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    Various - Songs For Political Action - Folkmusic, Topical Songs And The American Left 1926 - 1953 album cover

    VariousSongs For Political Action - Folkmusic, Topical Songs And The American Left 1926 - 1953

    Label:Bear Family Records – BCD 15720 JL
    10 x CD, Compilation
    Genre:Blues, Folk, World, & Country


    Disc One: The Leftist Roots Of The Folk Revival
    1Carl SandburgThe Boll Weevil
    2John Allison (6)Patriotic Diggers
    3Charles SeegerLondon's Bridge Is Falling Down
    4Charles Seeger & Ruth Crawford SeegerRisselty Rosselty
    5Ruth Crawford SeegerOld Grey Mare
    6Charles SeegerHands
    7Aunt Molly JacksonRagged Hungry Blues (Part 1)
    8Aunt Molly JacksonRagged Hungry Blues (Part 2)
    9Sara Ogan Gunning*I'm Going To Organize, Baby Mine
    10Tillman CadleI Don't Want Your Millions, Mister
    11John HandcoxRaggedy, Raggedy
    12John HandcoxNo More Mourning
    13John HandcoxJoin The Union Tonight
    14John HandcoxWe're Going To Roll The Union On
    15John HandcoxThere Is A Mean Thing Happening In This Land
    16Bob Ferguson (5)Farmer's Letter To The President
    17Bob Miller (5)Farm Relief Blues
    18Bob's Boys11 Cent Cotton, 40 Cent Meat
    19Miller's Bullfrog EntertainersThe Hootenanny Song
    20Bob Furguson And His Scalawaggers*Bank Failures
    21Bob Miller (5)The Rich Man And The Poor Man
    22Bill Palmer (6)The Poor Forgotten Man
    23The New SingersThe Soup Song
    24The New SingersThe Internationale
    25The New SingersRise Up (Comintern)
    26The New SingersUnited Front
    27The New SingersForward, We've Not Forgotten
    28The New SingersIn Prase Of Learning
    29The Manhattan ChorusOn The Picket Line
    30The Manhattan ChorusHold The Fort
    31The Manhattan ChorusCasey Jones
    32The Manhattan ChorusSit Down
    33The Manhattan ChorusWrite Me Out My Union Card
    34The Manhattan ChorusWe Shall Not Be Moved
    35The Manhattan ChorusJoin The Union
    36The Manhattan ChorusSolidarity Forever
    Disc Two: Theatre And Cabaret Performers: 1936-1941
    1Mordecai Baumann & Eli Siegmeister*The Strange Funeral In Braddock
    2Earl RobinsonAbraham Lincoln (Parts 1 & 2)
    3Earl RobinsonJoe Hill
    4Paul RobesonSpring Song
    5Tony KraberThe Old Chisholm Trail
    6Saul AaronsOld Paint (The Horse With The Union Label)
    7Saul AaronsCapitalistic Boss (Parts 1 & 2)
    8Harrison DowdLittle Theater On The Right
    9Harrison DowdLittle Theater On The Left
    10Josh WhiteNine Foot Shovel
    11Josh WhiteChain Gang Boun'
    12Josh WhiteTrouble
    13Josh WhiteGoin' Home Boys
    14Josh WhiteCryin' Who? Cryin' You! (Parts 1 & 2)
    15Josh WhiteTold My Captain
    16Josh WhiteJerry
    17Josh WhiteSouthern Exposure
    18Josh WhiteUncle Saw Says
    19Josh WhiteJim Crow Train
    20Josh WhiteBad Housing Blues
    21Josh WhiteHard Times Blues
    22Josh WhiteDefense Factory Blues
    Disc Three: The Almanac Singers: March 1941 - July 1941
    1Almanac Singers*The Strange Death Of John Doe
    2Almanac Singers*Billy Boy
    3Almanac Singers*C" For Conscription
    4Almanac Singers*Washington Breakdown
    5Almanac Singers*Lisa Jane
    6Almanac Singers*Ballad Of October 16th
    7Almanac Singers*Plow Under
    8Almanac Singers*Talking Union
    9Almanac Singers*Union Train
    10Almanac Singers*Which Side Are You On?
