Various - Intergalactic Beats filfefil

August 13, 2017
Hello all, got this when it was released, i was lucky in that my copy plays perfectly. This record was so ahead of its time when released, there s a funny story about how one of drum n bass founders,cant remember who,played Bug in the Bassbin at 45 and that was one of the influences kicking off that music style.For me at the time it was awesome,no one was making music like that at the time, still love this record today, 2017,and will always be a fav.

Various - Intergalactic Beats ck

April 23, 2014
"never took off as a DJ" ?! what are you talking about ?! I've seen him many a time over the years and he's always delivered.

Various - Intergalactic Beats FuzoidNuzzoid

December 6, 2013
Always felt this compilation was sloppy.. - even though released on beautiful gray marble double pack clear packaging - which was way ahead of its time.. kinda marrs Carl Craig the Dj, and rightly reflects why he never took off as a DJ

Various - Intergalactic Beats ----

April 19, 2018
Carl Craig is an incredible DJ. One of the best. Silly comment.

Various - Intergalactic Beats PuntoAparte

September 13, 2017
Is is dark in there? Time to pull your head out of your arse mate.

Various - Intergalactic Beats efunker

June 20, 2017

I have to agree w terrysuki. The hani track i dearly love despite its poor mastering. C2 has always been a great curator of sounds as much as a producer and a dj. This was so important as a compliation along with Virtual Sex on Buzz (3d spex included!!) And network record's detroit comp. All pressed well, packaged thoughtfully and brought music to us all.
I like compliations because the are like a gallery if done well. Separate from mixtapes and mixes they are more of a show and you can choose yourself. Hats off to Carl Craig this is an amazing moment for planet e and its influences... jazz funk classics, oscillating paperclip people.. the persistent creativity and risk taking was and is brilliant.

Various - Intergalactic Beats terrysuki

November 2, 2014
edited over 4 years ago
Carl Craig "never took off as a DJ"??? You, my friend, do not have the first clue what you're talking about! I've booked Carl Craig a number of times since 1992 and every time he has more than delivered as a DJ, he's wipe the floor with the rest! (apart from me, of course!). And this release is one of the best from its time. All the tracks are way ahead of the pack, even the Hani track, which suffers from a terrible sound quality (poor mastering maybe?) is carried along by its sheer brilliance.

Various - Intergalactic Beats as reviewed by ne-plus-ultra

August 4, 2003
original pressing was on grey marbled vinyl,blue was a later issue.the shop 12"/bug in the bass bin originally came out on black vinyl accompanied with an a4 sheet of information,the coloured pressings were later issues.