Bob DylanThe 50th Anniversary Collection

Label:Sony Music – none
Series:The 50th Anniversary Collection
4 x CDr
Genre:Blues, Pop, Folk, World, & Country


1-1Going Down To New Orleans (Mx. CO 70085-1)
1-2Going Down To New Orleans (Mx. CO 70085-2)
1-3Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-2)
1-4Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-3)
1-5Rambling Gambling Willie (Mx. CO 70087-1)
1-6Rambling Gambling Willie (Mx. CO 70087-3)
1-7Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 70088-1)
1-8Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 70088-2)
1-9The Death Of Emmett Till (Mx. CO 70089-1)
1-10(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Mx. CO 70091-2)
1-11Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Mx. CO 70096-3)
1-12Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-4)
1-13Sally Gal (Mx. CO 70086-5)
1-14Baby, Please Don't Go (Mx. CO 70099-1)
1-15Baby, Please Don't Go (Mx. CO 70099-3)
1-16Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) (Mx. CO 70100-1)
1-17Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) (Mx. CO 70100-3)
1-18Wichita Blues (Going To Louisiana) (Mx. CO 70101-1)
1-19Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (Mx. CO 70102-2)
1-20Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) (Mx. CO 70100-4)
1-21Wichita Blues (Going To Louisiana) (Mx. CO 70101-2)
1-22Baby, I'm In The Mood For You (Mx. CO 75717-2)
1-23Blowin' In The Wind (Mx. CO 75719-1)
1-24Blowin' In The Wind (Mx. CO 75719-2)
1-25Worried Blues (Mx. CO 75723-1)
1-26Baby, I'm In The Mood For You (Mx. CO 75717-4)
2-1Bob Dylan's Blues (Mx. CO 75718-2)
2-2Bob Dylan's Blues (Mx. CO 75718-3)
2-3Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 76981-2)
2-4Corrina, Corrina (Mx. CO 76981-3)
2-5That's All Right, Mama (Mx. CO 76983-1)
2-6That's All Right, Mama (Mx. CO 76983-3)
2-7That's All Right, Mama (Mx. CO 76983-5)
2-8Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-3)
2-9Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-5)
2-10Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-6)
2-11Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-7)
2-12Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-9)
2-13Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-10)
2-14Mixed Up Confusion (Mx. CO 76982-11)
2-15That's All Right, Mama (Remake/overdub CO76893-3)
2-16Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Mx. CO 76986-2)
2-17Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Mx. CO 77003-2)
2-18Kingsport Town (Mx. CO 77004-1)
2-19When Death Comes Creepin' (Whatcha Gonna Do?) (Mx. CO 77005-1)
2-20Hero Blues (Mx. CO 77020-1)
2-21When Death Comes Creepin' (Whatcha Gonna Do?) (Mx. CO 77021-1)
2-22I Shall Be Free (Mx. CO 77023-3)
2-23I Shall Be Free (Mx. CO 77023-5)
2-24Hero Blues (Mx. CO 77020-2)
2-25Hero Blues (Mx. CO 77020-4)
3-1Hard Times In New York Town (Mackenzie Home Tapes)
3-2The Death Of Emmett Till (Mackenzie Home Tapes)
3-3I Rode Out One Morning (Mackenzie Home Tapes)
3-4House Of The Rising Sun (Mackenzie Home Tapes)
3-5See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Mackenzie Home Tapes)
3-6Ballad Of Donald White (Mackenzie Home Tapes)
3-7Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance (Gerde's Folk City)
3-8Talkin' New York (Gerde's Folk City)
3-9Corrina, Corrina (Gerde's Folk City)
3-10Deep Ellum Blues (Gerde's Folk City)
3-11Blowin' In The Wind (Gerde's Folk City)
3-12The Death Of Emmett Till (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-13Stealin' (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-14Hiram Hubbard (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-15Blowin' In The Wind (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-16Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-17Quit Your Low Down Ways (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-18He Was A Friend Of Mine (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-19Let Me Die In My Footsteps (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-20Two Trains Runnin' (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-21Ramblin' On My Mind (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-22Muleskinner Blues (Finjan Club, Montreal)
3-23Muleskinner Blues (Part 2) (Finjan Club, Montreal)
4-1Sally Gal (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny)
4-2Highway 51 (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny)
4-3Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny)
4-4The Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny)
4-5A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Carnegie Hall Hootenanny)
4-6See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (The Gaslight Café, NYC)
4-7No More Auction Block (The Gaslight Café, NYC)
4-8A Motherless Child (The Gaslight Café, NYC)
4-9Kindhearted Woman Blues (The Gaslight Café, NYC)
4-10Black Cross (The Gaslight Café, NYC)
4-11The Ballad of Hollis Brown (The Gaslight Café, NYC)
4-12Ain't No More Cane (The Gaslight Café, NYC)

Companies, etc.


European-only 4CDr set of outtakes from 1962 & 1963. Only available through a handful of stores in Germany, England, France & Sweden. Limited to ca. 100 copies.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 887654607225

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  • xxtheegasagexx's avatar
    maybe on vinyl.... but a cd, seriously. just download the mp3 at that point rofl
    • VinylAddictx's avatar
      these are very easily faked.. probably all fake tbh.. cant believe some off u are paying money on these
      • Aloysius2001's avatar
        It´s a shame that Columbia released cheap CD-ROMs, because of copyright protection! The discs will fade away...



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