    11Almanac Singers*Get Thee Behind Me Satan
    12Almanac Singers*Union Mind
    13Almanac Singers*All I Want
    14Almanac Singers*Songs For Bridges
    15Woody GuthrieBabe O' Mine
    16Almanac Singers*Blow Ye Winds, Heigh Ho
    17Almanac Singers*Haul Away, Joe
    18Almanac Singers*Blow The Man Down
    19Almanac Singers*The Golden Vanity
    20Almanac Singers*Away, Rio
    21Almanac Singers*The Coast Of High Barbary
    22Almanac Singers*Greenland Fishing
    23Almanac Singers*The Dodger Song
    24Almanac Singers*Ground Hog
    25Almanac Singers*State Of Arkansas
    26Almanac Singers*Hard, Ain't It Hard
    27Almanac Singers*I Ride An Old Paint
    28Almanac Singers*House Of Rising Sun
    29Almanac Singers*The Weaver's Song
    Disc Four: Fighting The Fascists: 1942-1944
    1Almanac Singers*Dear Mr. President
    2Almanac Singers*Belt Line Girl
    3Almanac Singers*Round, Round Hitler's Grave
    4Almanac Singers*Side By Side
    5Almanac Singers*Deliver The Goods
    6Almanac Singers*Reuben James
    7Almanac Singers*Boomtown Bill
    8Almanac Singers*Keep That Oil A-Rollin'
    9Priority RamblersI'm Looking For A Home (Housing Song)
    10Priority RamblersAmsterdam Maid
    11Priority RamblersSong Of The Free
    12Priority RamblersIn Washington
    13Priority RamblersOvertime Pay
    14Pete Seeger & Tom Glazer & Baldwin Hawes & Bess LomaxQuinte Brigada
    15Tom Glazer & Baldwin Hawes & Bess LomaxJarama Valley
    16Pete Seeger & Tom Glazer & Baldwin Hawes & Bess LomaxSpanish Marching Song
    17Pete Seeger & Tom Glazer & Baldwin Hawes & Bess LomaxCook House/The Young Man From Alcala
    18Pete Seeger & Tom Glazer & Bladwin Hawes & Bess LomaxQuinte Regimento
    19Pete Seeger & Tom Glazer & Baldwin Hawes & Bess LomaxQuarter Master Song
    20Josh White & The Boys*Littel Man On A Fence
    21The Union BoysJim Crow
    22The Union BoysYou Better Get Ready
    23The Union BoysHold The Fort/We Shall Not Be Moved
    24The Union BoysU.A.W.C.I.O.
    25The Union BoysHold On
    26Burl Ives & The Boys*Solidarity Forever
    27The Union BoysA Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore
    Disc Five: World War II And The Folk Revival
    1Earl RobinsonHorace Greeky
    2Earl RobinsonKevin Barry
    3Earl RobinsonThe House I Live In
    4Earl RobinsonA Man's A Man For A' That
    5Earl RobinsonDrill Ye Tarriers Drill
    6Earl RobinsonThe Frozen Lodger
    7Earl RobinsonJefferson And Liberty
    8Earl RobinsonSweet Betsy From Pike/Dirty Miner
    9Earl RobinsonGrand Coolee Dam
    10Earl Robinson & Dooley WilsonFree An Equal Blues (Parts 1 & 2)
    11Sir LancelotThe Century Of The Common Man
    12Vern PartlowI'm A Native American Nazi
    13Vern PartlowJoin The U.A.W.C.I.O.
    14Vern PartlowKeeping Score For '44
    15Vern PartlowThe U.A.W. Train
    16Vern PartlowSusan's In The Union
    17Vern PartlowThe Rollback Blues
    18Vern PartlowMama Don't Allow
    19Woody GuthrieFarmer-Labor Train
    20Woody GuthrieSo Long, It's Been Good To Know You
    21Woody GuthrieTalking Sailor
    22Woody GuthrieSally, Don't You Grieve
    23Tom Glazer & Josh WhiteCitizen C.I.O.
