Robin Wants RevengeRobin Wants Revenge

Label:Jungle Jam Records – JJR 102
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:House, Techno


A1Robin Wants Revenge (Club Me Mix)
A2Robin Wants Revenge (Like It Ruff Mix)
B1Well (Franklie) My Son
B2Rythm Track 1
B3Rythm Track 2



Drums sampled from "At Midnight" by T-Connection.
Track B1 samples Bassline from 'Wiggin' by Mayday

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (A Side): WHIZZ A₁ NY US
  • Matrix / Runout (B Side): WHIZZ B₁ NY US



  • UnionJackson's avatar
    Edited one month ago
    I’ve got this. On Jungle Jam Records. Bought from My Price Records in Croydon in 1990 (I thought it was ‘89 but will go with the release date listed here). It was the first ‘rave’ record I ever bought. Walked into the shop, felt intimidated and just said “I’ll take a copy of this”, the bloke behind the counter said “”Oh my God, someone’s actually bought Robin Wants Revenge”. Never thought it was any good (at the time), nothing like Adamski (at the time), but after listening to it again, I’m hanging onto it now. Although for £200….
    • RenegadeGenius's avatar
      Artist update - had a bt engineer doing some work at mine the other day & got chatting about music. Turns out he was Errol from One Tribe! (Also goes by Skool of Hard Knocks). He mentioned that it was himself that found some samples for this & it was a couple of them that put this out. He did also mention it was bootlegged about a week later.
      • Black_Crack_Records's avatar
        information is that this was George kelly , thats from a close mate of his from back in the day
        • 8892sales's avatar
          Edited 9 years ago
          Personally, I couldn't give a rat's arse (ass) if this is by George Kelly, Ray Love or any other producer for that matter. Or that it rips off Derrick May's "Wiggin" bassline loop and Kevin Saunderson's "You're Mine" synth stab. Well it does matter, but you know what I mean. What matters to me is that this is an essential, underground warehouse track which used to cause mayhem on the dancefloor and which I still love to this day. Has all the basic elements for a warehouse scenario. Sparse, heavy and absolutely rocking.

          P.S. I'm still waiting for djpepsi's version to be pressed on vinyl! Hint. Hint :)
          • jonnie.briggs's avatar
            I had this..... mums dog ate it, along with Nicole Rock the Night and Frankie Knuckles LP.... was most upset.....

            Eric n' Nipper Amnesia 90 all the way.....
            • Mr_Kipling's avatar
              Edited 10 years ago
              I have a tape recording of a George Kelly set on Centreforce FM from September 89. At one point he refers to himself as Whispering George. The set contains House Syndicate 'Kicking Ass - IDS' on Breaking Bones label, which ended up being used in the Like It Ruff Mix here.
              • FAC191's avatar
                The absurdity of record prices has never been better demonstrated than here.........

                Musically, the main track on this is just a poor man's "Wiggin": totally lacking the beauty & sophistication of the Mayday original.

                The irony is that copies of "Wiggin" can be picked up for a fraction of the price of its bastard child.
                • TheDjProducer's avatar
                  Hmmmmmm.As the years roll by, this record gets ever more expensive, and the storys get ever more elaborated. Whoever is responsible for this record deserves a very large "Big up".

                  The thing is thou, i never got a Jungle Jam copy, and after recently aquiring a copy of Maydays "Wiggin", im almost of the mind of forgetting about chasing this record completly.

                  The reason why? I think i could almost build this myself now.

                  Take a kickdrum from Suburban Knights "The worlds" (The huge reverb on the kickdrum is identical), Take a loop from Reeses "Your mine", The crazy "Rewind" noise comes care of Kicing Back Feat. Taxmans "Devotion". Then rip the first bar from the main riff off "Wiggin (the Reese mix is where the riff lies solo'd),
                  add some TR-909 Hi Hats. Repeat to fade. Thats it.

                  And doing this would sound hell of a lot cleaner than any RR copy i ever found :)

                  (Unless someone is prepared to sell me theres for a good price)
                  • phat360's avatar
                    I must say that this indeed is a mystery as regards to the origin of the artist? But after further research (and I do hope that this shall not throw this mystery into further chaotic misfindings), I have noticed that this artist Dr. York has produced a track called - Shake-N-Skate. (apologies) Dis-regarding said artist I have noticed that even though the artist's track was produced in the Netherlands it was also recorded and mixed at Power Station Studios, NYC. I do not know if this is a new lead, but as there appears to be two Jungle Jam record lables(!) and hopefully they are the same (check!), I feel that we may be closer to the truth.(pause) hopefully?
                    As regards to the track 'well franklie my son', I bought this from Hitman records, just off Oxford street London in 1990. I loved the track as it was similar to Derrick May's 'The Rhythm'. The bassline and simple beats made both of these tracks a delight to listen, over and over again. Now,I'll probably get slated as I find this sound quite limited as technology moves on. But as an avid collector who wants this track I will still admire their class choice in records.

                    • WaxFinderGeneral's avatar
                      Edited 17 years ago
                      A great record to be obsessed with, i also heard this track countless times in raves and warehouse parties at the end of the 80's. It was hammered by the (then) faceless warehouse dj's like Monroe's DJ John J and countless others. I was told by someone many years ago on a hazy night it was Ray Love who was responsible for the track, it kinda makes sense as the remix is on the Techno Kut release 'Techno For All Mankind' by Ray Love. Whatever, bootlegged (and mistakenly named) by the R&R series, this track is a staple early rave tune, and it took me 12 years to find the Jungle Jam release. Worth every penny and more, whoever is responsible should stand up and be counted among the pioneers of House Music.


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