DJ Tron ‎– Fucking Harder Than The Devil Himself

Pure Acid Mixtapes ‎– LSD-24
2 × Cassette, Mixed

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Side007-01 Virtus Natures Revenge
Side007-02 6th Sense Approach Scary Dog
Side007-03 Spinning Atoms Bubble Memory
Side007-04 4D Hidden
Side007-05 Woody McBride Panicy
Side007-06 Mooses On Acid Euphoric
Side007-07 DJ ESP Scum
Side007-08 Mooses On Acid MC 202 BPM
Side007-09 Frank Freeks Pteridachtile
Side007-10 Total Output Clan Riot
Side007-11 The Speed Freak Kick It
Side007-12 Virtus Barking Machines
Side13-01 DJ Tron Kill Them All
Side13-02 Skinny Puppy Draining Faces
Side13-03 Rage Reset No Compromise
Side13-04 Disciples Of Annihilation DJ Assfucker
Side13-05 Static Tremor No Escape
Side13-06 The Destroyer Arcade Experience
Side13-07 The Speed Freak Nightmare At 240 BPM
Side13-08 Static Tremor Underground Terror
Side13-09 Napalm 8
Side13-10 DJ Freak Gabberphobic
Side13-11 UVC* Half Dead
Side13-12 VC (5) White Label
Side13-13 Cannibal DJ Skulldrill
Side13-14 Cannibal DJ Maniac
Side13-15 Skinny Puppy Manwhore
Side13-16 Skinny Puppy Ice Breaker
Side666-01 Front Line Assembly Intro
Side666-02 The Destroyer Total Hate (2nd Mix)
Side666-03 Kenny Gee Pray For Gabba
Side666-04 Crusher Trashers
Side666-05 DJ Tron Not Human
Side666-06 DJ Paul Elstak* Rainbow In The Sky
Producer – Addy van der Zwan, Jan Voermans, Koen GroeneveldVocals – MC Irvin, Shaydie (2)
Side666-07 DJ Tron Fuck That Happy Shit
Side666-08 Cannibal DJ Cannibal DJ
Side666-09 Disciples Of Annihilation Pushing Hard Motherfucker
Side666-10 DJ Tron I Don't Give A Fuck
Side666-11 Cannibal DJ Dog Will Hunt
Side666-12 The Berzerker Inextricable Zenith
Side666-13 Pressurehead 16 Clips
Side666-14 Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers, And Queers
Side666-15 Pressurehead Nuclear Family
Side666-16 Front Line Assembly Outro
Side666-17 Pailhead I Will Refuse
Side69-01 Negative Burn Gates Of Hell
Side69-02 Turbulence Home Of The Sick
Side69-03 Masters Of Ceremony Techcore
Side69-04 Hard Creation Are You Down
Side69-05 The Stunned Guys Musica Neurotica (DJ Maxx Brainblaster Mix)
Remix – DJ Maxx Brainblaster*
Side69-06 Neophyte vs. Stunned Guys* Beat Is Coming
Side69-07 Masters Of Ceremony Hardcore To Da Bone
Side69-08 Stunned Guys* & Darrien Kelly Our Definition Of The Oldstyle
Side69-09 D-Boy Bad Boys Jingle Bells
Side69-10 Ech Heftag! De Haag Hakke (Gizmo Mix)
Remix – Gizmo*
Side69-11 Juggernaut I'm The Juggernaut
Side69-12 Delta 9 Infidel
Side69-13 Virtus Catharsis
Side69-14 Ingler Surrender #1
Side69-15 Eradicator Distorted
Side69-16 E-De-Cologne Spite
Side69-17 Suicide Squad Fuckcore Pt. 1



Track Side007-05 incorrectly listed as DJ ESP - "Paicky Interlude".
Track Side007-09 incorrectly listed as "Pteridactyl".



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August 19, 2002
Text From back of mixtape:

SIDE 007 - "may surprise many of you, as it does not contain 1 true gabber song this side is full of some of the more aggressive and danceable hard techno and hard acid tracks ever written."

SIDE 69 - "sports the more party oriented hardcore, which should appeal to everyone. Worry not, I did not include 1 happy track anywhere on this side, only good, quality hardcore both old and new."

SIDE 13 - "contains some furious shit! this side should tear your asshole wide enough for satan to stick in his big fat dick. the best part if that you still haven't gotten to the hardest side!"

SIDE 666 - "is straight up balls out, eye poppin' dick suckin, ass fuckin, throat slashin, flesh eatin, dildo strappin, teeth crushin', ballastic harcore insanity! with even a little dose of punk rock for those who came from the same scene I did! Rock this motherfucker loud or, fuck off!"