The Rolling Stones - Flowers as reviewed by bmaarseveen

November 1, 2013

Great audio quality, heavy vinyl and some of the tracks seem to be dedicated mono mixes. Love it!

The Rolling Stones - Flowers touwell

January 30, 2014
Hallo, heb je het dan over de UK Decca mono persing of de US mono persing ? De discussie over dedicated mono mixes op Stones platen is een interessante...

The Rolling Stones - Flowers as reviewed by touwell

July 31, 2013
edited over 4 years ago
Flowers was intended for the US market only.There were some singles, some songs that did not make it on the US Aftermath and Between the Buttons, some leftovers and a few fillers. The record was issued on the European continent too.Stereo and mono copies were manufactured in the UK by Decca for export reasons only, making it a collectable record.Nothing special though to be found , maybe only 'Ride on, baby' and 'Sittin' on a fence'.