R4Trouble In Paradise
R5Oh! Johanna
R7Dinner At Eight
Volume 10
S1Weep No More My Baby
S2Love Locked Out
S3Happy And Contented
S4Goodnight Little Girl Of My Dreams
S6My Hat's On The Side Of My Head
S7Hand In Hand (We Go Together)
S8And So Goodbye
T1This Is Romance
T2Song Without Words
T3When You Were The Girl On The Scooter
T4My Song Goes Around The World
T5Oceans Of Time
T6Close Your Eyes
T7On A Steamer Coming Over
T8Did You Ever See A Dream Walking
Volume 11
U1You Ought To See Sally On Sunday
U3Have A Heart
U4Who Walks In When I Walk Out?
U5Who Walks In When I Walk Out?
U6It's Time To Say Goodnight
U7Midnight, The Stars And You
U8This Little Piggy Went To Market
V1Over On The Sunny Side
V2Wagon Wheels
V3Not Bad
V4What Now
V5You Have Taken My Heart
V6One Morning In May
V7You Oughta Be In Pictures
V8The Old Covered Bridge
Volume 12
W1The Little Dutch Mill
W2The Very Thought Of You
W3She Loves Me Not
W4After All, You're All I'm After
W5My Sweet
W6The Show Is Over
W7I Love You Truly
W8Little Man You've Had A Busy Day
W9The Beat O' My Heart
X1Night On The Desert
X2I'll String Along With You
X3Fair And Warmer
X4Hold My Hand
X5Over My Shoulder
X6When You've Got A Little SpringTime In Your Heart
X7Moon Country
Volume 13
Y1It's All Forgotten Now
Y2All I Do Is Dream Of You
Y3Dreamy Serenade
Y4Remember Me
Y5I Never Had A Chance
Y6Lady Of Madrid
Y7Little Valley In The Mountains
Y8Driftin' Tide
Y9The Prize Waltz
Z2Freckle Face, You're Beautiful
Z3Isle Of Capri
Z4Love, Wonderful Love
Z5Dreaming A Dream
Z6Sing As We Go
Z7Ray Noble Medley Pt.1
Z8Ray Noble Medley Pt.2
The Rarities
AA1Copper Blues
AA2Terribly Fond Of You
AA3So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds Got Together
AA4Baby You've Got The Right Idea
AA5Every Day Away From You
AA6What A Perfect Combination
AA7Tiger Rag
AA8The Japanese Sandman
BB2Die Eensaam Weg
BB3Kleine Maat
BB4Sweet And Lovely
BB5I Can't Get Mississippi Off My Mind
BB6Wonder Bar Film Selection Pt.1
BB7Wonder Bar Film Selection Pt.2
BB8Ray Noble Talks About All Bowlly



Graphic Design/Concept at The Out Of Town Creative Studio

The Syd Deekes collection, Geoff Milne, Brian Rust, Colin Brown, and Chris Ellis supplied 78's for dubbing.
We would like to thank Joyce Stone, Lew Davis, Wally Ridley and Tiny Winters for their contribution. Also Ray Pallett and Colin Brown for use of photographs from their files.

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    This extensive box set is worth the price alone for Midnight, The Stars And You, the hauntingly romantic song that accompanied the creepy photo ending in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. This song has never appeared on vinyl, outside of this box and some shellac 78 rpm releases.


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