The Dixon Brothers*A Blessing To People

Dixon Brothers - A Blessing To People album cover
Label:Bear Family Records – BCD 16817 DK
4 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Folk, World, & Country


1-1Dixon BrothersWeave Room Blues
1-2Dixon BrothersTwo Little Rosebuds
1-3Dixon BrothersSales Tax On The Women
1-4Dixon BrothersIntoxicated Rat
1-5Dixon BrothersNot Turning Back
1-6Dixon BrothersWhite Flower For You
1-7Dixon BrothersAnswer To Maple On The Hill - Part 1
1-8Dixon BrothersAnswer To Maple On The Hill - Part 3
1-9Dixon BrothersGreenback Dollar - Part 2
1-10Dixon BrothersSpinning Room Blues
1-11Dixon BrothersMy Girl In Sunny Tennessee
1-12Dixon BrothersA Wonderful Day
1-13Dixon BrothersAre You Sure?
1-14Dixon BrothersThat Old Vacant Chair
1-15Dixon BrothersI'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - Part 2
1-16Dixon BrothersNever To Be Sweethearts Again
1-17Dixon BrothersBonnie Blue Eyes - Part 2 (Hush Little Bonnie)
1-18Dixon BrothersOcean Of Life
1-19Dixon BrothersRambling Gambler
1-20Dixon BrothersDark Eyes
1-21Dixon BrothersEaster Day
1-22Dixon BrothersThat Old True Love
1-23Dixon BrothersAnswer To Maple On The Hill - Part 4
1-24Dixon BrothersBeautiful Stars
1-25Dixon BrothersI Will Meet My Precious Mother
1-26Dixon BrothersWeaver's Life
1-27Dixon BrothersDarling Do You Miss Me
1-28Dixon BrothersLittle Bessie
1-29Dixon BrothersHow Can A Broke Man Be Happy
2-1Dixon BrothersHow Can A Broke Man Be Happy
2-2Dixon BrothersThe School House Fire
2-3Dixon BrothersShe Tickles Me
2-4Dixon BrothersFisherman's Luck
2-5Dixon BrothersAt Twilight Old Pal Of Yesterday
2-6Dixon BrothersCall Me Pal Of Mine
2-7Dixon BrothersI Won't Accept Anything For My Soul
2-8Dixon BrothersWhat Can I Give In Exchange
2-9Dixon BrothersWhat Would You Give In Exchange - Part 5
2-10Dixon BrothersThe Girl I Left In Danville
2-11Dixon BrothersTwo Little Boys
2-12Dixon BrothersThe Lonely Prisoner
2-13Dixon BrothersThe Old Home Brew
2-14Dixon BrothersAlways Waiting For You
2-15Dixon BrothersWhen Jesus Appears
2-16Dixon BrothersSatisfied At Last
2-17Dixon BrothersShining City Over The River
2-18Dixon BrothersHoney It's Just Because
2-19Dixon BrothersBack To My Wyoming Home
2-20Dixon BrothersI Can't Tell Why I Love You
2-21Dixon BrothersUnder The Old Cherry Tree
2-22Dixon BrothersBlessed Promise In Store
2-23Dixon BrothersAnywhere Is Home
2-24Dixon BrothersBeneath An Old Maple
2-25Dixon BrothersFields On Fire
2-26Dixon BrothersThe Blood Of Jesus Saved Me
2-27Dixon BrothersWhere Shall I Be
2-28Dixon BrothersPromise In The Book Of Life
2-29Dixon BrothersBroken Hearted Girl
2-30Dixon BrothersWoman's Answer To 'What Is Home Without Love'
3-1Dixon BrothersHobo Jack The Rambler
3-2Dixon BrothersMore Pretty Girls Than One - Part 3
3-3Dixon BrothersThere's A Place In My Home For Mother
3-4Dixon BrothersBootlegger's Story
3-5Dixon BrothersWonder Who's Kissing Her - Part 2
3-6Dixon BrothersPrisoner's Plea
3-7Dixon BrothersFaithless Husband
3-8Dixon BrothersDown With The Old Canoe
3-9Dixon BrothersI Didn't Hear Anybody Pray
3-10Dixon BrothersGlorious Light Is Dawning
3-11Dixon BrothersHave Courage To Only Say No
3-12Dixon BrothersA Mother, A Father, A Baby
3-13Dixon BrothersA Church At The Foot Of The Hill
3-14Dixon BrothersBy Himself
3-15Dixon BrothersTempted And Tried
3-16Dixon BrothersTime For Me To Go
3-17Dixon BrothersBeyond Black Smoke
3-18Dixon BrothersWhen Gabriel Blows His Trumpet For Me
3-19Dixon BrothersSpeak Evil Of No Man
3-20Dixon BrothersJimmie And Sallie
3-21Dixon BrothersThe Story Of George Collins
3-22Dixon BrothersThe Light Of Homer Rogers
3-23Dixon BrothersAfter The Ball
3-24Dixon Brothers'Twas Only A Dream
3-25Dixon BrothersAnswer To Broken Engagement
3-26Dixon BrothersBy The Old Oaken Bucket, Louise
3-27Dixon BrothersHoney Baby Mine
3-28Dixon BrothersMy Trundle Bed
3-29Dixon BrothersNew Trouble
4-1Dorsey DixonBabies In The Mill
4-2Dorsey DixonThe Factory Girl
4-3Dorsey DixonHard Times In Here
4-4Dorsey DixonWeave Room Blues
4-5Dorsey DixonTwister Room Blues
4-6Dorsey DixonWhen Weaving Time Is Over
4-7Dorsey DixonThe Wreck Of The Old 97
4-8Dorsey DixonThe Cleveland School House Fire
4-9Dorsey DixonWreck On The Highway
4-10Dorsey DixonNaomi Wise
4-11Dorsey DixonOur Johnny
4-12Dorsey DixonMommy, Will My Doggie Understand?
4-13Dorsey DixonBill Dodson's Last Run
4-14Dorsey DixonThe Great Convoy
4-15Dorsey DixonJesse James
4-16Dorsey DixonGive Me My Flowers While I'm Living
4-17Dorsey DixonBe At Home Soon Tonight, My Dear Boy
4-18Dorsey DixonTomorrow
4-19Dorsey DixonThe Worried Bum
4-20Dorsey DixonShe Tickled Me
4-21Dorsey DixonTimothy Kelly
4-22Dorsey DixonThe Burglar Man
4-23Dorsey DixonThe Christmas Cake
4-24Dorsey DixonThe Hungry Hash House
4-25Dorsey DixonI'm Not Turning Backward
4-26Dorsey DixonSomebody Touched Me
4-27Dorsey DixonAcross The Shining River
4-28Dorsey DixonMy Name In The Book
4-29Dorsey DixonWhen That Beautiful City Comes Down
4-30Dorsey DixonWill The Circle Be Unbroken
4-31Dorsey DixonI Shall Not Be Moved
4-32Dorsey DixonI Didn't Have A Friend
4-33Dorsey DixonThe Church At The Foot Of The Hill



Subtitle: "Complete Recordings 1936-1938 Plus More".

Tracks 1-1 to 3-29 were recorded by the Dixon Brothers between February 12, 1936 and September 25, 1938.

Tracks 4-1 to 4-33 were recorded by Dorsey Dixon in 1961 and 1962.

Release includes a hardcover book with biography and song notes by Patrick Huber.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4000127168177
  • Label Code: LC 05197
  • Other (ISBN#): ISBN 978-3-89916-645-3



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