Carol KayeHow To Play The Electric Bass

Carol Kaye - How To Play The Electric Bass album cover
Label:GP Records (3) – GP-1,2
2 x Vinyl, LP, Mono, Gatefold
Genre:Jazz, Rock, Blues, Non-Music


A1Tuning, Bass Lines 1 Both, 2
A2Bass Lines 3 Both, 4 Both, 5 Both, 6 Both
A3Bass Lines 7 Both, 8 Both, 9 Both, 10 Both
A4Bass Line 11 Both
B1Bass Lines 12 Both, 13 Both
B2Bass Lines 14 Both, 15 Both, 16 Both, 17 Both
B3Bass Lines 18 Both, 19, 20 Both
B4Bass Lines 21, 22, 23, 24
C1Bass Lines 25 Both, 26 Both, 27 Both, 28 Both
C2Bass Line 29
C3Bass Lines 30 Both, 31 Both, 32 Both
C4Bass Lines 33 Both, 34 Both, 35 Both
D1Bass Line 36
D2Bass Lines 37, 38 Both, 39 Both
D3Bass Lines 40 Both, 41 Both
D4Bass Line 42
D5Bass Line 43
D6Bass Lines 44, 45, 46, 47



Came with an Electric Bass practice book "Electric Bass Lines"

This album contains practice material for all 47 Bass Lines in the book, including "How To Sight Read Boogaloo"...

This is the first of three LP's: all are identical except for colour: 'Electric Bass" (Green), "No.1" (Yellow) and "No. 2" (Pink). By No.2, Gwyn Publishing appears to be have been incorporated into Warner Bros Publications. There are Electric Bass practice books up to No.6; It is unconfirmed if these had accompanying LP releases or not; if Glyn Publications had been bought out and incorporated into WB Publishing then probably unlikely.

"The Electric Bass sounds better if it is a little sharp rather than a little flat or even exactly in tune.
Always double check your tuning harmonically on 5th and 7th frets". (Carol Kaye)

Recorded in Hollywood. Gwyn Publishing Co., P.O. Box 5900, Sherman Oaks, California 91413.


  • EdS1948's avatar
    Does anyone need the booklet for this? My copy of the record is rough, but the booklet is in very good condition
    • EhOh's avatar
      Great record, but my copy has horrendous background noise, even after cleaning, I mean as if my washing machine was running next to the record player. Can anyone confirm if this is the case with other copies? Maybe very low-budget pressing...


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