Rythim Is Rythim*Nude Photo

Label:Transmat – MS-002
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition


ANude Photo
Written ByT. Barnett, Mayday
Written-ByMayday, T. Barnett*
B1The Dance (Living Room Mix)
Written ByMayday / D. Wynn
Written-ByD. Wynn*, Mayday
B2Move It (Only Mix)

Companies, etc.


  • Artwork [Art]Alan*
  • Edited By [Edits]Juan*
  • Mixed By [Mix]Mayday!*


A: © 1987
B: © 1987 Transmat Records
Art • Alan 1987

No cat# on centre labels, cat# is derived from the runout etchings.

Title for A appears as:
Rythim Is Rythim Presents Nude Photo

Incidental information:
Thomas Barnett's version and the story behind this release.

The sampled laughter on "Nude Photo" is from "Yazoo - Situation".

Some copies came with a comic book by Alan Oldham entitled "Gambit and Associates" (issue #1).
On the inside cover of issue #2, Alan thanks Transmat Records for the "in-pack record promotion".

Two pressing variations exist: one with a small pressing ring visible on the labels (some or all copies pressed on dark translucent vinyl), one with a larger pressing ring (all A sides have a fault from the stamper and "Nude Photo" has an audible click present at the intro).

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A): MS-002 A As ARCHER
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B): MS-002 B As ARCHER

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Nude Photo (12", 45 RPM)TransmatMS 2US1987
Recently Edited
Nude Photo (12", 45 RPM, Silver Label w/ Black Text)TransmatMS 002US1987
Nude Photo (12", 45 RPM, Orange Label)TransmatMS 002US1987
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Nude Photo (12", Test Pressing)TransmatMS-002US1987
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Nude Photo (12", 45 RPM)TransmatMS-002US1987



  • EbiKatsu's avatar
    "Nude Photo" by Rythim Is Rythim presents a tepid exploration of techno, characterized by its simplistic rhythmic structure and minimalistic sonic palette. The track's repetitive beats, while emblematic of the genre's early evolution, lack the intricate polyrhythmic layers and textural nuances that later became integral to techno's sonic identity. In the realm of musicology, the composition exhibits a relatively straightforward construction, missing the dynamic shifts and harmonic complexity often associated with seminal works in electronic music.

    From a postmodern philosophical standpoint, "Nude Photo" can be seen as a reflection of its time, capturing the essence of techno's nascent era. However, the track's adherence to a formulaic structure raises questions about its ability to transcend temporal boundaries and maintain relevance in an ever-evolving musical landscape. The postmodern lens invites contemplation on whether the simplicity inherent in "Nude Photo" is a deliberate departure from traditional musical conventions or a limitation that hinders its capacity to be a timeless piece.

    In summary, while recognizing the historical context of "Nude Photo," a more nuanced exploration of musicology and postmodern philosophy reveals its potential shortcomings in terms of sonic depth and enduring artistic impact within the techno genre.
    • Micha-Troy's avatar
      I have a mint copy with the small stamping ring and there is no click at the very beginning of nude photo and no tape hiss either
      • derwall's avatar
        this was made in 87, that alone should be enough to make you understand how much of a pioneer DM was. sueno latino copied the sound (cutmaster mix ) in 89 and people though is sounded fresh than ( 2 years after the influence).
        • tranzyd's avatar
          even if you find a totally mint version, you will still hear tape hiss at the start and surface noise.
          Boy oh Boy what a tune and Bass line though, Absolute top 10 all time favourites
          • Alain_Patrick's avatar
            Thomas Barnett: "The original concept I had reaches way back to when I was in high school in Detroit (University of Detroit Jesuit High School & Academy) in the early to mid 1980’s. I was in a band and we worked on many songs as a group and I also worked on songs as a solo artist when I wasn’t doing band related music.
            I had a handful of uptempo tracks in my head that I would always play/perform when I had the free time and “Nude Photo” was one of these songs.
            As a band member, I contributed to the many different styles of music, some uptempo and some mid or even slow tempo pieces.
            When I played alone I would play a lot of the more dance/party related themes, and with “Nude Photo” I kept the theme with bouncy octave notes that felt like a jerking New Order “Blue Monday” type feel that could be repeated in a four measure sequence. Since being a very young child I loved the electronic "synthy" sound as much as I loved science fiction films and outer space news/trivia, I really wanted to capture that with my solo work and I think this may show in the many versions of “Nude Photo” that I have released over the years."
            Thomas used a set of equipments including a Yamaha DX-100, a Roland TR-909, an Ensoniq Mirage and a Korg SQD-1. About the amazing counterpoint between the two synth lines, he remembered: "That was a side-effect of “step-writing” the lines into the Korg SQD-1 sequencer. I was familiar with that sequencer and that talking is a by-product of random sequencing."
            On the process details, he explained: "Each step must put in with either a note or a “rest”. So one could just randomly tap on notes, then later add rests or pauses. This allowed for that nearly random “talking to each other” funky effect to appear."
            • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
              Edited 7 years ago
              The Dance!.... I'm pretty sure Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Manchester and some parts of London picked up on this one!....Bass without the bleeps but I think you catch my drift!!?
              • mark.kelly.37's avatar
                Heard this in 1988 in The Sub Club Glasgow changed my life !
                • DJ.Criss.Angel's avatar
                  When i used to play on the outside events, underground & clubs in the uk The dance used to smash it every time.
                  • djfrankiebones's avatar
                    Edited 17 years ago
                    Indispensable independent release by Rhythim is Rhythim. And whereas 'Nude Photo' takes the credit on this release as well as the seminal 'Strings Of Life', I am speaking about the less popular track found on this release called 'The Dance'. Detroit and its story has been told and like all legendary tales, those who have paid attention know more then the average person tuning in.

                    Detroit Techno was the underdog to Chicago House when Trax was releasing stuff by Adonis & Phuture. Being an underground DJ made the roots of techno seem distant, and for me I was blind or better still deaf to the brilliant phuturisms Derrick May had to offer. I was first put up on these tracks via 'Jack Trax' U.K. compilations and it would not be until 1989 where I got the taste of 10,000+ people dancing to 'Strings Of Life' to really understand.

                    And here we have 'The Dance'. Simple. Detroit's way of expressing "No Way Back" by Adonis. A chirpy bassline, string, bell and choppy 909 drum programming. Those that bought records in 1989, 1990 know that bassline, as Altern 8, Shut Up & Dance (on "Derrick Went Mad") began to use that same bass over breakbeat. Here we have an untapped gem. Let the story be told, as this is not the obvious choice. Transmat truly was the Icon of its era.
                    • eiskristall's avatar
                      "Nude Photo" is the pefect conversion to built concrete
                      pictures of a certain photo in your brain. The famous voice sequence is very often sampled (Jeff Mills etc.). This release is the first masterpiece from Derrick, I love it so much since after owing this item some years ago.


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