Reviews for M.ono - Easydance E.P.


M.ono - Easydance E.P. erftstadtboy

March 18, 2022
roselp14 has a copy of this ep inside. grab it for honest price while you can.
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M.ono - Easydance E.P. as reviewed by oisinhughes2

September 30, 2022
This seems to somehow have been completely erased from the internet but I definitely saw this at the time as well and should have bought!

M.ono - Easydance E.P. as reviewed by YolandaHayes

August 17, 2022
haha surely a troll?

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M.ono - Easydance E.P. as reviewed by greenstoc

October 15, 2021
Still one of my faves! ! ! ! ! !

M.ono - Easydance E.P. eamo420

March 28, 2020
If you listen to the Al Kent remix of 'Odyssey - Inside Out' you can clearly hear the samples.

M.ono - Easydance E.P. nuptse8

October 18, 2018
edited over 4 years ago
Still... after 4 or 5 years I keep coming back to this. Holding back California is a fresh-as-a-daisy house tune comprised of a beautiful vocal sampled from Odyssey's inside out that repeats over and over driving that simple but effective melody. It reminds me of why I got into dance music in the first place, not to find some larger meaning of life in the escape, but to just kick back and forget about the rest of the world, as Donato dozzy puts it 'dance music is effective simply in it's therapeutic function'... just a damn shame it's limited to a selected lucky few.

M.ono - Easydance E.P. SSFGP

April 21, 2017
Vocal sample from Odyssey's Inside Out. Pretty subtle but i think it is.
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M.ono - Easydance E.P. YolandaHayes

April 25, 2017
Indeed it is! I came across competition to make tunes with all the master tracks, and I recognised that keyboard straight away!

M.ono - Easydance E.P. as reviewed by ilprincipemyskin

October 14, 2016
incredible release. M.ono talks directly to my heart. This song makes me sad and happy at the same time. Just like rain often do

M.ono - Easydance E.P. as reviewed by systemD22

June 19, 2015

Kithara is a great one too. Don't forget to flip it over once in a while! ;)