Team DoyobiSecret Thirteen Mix 048

Team Doyobi - Secret Thirteen Mix 048 album cover


1.1PhoeneciaFog Things Of Antiquity
1.2Satoshi Aizawa, Joe Gilmore, George Rogers & Alex PeverettUntitled
1.3Daphne OramRhythmic Variation #1
1.4Collapsoft2012- 112a
1.5Benge1977 Yamaha CS30
1.6Alex PeverettUnreleased
1.7Barry TruaxSolar Ellipse
1.8British Electric FoundationRise Of The East
1.9Dderrick ThomasRhythm Machine Blues
1.10Laurie SpiegelThe Unquestioned Answer
1.11Christian ZanésiStop! L'horizon
1.12Simon MashokoKumakudo
1.13Annea LockwoodTwo Ribbed Discs
1.14Robert SchröderTime Machine
1.15Denis SmalleyThe Pulses Of Time
1.16The Higher Intelligence AgencyM+T=E
1.17Deep Space NetworkSinglenote
1.18Baka Forest People*Hut Song
1.19Alex PeverettUnreleased
1.21Roland KaynCybernetic Serendipity
1.22François-Bernard MâchePrélude
1.23MonoboxSilicone Fingers
1.24DisjectaAre You An Echo?
1.25Pete NamlookThe Great Hall Of Synthi 100
1.26Laurie SpiegelSoundtrack For Sandin
1.27CD IIIGet Tough (Instrumental)
1.28Thomas Leer And Robert RentalThe Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out
1.29The Hafler TrioBattery Eyes (Like Watching Winter. Long The Abuse Of Night)
1.30Robert HoodRobert Hood - The Art Of War
1.31Horacio VaggioneAsh
1.32Klaus Schulze1972 Study For Philip K Dick
1.33Haruomi HosonoAlternative 3
1.34Bernard FortFractal I
1.35Art of Noise*Comes And Goes
1.36Tangerine DreamUntitled 3
1.37Chris & CoseyLast Exit
1.38John Carpenter & Alan HowarthNobody's Home Restored
1.40Tetsu InoueSuper Digital
1.41Original CliqueXamax
1.42Suzanne CianiLive Buchla Concert 1975
1.43John HydeMagma
1.44Robert Fripp, Brian EnoDark Waters
1.45Hype Williams (2)Millenial Turk
1.46Bill NelsonLove's First Kiss
1.47John HydeHammerhead
1.48Robert RentalUntitled (From Mental Detentions)
1.50Chris Carter (2)Solidit
1.51Guy ReibelCanon Sur Une Trompe Africaine
1.52Sweet ExorcistJack Jack
1.53Mr. FingersWashing Machine
1.54Unique 3Fury In Force
1.55Moebius*, Plank* & Neumeier*All Repro
1.56British Electric FoundationDecline Of The West
1.57Francis DhomontChambre D'Enfants
1.58Chris GladwinUnreleased



Duration 2:08:23


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    “Secret Thirteen Mix 048” is a gradually shifting voluminous musical compilation that includes diverse works by such prominent composers and musicians as Klaus Schulze, Laurie Spiegel, Bill Nelson, Daphne Oram, Robert Fripp & Brian Eno, Pete Namlook, Tangerine Dream, Robert Hood, and many other audio production geniuses. Harmoniously connected and developed 58 kaleidoscopic and ideological records of the last five decades clearly reflect both mix authors longevous musical knowledge, experience, devotion and continuous progress.

    The authors of the mix are Alexander Peverett (b. 1976) and Christopher Gladwin (b. 1976), formers of British electronic music duo Team Doyobi. They began their creative and firm partnership by producing electronic soundtracks for self-made video art in the early 1990s. Team Doyobi are the authoritative upholders of the UK digitally created music scene from the early stage when they where using obsolete computers (Commodore Amiga) as serious musical instruments, cutting the chip sounds out of video games and presenting it to audiences used to techno, breaks or IDM. In over a decade Team Doyobi has released numerous audio records on respectable labels such as Skam, FatCat Records, Alku, Icasea. Currently they are signed to the Skam Records label, noticeable for its solid music catalog (Boards of Canada, Bola, Gescom and Jega). After a couple of years Team Doyobi has just released a new prolific album “Digital Music Volume 1”. To find out more about project specifications and career facts visit online encyclopedia – Wikipedia.

    “Secret Thirteen Mix 048” is thoughtfully crafted exemplary music selection that explores linearity and expression of audio variety. More than two hours of high quality sound and skillful productions fully enrich the systematic wholeness and does not let to lose attention while listening. This mix can be associated with such musical styles as Acid House, Electro, Acousmatic, Glitch, Bleep, World, Electroacoustic, Synth, Downtempo or IDM, but does the individual processing beauty, flexibility and singular ideas of each included work can be obscured by the stylistic frames? It is a prolific audio collage that progressively carries measured ambitions of technical possibilities and compositional freedom. In some of the tracks importance is focused on cetain technologies, studio techniques and their uses by individual masters. EMS Synthi 100, Yamaha CS30, Roland System 100, Roland SH-2, EDP Wasp, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Frippertronics and Emu Emulator are some electronic instruments that were fully demonstrated in talented compositions. There are some unreleased pieces included by Team Doyobi members personal creations, S>>D and Collapsoft. The lasting surface is rich with solid moving textures, mesmerizing atmospheres, excellent varying rhythmics and charismatic melodies. Encoded and integrated hypnotic patterns of complex micro sounds, enigmatic rustles, expressively generated device effects go into entire sound collision and create a touching, thrilling and productive background. All these great stylistic decisions have been and are indirectly influential to Team Doyobi’s approach to sound making for more than a couple of decades. This non-connotational sound rises the listening experience to the next emotional level.

    “Secret Thirteen Mix 048” is like a chimerical both abstract and modern painting “Étoile Bleue (Blue Star)” by Joan Miró where brilliant azure background and dynamic geometric shapes form a dreamscape and a vacant infinite space that creates a refined spectacle of the sky, the voyage of life, convulsions of personal illusions and existence. Mix authors allow the listener to glimpse into their unspoiled subconscious that truly embody an impressionistic sense of imaginary words exploration, unearthly processes of the universe and another bizarre visions you can personally discover and achieve in this timeless masterpiece.


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