Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One wakeyladhere

October 13, 2017
I got told today that this record was going for £80GBP on here. I believed it, but that information was bullshit. I believed that information because the record really IS that good.

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One Homer7

September 8, 2018

it will get there eventually. it is that good indeed

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One chrisnova777

June 22, 2016
isnt the hook in "we cookin now" sampled from a Bizzare inc track? took my love? https://www.discogs.com/Bizarre-Inc-Took-My-Love/master/85885

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One sunshine-recorder

February 8, 2016
Opinion Rated 'R' sounds quite similar to a couple of the tracks on The Earthly Pleasures E.P. - worth checking as that record is a little cheaper (and just as good!)

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One alexsalvador

November 21, 2015
B2 Blax Thanxs = A:xus - Pluto, without the vocals.

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One Will1706

October 16, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

"We Cookin' Now" just may be one of the greatest deep house tunes ever crafted. Deep & soulful, uplifting...yet reflective. The synths really do a number on me. I've listened to it well over 100 times & it never fails to move me. This is certainly one of Abacus's very best works.

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One as reviewed by efunker

March 9, 2007
edited over 12 years ago
Black thanx is a deep seductive number - deep throaty bass driven sounds with a delicious chord structure working a top of a phased percussion, whilst the 'namer of names' lists his figures of admiration. There is undoubtedly a sociopolitical message here - the spoken lyrics all pertain to figures, who in Abacus' eyes, have deserved "..a black thanks - you'd better understand".
A big deep house track, fusing strong detroit and chicago influences.

Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One as reviewed by Kangola

November 5, 2001
edited over 17 years ago

"We Cookin' Now" is the first Abacus track I heard and August Bascom has had my undivided attention ever since. One of those tracks that have perfect strangers grinning at each other across the dance floor, and if this type of music has a point, that's it, isn't it?