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    Brahms*, Julius KatchenWorks For Solo Piano (Klavierwerke/ Oeuvres Pour Piano Solo )

    Label:London Classics – 455 247-2
    Series:Collectors' Editions 2000
    6 x CD, Album, Compilation


    Variations On A Theme By Paganini, Op. 35
    1.1Book 1
    1.2Book 2
    Variations And Fugue On A Theme By G.F. Handel, Op. 24
    1.3B Flat Major
    4 Ballades, Op. 10
    1.41. Andante - In D Minor
    1.52. Andante - In D Major
    1.63. Intermezzo: Allegro - In B Minor
    1.74. Andante Con Moto - In B Major
    Variations On A Theme By R. Schumann, Op. 9
    2.1F Sharp Minor
    Variations On An Original Theme, Op. 21 No. 1
    2.2D Major
    Variations On An Original Theme, Op. 21 No. 2
    2.3D Major
    16 Waltzes. Op. 39
    2.4a1. B Major
    2.4b2. E Major
    2.4c3. G Sharp Minor
    2.4d4. E Minor
    2.4e5. E Major
    2.4f6. C Sharp Major
    2.4g7. C Sharp Minor
    2.4h8. B Flat Major
    2.5a9. D Minor
    2.5b10. G Major
    2.5c11. B Minor
    2.5d12. E Major
    2.5e13. B Major
    2.5f14. G Sharp Minor
    2.5g15. A Flat Major
    2.5h16. C Sharp Minor
    Scherzo In E Flat Minor, Op. 4
    2.6Scherzo In E Flat Minor
    Sonata No. 1 In C Major, Op. 1
    3.11. Allegro
    3.22. Andante
    3.33. Scherzo: Allegro Molto E Con Fuoco
    3.44. Finale: Allegro Con Fuoco
    Sonata No 2 In F Sharp Minor, Op. 2
    3.51. Allegro Non Troppo Ma Energico
    3.62. Andante Con Espressione
    3.73. Scherzo: Allegro
    3.84. Finale: Introduzione (Sostenuto) - Allegro Non Troppo E Rubato
    2 Rhapsodies, Op. 79
    3.91. Agitato - In B Minor
    3.102. Molto Passionato, Ma Non Troppo Allegro - In G Minor
    Sonata No. 3 In F Minor, Op. 5
    4.1I Allegro Maestoso
    4.2II Andante Espressivo - Andante Molto
    4.3III Scherzo: Allegro Energico
    4.4IV Intermezzo (Ruckblick): Andante Molto
    4.5V Finale: Allegro Moderato Ma Rubato
    7 Fantasies, Op. 116
    4.61. Capriccio: Presto Energico - In D Minor
    4.72. Intermezzo: Andante - In A Minor
    4.83. Capriccio: Allegro Passionato - In G Minor
    4.94. Intermezzo: Adagio - In E Major
    4.105. Intermezzo: Andante Con Grazia Ed Intimissimo Sentimento - In E Minor
    4.116. Intermezzo: Andantino Teneramente - In E Major
    4.127. Capriccio: Allegro Agitato - In D Minor
    8 Pieces, Op. 76
    5.11. Capriccio: Un Poco Agitato - In F Sharp Minor
    5.22. Capriccio: Allegretto Non Troppo - In B Minor
    5.33. Intermezzo: Graziozo - In A Flat Major
    5.44. Intermezzo: Allegretto Grazioso - In B Flat Major
    5.55. Capriccio: Ahitato, Ma Non Troppo Presto - In C Sharp Major
    5.66. Intermezzo: Andante Con Moto - In A Major
    5.77. Intermezzo: Moderato Semplice - In A Minor
    5.88. Capriccio: Grazioso Ed Un Poco Vivace - In C Major
    6 Pieces, Op. 118
    5.91. Intermezzo: Allegro Non Assai, Ma Molto Appassionato - In A Minor
    5.102. Intermezzo: Andante Teneramente - In A Major
    5.113. Ballade: Allegro Energico - In G Minor
    5.124. Intermezzo: Allegretto Un Poco Agitato - In F Minor
    5.135. Romanze: Andante - In F Major
    5.146. Intermezzo: Andante, Largo E Mesto - In E Flat Minor
    4 Pieces, Op. 119
    5.151. Intermezzo: Adagio - In B Minor
    5.162. Intermezzo: Andantino Un Poco Agitato - In E Minor
    5.173. Intermezzo: Grazioso E Giacoso - In G Major
    5.184. Rhapsody: Allegro Risoluto - In E-Flat Major
    3 Intermezzos, Op. 117
    6.11. Andante Moderato - E Flat Major
    6.22. Andante Non Troppo E Con Molto Espressione - B Flat Minor
    6.33. Andante Con Moto - C Sharp Minor
    Hungarian Dances
    Vol. 1, For Solo Piano
    6.41. In G Minor
    6.52. In D Minor
    6.63. In F Major
    6.74. In F Sharp Minor
    6.85. In F Sharp Minor
    6.96. In D Flat Major
    6.107. In F Major
    6.118. In A Minor
    6.129. In E Minor
    6.1310. In E Major
    Vol. 2, For Piano Duet
    6.1411. In D Minor
    6.1512. In D Minor
    6.1613. In D Major
    6.1714. In D Minor
    6.1815. In B Flat Major
    6.1916. In F Minor
    6.2017. In F Sharp Minor
    6.2118. In D Major
    6.2219. In B Minor
    6.2320. In E Minor
    6.2421. In E Minor



    6 CDs in individual card cases and a 26pp booklet brochure [text in English, French and German] housed in a card presentation box.

    CD 1.5-1.7 MONO Recordings

    (P) 1954, 1965, 1966
    (C) 1997 The Decca Record Company Limited, London
    Printed in Germany/Imprime en Allemagne. Made in Germany.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 028945524726
    • Label Code: LC 0253
    • SPARS Code: ADD

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