Kryptic Minds - Namaste EP Shaneski75

May 23, 2015
Make no mistake - the mastering on this ep is out of this world .........sorry if my comment just put the prices up by 70%

Kryptic Minds - Namaste EP Starkwood

May 16, 2013
Got my copy today and it's № 001009.

Kryptic Minds - Namaste EP HM-2

May 23, 2013

a couple surplus is always normal

Kryptic Minds - Namaste EP chairdog

March 24, 2013
Anyone know how many copies of this were printed?

Kryptic Minds - Namaste EP saintcornelius

March 21, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
What was once the holy grail of exclusive dubs is no more... the long awaited Badman VIP is finally released to the dismay of many. the Namaste EP sold out before it even hit the release date. A true heavyweight for 2013. Limited Edition, 1000 copies, no repress.