    24Josh WhiteNo More Blues
    25Tom GlazerWe've Got A Plan
    26Tom GlazerSocial Worker's Talking Blues
    27Tom GlazerI'm Gonna Put My Name Down
    28Josh WhiteFreedom Road
    Disc Six: The People's Songs Era: 1945-1949
    1Josh WhiteLandlord
    2Josh WhiteJohnny Has Gone For A Soldier
    3Josh WhiteBeloved Comrade
    4Josh WhiteThe Man Who Couldn't Walk Around
    5Josh WhiteI'm The Guy
    6Josh WhiteLittle Man Sitting On A Fence
    7Tom GlazerWhen The Country Is Broke
    8Tom GlazerMoney In The Pocket
    9Tom GlazerOur Fight Is Yours
    10Lee HaysMoses Green
    11Lee HaysThe Rankin Tree
    12Lee HaysTalking Bilbo
    13Lee HaysThis Old World
    14Bob Claiborne*No. 1 Stooge
    15Bernie AsbelSong Of My Hands
    16Bernie Asbel & Pete SeegerMad As I Can Be
    17Lord InvaderJackie Robinson
    18Brownie McGheeHigh Price Blues
    19Brownie McGheeBlack, Brown & White
    20Anna BeyerNix Or Mundt/Nixon
    21Unknown ArtistThe Daily Worker's Song
    22Unknown ArtistTaft-Hartley Blues
    23Sis CunninghamParnell Thomas Blues
    24Malvina Reynolds & Bill Oliver (2)Turn Me Loose
    25The Berries (5)Snowball
    26The Berries (5)Swingin' On A Scab
    27Mario CasettaOn To Sacramento
    28Vern PartlowAtomic Talking Blues
    29Vern PartlowNewspapermen Meet Such Interesting People
    30Dick BlakesleePassing Through
    Disc Seven: Pete Seeger: 1946-1948
    1Seeger* & Hawes* & Hayes* & Wood* & Kleinman*Listen Mr Bilbo
    2Seeger* & Hawes* & Hayes* & Wood* & Kleinman*Joe Hill
    3Pete Seeger & Bob Claiborne*O.P.A. Shout
    4Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*Voting Union
    5Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*Get Out The Vote
    6Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore
    7Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*A Dollar For P.A.C.
    8Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*Oh, What Congress Done To Me
    9Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*Four P.A.C. Nursery Rhymes
    10Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*D.D.T.
    11Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*Fare Ye Well, Bad Congressman
    12Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes* & Wood*No, No, No Discrimination
    13Seeger* & Glazer* & Hayes*, Wood*Voter, Oh Voter
    14Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*Intro/Commonwealth Of Toil
    15Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*We've Got Our Eyes On You
    16Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*Talking Union
    17Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*The Preacher And The Slave
    18Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*Which Side Are You On?
    19Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*Solidarity Forever
    20Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*The Whole Wide World Around
    21Seeger* & Glazer* & Wood* & Gilbert*Hold The Fort/Conclusion
    22Pete SeegerTalking P.A.C.
    23Pete SeegerConversation With A Mule
    24Pete SeegerThe Farmer Is The Man
    25Pete SeegerJoin The Farmer's Union
    26Pete SeegerTalking Atom
    27Pete SeegerNewspapermen Meet Such Interesting People
    28Pete SeegerSkillet Good And Greasy
    29Pete SeegerT For Texas
    30Pete SeegerCumberland Mountain Bear Chase
    Disc Eight: Charter Records: 1946-1949
    1Sir LancelotWalk In Peace (Part 1)
    2Sir LancelotWalk In Peace (Part 2)
    3Sir LancelotAtomic Energy
    4Sir LancelotOld Lady With A Rolling Pin
    5Sir LancelotGoodson & Vale: Red Boogie
    6Sir LancelotUnity Rhumba
    7Sir LancelotElephant And The Ass
    8Sir LancelotHungry Rhapsody
    9Sir LancelotHousing
    10People's Songs ChorusBallad Of F.D.R.
    11People's Songs ChorusJim Crow
    12The Berries (5)Mein Shtetele Belz
    13The Berries (5) & Pete SeegerZhonkoye
    14Pete SeegerTravelin'
    15Pete SeegerBlack, Brown & White Blues
    16Pete SeegerThe Death Of Harry Simms
    17Pete SeegerWinnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
    18Pete SeegerNo Irish No Apply
    19Boots (15)Unemployment Compensation Blues
    20Betty SandersThe Fireship
    21Betty SandersJohnny, I Hardley Knew You
    22The Weavers & Howard FastThe Peerskill Story (Incl. Hold The Line) (Parts 1 & 2)
    23The WeaversWan't That A Time
    24The WeaversDig My Grave
    25The WeaversFreight Train Blues
    26The WeaversLove Song Blues
    27The WeaversThe Hammer Song
    Disc Nine: Campaign Songs: 1944-1949
    1Earl RobinsonWe're Keeping Score In
    2Josh WhiteNo More Blues
    3Bill Oliver (2)Lay That Ballot Down (Parts 1 & 2)
    4Vern PartlowThe Ferthilizer Song
    5Vern PartlowTalking F.T.A.
