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Boards Of Canada------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------

Label:Warp Records – 37367
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single Sided
Country:UK & US


A------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------0:40

Companies, etc.


Record Store Day 2013 promotional record, with so far only 4 copies found of 6 known to be in existence.

XXXXXX = 936557.

℗ 2013 Warp Records Limited. © 2013 Warp Records Limited.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 801061805524
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A): BD 10018 - 01 A1
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Edited 21 days ago
I think that we should step away from the idea that we're dealing with a record to listen to as in an actual release from the band that represents their work. If you approach the whole idea behind this specific one-track piece of vinyl as a work of art, say, a painting, then suddenly the high prices -at least to me- make sense. A few years ago, a Japanese collector paid 110 million dollars for Jean-Michel Basquiat's skull painting "Untitled 1982". Love it or hate it, but obviously it was worth that much to someone. In one auction, that work of art became priceless and still you could say that it's just a cluttered bunch of brush strokes, roughly resembling a skull. But hasn't that always been the debate? What some may consider art, is something that I may see as crap or vice versa. Let's assume that the ones who are willing to invest a couple of thousand bucks for this particular release by Boards Of Canada, are art collectors and want to add this work of art to their collection; maybe to simply frame it and enjoy it, or perhaps even as an investment. From that perspective, the price for this work of art is actually quite low and, in that sense, affordable. When Andy Warhol painted Brillo boxes on canvass, I'm sure that, initially, there were people who declared him nuts for doing so, 'cause who's going to pay a premium for a few painted Brillo boxes? Well, we know what happened. I mean, why is a painting of a few worthless Brillo boxes worth millions to some art collectors? It's the exact same debate as far as I'm concerned, 'cause the overall opinion on this record is "why would someone pay a premium for a piece of vinyl with only 40 seconds of audio on it?". Allegedly, there are only six copies of this pressing out there; if I were an avid art collector, I'd try to lay hands on this baby as soon as possible as well.
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So, 2 copies so far unaccounted for........ how many people in this band again?
daftcombo's avatar
Repress please.

On 7'' it would be ok.

Nice music.
Jaka's avatar
So many people commenting on this clearly missed the point. It was never a serious release, it was meant to serve notice they had new music on the way. And they didn't ask anyone to make it some silly mythical thing that people have paid way too much for, we did that. Relax already. Why does it matter what other people have in their collections? There are so many releases from so many bands/artists that have numbered less than ten in total but nobody is crapping on those. The only thing y'all are in a bunch about is how much people have paid for this one... because YOU could never afford to do that. ;)
IanFlinga's avatar
2125€ for that.
Another "cryptic hidden thingy" surfing shamelessly on their image of controversial mysterious reclused weirdos. This is exactly why, in the electronic music landscape, BOC fans are in their own disconnected world and legitimately disregarded by functional people over 18 years old.
I am not saying BOC can't produce good music because they can (could?), but this imagery and the fan community of ironic-but-not-quite conspiracy theorists surrounding the duet make the whole world's bullshit-o-meter go crazy.
And this record, this sale, might be the pinnacle. A hot mess mixing the worst of fanboyism and the age of ultra-speculation (I guess the message from Tomorrow's Harvest wasn't completely understood...).

To be fair, I think no record -including this 40 second overrated collage- should be sold this price...
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To everyone freaking out about the number of people who claim to own this album: They probably just mean they own a digital version. Not a big deal. There, now you can calm down.
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with so far only 4 copies found of 6 known to be in existence. How come 36 people have it then ?
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Sold for $2,500.00 in June 2021. Astonishing. I love TH but I'm not sure I want this badly enough.
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Your BOC vinyl collection is incomplete, and this review section is soaked with the tears of the jealous.
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If you ever need have wondered if you are a hopelessly brainwashed hipster simply check your record collection for this release. If you have it...the answer is "YES".