ElbowThe Definitive Vinyl Album Box Set

Label:Fiction Records – 3711518
2 x Vinyl, LP, Reissue
2 x Vinyl, LP, Reissue
2 x Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Reissue
2 x Vinyl, LP, Repress
2 x Vinyl, LP
2 x Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Repress
2 x Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Repress
90 x File, WAV
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Acoustic


Asleep In The Back
A1Any Day Now
A3Little Beast
B1Powder Blue
B2Bitten By The Tailfly
B3Asleep In The Back
C2Don't Mix Your Drinks
C3Presuming Ed (Rest Easy)
D1Coming Second
D2Can't Stop
D3Scattered Black And Whites
Cast Of Thousands
E2Fallen Angel
F1Fugitive Motel
F2Snooks (Progress Report)
F3Switching Off
G1Not A Job
G2I've Got Your Number
G3Buttons And Zips
H1Crawling With Idiot
H2Grace Under Pressure
H3Flying Dream 143
Leaders Of The Free World
I1Station Approach
I2Picky Bugger
J1Forget Myself
J2The Stops
K1Leaders Of The Free World
K2An Imagined Affair
K3Mexican Standoff
L1The Everthere
L2My Very Best
L3Great Expectations
L4Puncture Repair
The Seldom Seen Kid
M2The Bones Of You
N1Grounds For Divorce
N2An Audience With The Pope
N3Weather To Fly
O7The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
O8The Fix
O9Some Riot
P1One Day Like This
P2Friend Of Ours
Elbow And The BBC Concert Orchestra ‎– The Seldom Seen Kid Live At Abbey Road
Q2The Bones Of You
R1Grounds For Divorce
R2An Audience With The Pope
R3Weather To Fly
S1The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
S2The Fix
S3Some Riot
T1One Day Like This
T2Friend Of Ours
Build A Rocket Boys!
U1The Birds
U2Lippy Kids
V1With Love
V2Neat Little Rows
V3Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
W1The Night Will Always Win
W2High Ideals
W3The River
X1Open Arms
X2The Birds (Reprise)
X3Dear Friends
Dead In The Boot
Y1Whisper Grass
Y2Lucky With Disease
Y3Lay Down Your Cross
Z1The Long War Shuffle
Z2Every Bit The Little Girl
Z3Love Blown Down
AA1None One
AA4Buffalo Ghosts
BB1Waving From Windows
BB3Gentle As

Companies, etc.


This box set includes five albums, one b-sides compilation and live concert recording.

"Asleep In The Back": the band's debut album in a new double heavyweight gatefold format containing the track "Asleep In The Back" for the first time.

"Cast Of Thousands": available as a double heavyweight gatefold for the first time.

"Leaders Of The Free World": available as a double heavyweight gatefold for the first time.

"The Seldom Seen Kid": double heavyweight gatefold.

"The Seldom Seen Kid Live At Abbey Road" is presented on double heavyweight vinyl for the first time.

"Build A Rocket Boys!": double heavyweight gatefold.

"Dead In The Boot": b-sides compilation available as a double heavyweight gatefold.

The box also contains a USB stick containing all the above in WAV audio file format.

According to a promotional email sent to the band's mailing list, the box set was strictly limited to 2,000 copies.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 602537115181
  • Barcode (Asleep At The Back): 6 02527 98979 2
  • Barcode (Cast Of Thousands): 6 02527 96658 8
  • Barcode (Leaders Of The Free World): 6 02527 96655 7
  • Barcode (The Seldom Seen Kid): 006025-1764728-2
  • Barcode (The Seldom Seen Kid Live At Abbey Road): 0-06025-3711952-3
  • Barcode (Build A Rocket Boys!): 6 02527 63747 1
  • Barcode (Dead In The Boot): 00602537110124



  • freestyle_gus's avatar
    If you can get the a sensible price, this is definitely worth sourcing of you want the early albums. With 14 discs at 45rpm half speed masters what's not to love?
    • krudster's avatar
      Now that the The Seldom Seen Kid Live At Abbey Road is finally out separately, this box's exclusive appeal has completely gone. Good, the price being charged for it were (are) ridiculous.


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