Paperclip People - Throw MrFonktrain

January 15, 2016

One question: Ok, pretty sure this is Loleatta Holloway on the vocals, starting in the last third of the track. But which acapella or track is this from? And why was it removed from later versions?

Paperclip People - Throw torskefar

July 1, 2018
I don't think it is Loleatta Holloway. To be quite frank, I think it is Carl himself wailing at the top of his lungs - although I might be wrong. Actually I remember back in 1996 or 1997 I suggested as much to my good friend Pål Strangefruit, who was working for Norway's national radio NRK P3. He was interviewing Carl when he visited the Quart Festival here in Norway, and he actually asked about those vocals, if it was indeed himself who did them. Carl replied something like "why do you ask me about that?" with a somewhat baffled expression, and he never gave an answer to the question.

Paperclip People - Throw dylaf

May 20, 2015
In the years following after the release of 'Throw', its interpretation has changed in accordance with the times. The mid 90's was definitely not about instant hits, more about building, patience, and the reward for those who get it. The reason why it is such a long record is simple- thats how long the piece takes to develop & tell its story. There really was nothing like this & nothing could describe the atmosphere when it took over. It made perfect sense at the time. The track is built around a short percussion loop borrowed from Loleatta Holloway's 'Hit And Run', with Carl on (hilarious) vocal duty in the guise of a Diva shaking up the ladies on their self worth. Genius. The snares, simple groove changes & that bassline drove the crowd mad, & it simply put the icing on the cake at that point in time. One intelligent, beast of a record. How it comes across to anyone who wasn't around back then, I can't comment on, but for those who were, this was nothing short of biblical, and at a time when I believe the art of dance was all about patience.

Paperclip People - Throw offwld

March 19, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
@MrFonktrain Definitely Carl - doing a comedic interpretation of My Loleatta Dish Apella

Paperclip People - Throw feelter

November 15, 2016
I feel what you mean about 'patience'... something that for sure has been changed. as the times and the world changes, everything getting more hectic,more fast... ofcourse (sadly) it effects our lives to such an extend, ofcourse. really appreciate your thoughts, made me think too.

Paperclip People - Throw MrFonktrain

September 2, 2016
edited about 1 year ago

are you really sure this is Carl Craig himself on vocals? Sounds more like a second "my loleatta"... on later versions these vocals were deleted / replaced so I'm pretty sure it's an illicit sample!

Paperclip People - Throw mocilo74

October 22, 2015
Nice comment dude. That's exactly how I felt back in the days.