    6Vern PartlowKiss The Boys Goodbye
    7Vern PartlowRound And Round The Canneries
    8Vern PartlowMy Name Is Cannery Bill
    9Mara AlexanderThe Bosses' Gang
    10Mara AlexanderBye, Bye Bosses
    11Richard HueyThe New Walls Of Jericho (Wallace Fit The Battle Of America)
    12Royal Harmonaires*Henry Wallace Is The Man
    13Abigail AlvarezCorridor To Wallace And Taylor
    14Abigail AlvarezSecond Corridor To Wallace And Taylor
    15Paul RobesonThe Battle Hymn Of '48
    16Michael LoringThe Same Old Merry-Go-Round
    17Michael LoringI've Got A Ballot
    18Michael LoringGreat Day
    19George LevineWallace Button/Goodbye Harry
    20Sis CunninghamHenry Wallace
    21Bill Oliver (2)We Can Win With Wallace
    22Malvina ReynoldsWork With Wallace
    23Sir LancelotThe Century Of The Common Man
    24Sir LancelotWallace Is The Man For Me
    25Michael Loring & Alan LomaxYankke Doodle, Tell The Boss
    26Weavers*Intro/New York City
    27Fred HellermanMarcantonio For Me
    28The Weavers & Hope FoyeSkip To Polls
    29Fred HellermanMarcantonio For Mayor
    30Laura DuncanNow, Right Now
    31The WeaversWe Shall Not Be Moved
    32Hope Foye & Pete SeegerOh, Freedom
    33Pete SeegerBen Davis
    34Unknown ArtistM.T.A.
    35Unknown ArtistThe People's Choice
    36Fred HellermanKeep A-Goin' And A-Growin'
    Disc Ten: 1949-1953
    1DeCormier* & Bernardi* & Booth*The Riddle Of Thurman Towns
    2Gerald GallantGrapes To Pick
    3Fred HellermanMedley-I Don't Want To Get Adjusted/Stand Up And Be Counted/We Will - Overcome/The Progressive Party Is Here To Stay
    4Bob Hill (16)Pitty The Downtrodden Landlord
    5The WeaversThe Hammer Song
    6The WeaversBanks Of Marble
    7Ernie Liebermann & Hope FoyeSpring Song
    8Ernie LiebermannSongs Of My Hands
    9Ernie LiebermannMy Old Man
    10Ernie LiebermannI'm On My Way
    11Liebermann* & Duncan* & Smith* & Sanders*In Contempt
    12Liebermann* & Duncan* & Smith* & Sanders*Die Gedanken Sind Frei
    13Liebermann* & Duncan* & Smith* & Sanders*Walk Along Together
    14Liebermann* & Duncan* & Smith* & Sanders*Put My Name Down
    15Liebermann* & Duncan* & Smith* & Sanders*Hold On
    16Osborne SmithDidn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
    17Laura DuncanI've Got A Right
    18Jewish Young FolksingersWe Shall Overcome
    19Betty SandersTalking Un-American Blues
    20Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandOld Bolshevik Song
    21Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandThe Cloakmaker's Union
    22Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandLand Of The Daily Worker
    23Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandOur Line's Been Changed Again
    24Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandIn Old Moscow
    25Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandUnite For Unity
    26Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandBill Bailey
    27Joe Glazer & Bill FriedlandThe Last Internationale
    28Joe GlazerThe Giveaway Boys In Washington
    29Joe GlazerJoe McCarthy's Band
    30Woody GuthrieI've Got To Know
    31Woody GuthrieThis Land Is Your Land


    Boxset with 214-page hard-cover book in LP-size

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode (Text): 4 000127 157201
    • Label Code: LC 5197